10 Best DIY (Do It Yourself) Truck Bed Liners 2019

Bed liners came into the market with the introduction of the modern truck. There are various technologies which have been applied, but at the end of the day, the function of all the truck bed liners is the same; to protect the bed of the truck. So if you are a truck owner, you can decide to go for a simple DIY (do it yourself truck bed liner) as long as it can offer your truck protection from the damage caused by scratches or dents or provide a skid resistant surface.

Your top of mind should be to get a bed liner that is easy to install and take down when you don’t need it in the truck. Nowadays, most people are into using bed liners and thus, you shouldn’t be the one to overlook the importance of this commodity. If you love your truck, you need to invest in it and thus, protect it.

Comparison Table




1. Herculiner HCL1G8 Gray Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

 Herculiner HCL1G8 Gray Brush-on Bed Liner Kit


2. Bed Armor Dupli-color BAK2010 DIY Truck Bed Liner

Dupli-Color BAK2010 Bed Armor DIY Truck Bed Liner with Kevlar Bed Armor Kit


3. Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-ounce Truck Bed

Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-Ounce Truck Bed Coating Quarts, Black


4. POR-15 49701 OEM Bed Liner - 1 gal


5. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

 U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with included Roller, Tray & Brush, 4 Liters


6. Custom Coat Black 4 Liter Urethane Truck Bed Liner Spray

Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Custom Coat Spray Gun with Regulator with Regulator


7. U-Pol Gun Black 0820V Spray for Truck Bed Liner

Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Custom Coat Spray Gun with Regulator with Regulator


8. Linerxtreeme Spray Bed Liner Kit 3

 Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3 gallon Black with GUN


9. Al’s BL Liner ALS Black Premium Truck Bed Liner

Al's Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit, With FREE Adhesion Promoter and Small Mix Paddle


10. T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K Urethane

T-Rex Black Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, SMR-1000-K8 Truck Bedliner w/Free Spray Gun


Top 5 Best Roll on Truck Bed Liners

1. Herculiner HCL1G8 Gray Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

I used it on my truck and it remained safe and is protected under all types of weather. Once you apply it, the polyurethane coating is textured and strong and it is 5 times thicker than most of the protective roll-on liners I had used before.

It is skid-resistant and helps in preventing rust from developing. It seals and bond surfaces including wood, aluminum, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, and asphalt. It is even resistant to oil, solvents, gasoline, and other chemicals.

It creates a coating that is gray in color, waterproof, and thus, you can take your truck out into all types of weather without having to worry. It is impact resistant and won’t start chipping, flaking, or peeling off in the event of in the event of impacts. Everything you need, you will get it in the kit of this liner.


  • Creates a skid resistant surface in your truck.
  • It is rust resistant.
  • It is made from polyurethane.
  • Seals and bonds on every surface.
  • It is thicker than other similar models


  • It is not durable
  • Not good value for money.

2. Bed Armor Dupli-color BAK2010 DIY Truck Bed Liner

Ask my grandfather and he will tell you that this might just be the best DIY bed liner for your truck. It is intuitive and user-friendly. Its formula is water based and thus, all you need to install it is water and soap.

In case after use, there is some left over, you have no need to worry about throwing it away as you will store it and use it come next time to do a touch-up on the truck liner of your truck bed.

It is a product that has a low odor and it creates a non-skid surface once it is dry, and it is very easy to apply and too viscous to apply. It is sturdy and solid with the results that it can resist the impact caused by gasoline and other automotive chemicals as well as impact resistance.

It offers adhesion and flexibility which makes it perfect for adventures in your pickup truck at all times of the year, no matter the type of weather condition you are going through. All you need to do is put on two coats.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is made from Dupont Kevlar
  • The one that is unused can be kept for later use
  • You can do one coat and that will be enough
  • It is affordable


  • It doesn’t adhere to the bed very well
  • Comes off very easily.

3. Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-ounce Truck Bed

It is a coating that is good for restoring and re-coating unfinished, worn, or previously finished metal truck beds. It is easy to apply and it helps not only to prevent truck bed damage which is caused by weather, rust, and weather, but also it ensures that your truck’s appearance is enhanced. It comes in a convenient size which allows it to be there whenever you need it. It is abrasion resistant and durable and it features a finish that is textured.


  • It comes in a pack that is convenient that will allow it to be there when you need it
  • It is ideal for re-coating and restoring metal truck beds
  • It prevents damage from weather, rust, and scratches.
  • It enhances the appearance of the vehicle.
  • It is abrasion resistance, durable, and feature textured finish
  • It enhances the appearance of your truck


  • There are some states which it cannot be shipped to like Alaska, Hawaii, and California
  • Not high quality

4. POR-15 49701 OEM Bed Liner - 1 gal

There are various ways in which to apply this bed liner in your truck, that is, in case you decide it is the one you want to buy. You can roll it on, brush it, or spray it and thus, you will definitely have your own preferred method to install it.

