AC Low-Pressure Switch Chevy Truck, What Is The Symptom That The AC Is Failing?

When you find out your AC is cutting on and off at a very high speed, without being able to cool the cabin of your Chevy truck, or even going to the extent of failing to turn on the compressor, you will need get a new switch for your AC pressure.

What Do You Have To Know About An AC Pressure Switch?

It entails mounting on both the low and the high sides of the system of air conditioner. It is the one responsible for monitoring the refrigerant pressure on both sides of the sytem. There are a low-pressure switch and a high side switch with both being able to monitor the system for pressure faults which could otherwise damage the compressor.
When it is too low, there is the risk of the compressor getting damaged due to low oil. In case it gets too high, then there is the possibility of the compressor overheating and getting damaged in the process. Depending on where the sensor is mounted on the system when the pressure drops or rises, the switch will turn off the compressor to avoid it from causing damages. The purpose of the switch being to protect the compressor and the entire system from getting damaged, they play an important role for the proper service and functional life of the AC system and thus, if they are causing any problem the best way is to go is to replace them. There are symptoms which will enable you to know if the safety switch is failing.

Keep In Mind That

  • There are several problems which can amount to pressure switch failure symptoms and thus, you should not jump to conclusion that your switch is faulty.
  • The operation of the AC pressure switch is not always checked unless you are sure that there is a problem.

How Do You Do It?

  • You will need to verify to see if the AC pressure switch is working or if it needs to be replaced
  • After you detect it, you will have to remove the AC pressure switch
  • You will get the new AC pressure switch and install it
  • You will then test the AC pressure switch to find out if it is operational
  • You have to get to know if the AC pressure switches by testing it to ensure that it is in proper operation.

What Are Some Of The Common Symptoms Which Indicate That You Will Need To Replace The AC Pressure Switch?

  • AC compressor will not turn on
  • The AC does not operate

How Important Is The AC System Service?

The air conditioner of your car doesn’t require an overall vehicle operation. But it is important to comfort and convenience feature, especially in areas with high summertime temperatures, or humid conditions. If it is not working properly, you will have to diagnose it properly by a professional.

Symptoms Of A Failed AC System

1.AC System Cutting On And Off Rapidly

On and off cycling repeatedly is the main work of the operation of an AC system. There are times when the AC is turned off as when there is proper temperature and the pressure is adequate. But if it keeps on cycling on and off frequently or more rapid than normal, there is a possibility that the cycling switch is not functioning well.

2.Unable To Cool The Car

If both switches of the AC system are unable to work, then there will be a problem with maintaining the pressure which is required for normal functioning of the system. If the pressure inside your truck is not normal, then it means that the AC system will be unable to produce the cold air which is required to provide coolness in the cabin. If you are a frequent user of your car, then when there is a fault, you will notice that it takes a long time for the cabin to reach the usual temperature or it could fail to reach the usual temperature at all.

3.The Compressor Isn’t Coming On

As the switches for the pressure control the on and off function of the AC compressor, when there is a switch failure, it will prevent the AC compressor from being functional at all. Remember without the compressor, it will be impossible to pump refrigerant through the entire system. If it is not functioning at all, then the system will not be able to function at all and there will be no production of cold air.


Due to the fact that, the switches of the AC pressure are very vital to ensure that there are proper service life and operation of the AC system when they are faulty, you will need to address them immediately to ensure that there is the integrity of the system. If you are suspicious that one of your switches is failing or in bad shape, then do the honorable thing and let it be diagnosed by a professional technician. If there is a need, your AC pressure switch will be replaced so that your system remains functional all the time.

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