Once you have made the application, it is going to create a black urethane layer which will then be able to protect your truck bed from the harsh weather conditions. Apart from protecting the truck bed, it will also be able to protect other surfaces including fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and other metals in your truck.

After application, it creates a water-based rubberized coat which gives protection to your truck from scuffs and impacts. The adhesion is superior, flexible and damage resistant. You will be able to take your truck in the sun rays without fear due to the presence of UV resistant.

Being a low odor product, there is no way you will be affected by the after smell that blocks the nostrils. It easily comes out and thus, when you decide that you no longer require it, you can easily remove it using water and soap and a brush. 


  • You have different options of application; brush, roll on or spray.
  • It forms a urethane layer
  • It has UV-resistant
  • Black color can match with the interior of various trucks
  • One can is enough for the application


  • Low quality
  • Not durable

5. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

it is an easy and effective way to guard your truck from scrapes, scratches, corrosion, rust, and other potential damages. All you need to do is to spray it directly onto the bed of the truck in order to get an instant protection layer. The kit includes everything you need to DIY including four 750ml bottles of urethane liner, a process guide, a can of hardener, and a spray gun. And to operate the gun, you will need a compressor.


  • Includes a spray gun.
  • Reduces vibrations and sounds.
  • It creates a watertight seal.
  • It is corrosion, stain, and scratch resistant.
  • It includes four 750ml bottles of spray.
  • Available in various colors: purple, black, green, red, and blue


  • It requires an air compressor.
  • Your skill is what will determine the outcome of the application
  • It is potentially toxic and thus needs to wear a mask and gloves.

Top 5 Best Spray-on Truck Bed Liners

1. Custom Coat Black 4 Liter Urethane Truck Bed Liner Spray

I will confidently tell you that, no matter what type of truck you own, this might just be the DIY truck liner you need to apply on it. It will give you a strong durable finish. It has a blended polyurethane coating that comprises three components that ensure maximum strength. You can have a customized possibility to apply any texture, thickness, type or color of the truck. And it is one that will always look great. You are going to save money when you use it because of no wasting of wax as it is not a requirement after the regular coat. Its durability ensures that you are going to get more coverage with just one container because it will last you for a longer time.


  • It is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Ultimate strength from the two-part urethane
  • Highly versatile
  • Multiple applications
  • Applied to all thicknesses
  • Applicable to various truck types


  • Not good value for money
  • It is brittle

2. U-Pol Gun Black 0820V Spray for Truck Bed Liner

It is a product which I have seen friends using and feeling satisfied with the outcome. It is made to be UV resistant and thus ensures that it will remain fresh for a very long time, regardless of the type of weather conditions that hit it.

Combined with the product being stain resistant and waterproof, making the kit to be usable and durable no matter the weather condition. It is easy to set up and use due to the availability of comprehensive instructions that accompany it. The gun is also included and it is one that is very comfortable.


  • Excellent price
  • Made of black urethane
  • It comes with a 726 gun, 4 base bottles, and hardener
  • It protects from temperature and rust
  • It is waterproof


  • It tends to get scratched easily
  • The spray gun is not quality

3. Linerxtreeme Spray Bed Liner Kit 3

It comes with two reducer cans and one gun, which double for as gun cups. When applied, it offers a semi-gloss finish coating. It can be applied on ATV, boat, and any type of truck. It will give your truck a durable and beautiful shine.

The manual attached is very comprehensive and easy to follow making the DIY to be very easy. The amount in the package is 3 gallons to ensure that your vehicle gets enough coat on its bed and it is well done. You will not hire a professional in order to install this bed liner in your truck.

Its UV resistant feature is great and thus, the after applying, the truck bed might stay for quite a long time without fading. It will only take you a few minutes and the job will be done. Other things in the package include a spray gun and a face mask which is offered free of charge.


  • The UV makes it resistant to the damage from the sunlight rays
  • It absorbs vibrations
  • Highly affordable
  • It has excellent durability
  • Decent, glossy finish
  • Durable and protective
  • Can be used on various automobiles include jeep, trucks, and other water vessels
  • It is water resistance and thus, doesn’t rust even when touched by


  • Available in one color only
  • It is too thick and thus, you cannot use it alone- it requires mixing.

4. Al’s BL Liner ALS Black Premium Truck Bed Liner

It is a three-step liner which is likely to give you an excellent finishing to your truck bed. You can find it in any texture and color. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will end up getting a perfect mixture for applying.

When you apply the coat, it will protect your truck from rust too. You can use with either a sprayer and roll-on for the best results. It is going to give your truck bed a professional look as well as protect it from oil, solvents, gasoline and chemicals.

The application is very easy and without any hassle. The coating is made of polyurethane high solids coatings. In the kit, there is a flattener which will boost the durability of the liner. The rubber crumb works against the water.


  • Easy to use
  • More texture
  • Not abrasive to skin
  • Available in many colors
  • Flattener reduces shine and increases material hardness


  • Spray guns are clumsy
  • Not good value for money

5. T-Rex Black Bed Liner 2K Urethane

It made it on my list of the best bed liners because I came across it last week in a friend’s truck and it pulled my attention. I asked my friend why he chose it over the rest and what he said made me believe that it could be a preference for some people and it might be for you too.

It comes with 4 plastic black bed liner quartz bottles and an activator, one quarter. When applying, you will have to mix it and then spray it on your truck using a spray gun. It has a good coating that accommodates extreme conditions of weather due to the fact that, the top coat is made of urethane.

It spreads uniformly in a jet black color, giving the exterior a nice stability. It is a bed liner that is abrasion and stain resistant and also protects against damp, corrosion and salt deposits. Apart from helping deaden vibrations and sound, it also provides nice adhesion.

It dries fast and due to the finish having a chemical resistant, it protects your truck bed from UV rays. Shake after adding hardener, and then spray the product and enjoy an application that is easy.

You need to clean the surface before applying. Make sure that all the dirt, grease, rust or oil. You can use warm water and soap or grease and wax remover to clean the area.


  • It is waterproof
  • It delivers nice adhesion
  • Protect against salt deposits and salt deposits
  • Deaden vibration and sound
  • It is good value for money


  • The skid is not good quality
  • Doesn’t get very thick

Spray-on Liners and Roll on Liners: Pros and Cons

1. Spray-on: Background Information

A spray-on is applied with a spray gun, they are essentially a painted coating. The coating varies from one manufacturer to the next and from one product to the next, and thus, it is important for the following questions to be answered before you decide to buy a roll on or spray on bed liner. You will specifically want to know:

  • Is the liner aromatic or aliphatic coating?
  • What is your vehicle specific preparation?
  • Is it okay to see the paint shop before you purchase?

Aromatic vs Aliphatic: It is important to know that, most spray-on coatings available in the market are polyurethane and it automatically hardens whenever it is exposed to the atmosphere. But you will find that, there are some paints which are Aliphatic and others are aromatic. When you decide to buy the Aliphatic paints, they contain a compound which maintains their pigment better than the aromatic ones, meaning that, they don’t fade easily. It also follows that the Aliphatic coatings are more expensive as compared to the Aromatic.

Those who are in the spray on industry agree that it is better to use Aliphatic compounds than aromatic. So if you don’t get Aliphatic and you go for aromatic, it will be cheap, but at the same time, fade easily.

Vehicle Preparation Process: Because spray on involves painting, the process of preparing the vehicle surface is very important. If you hastily prepare it or do it in a poor way, it is likely going to result in problems than if you did your preparation in a slow and sure way. A good preparation process involves:

  • Stripping your truck bed to bare metal or down to the primer using a sander or grinder.
  • Clean the sanded or newly grounded surface.
  • Use a chemical cleaner to ensure that the sanding or grinding is done well and no residues remain.
  • The painting area should then be masked to avoid painting on the back of your truck or the fenders.
  • Do enough separation between your vehicle and others that might be in the garage. Come up with a spray booth for your truck with a separate ventilation system to prevent over-spray as well.

A spray-on liner can look absolutely stunning, but you will need to take great care of them when you are applying it on your truck bed. Before you fix it, you need to ensure that you prepare the area properly. When it is fixed, the surface texture looks great as it prevents the cargo from tumbling all over the place as compared to the plastic drop-in liners. Other pros include:

  • It will look nice if applied correctly
  • You have the freedom to spray it wherever you want as long as you prepare the area. You can decide to have your fender or bumper flare coated.
  • If the job is done correctly, the factory paint on your truck is destroyed. While it might not sound negative, it means that your warranty on corrosion is invalid on whatever part where the paint has been applied.
  • You have the freedom to spray it wherever you want as long as you prepare the area. You can decide to have your fender or bumper flare coated.
  • Once you have sprayed on, it cannot be removed. If you happen to buy a new truck, you cannot remove the spray-on from the old truck to the new one.
  • The warranty of the spray-on is not good.
  • Once you have sprayed on, it cannot be removed. If you happen to buy a new truck, you cannot remove the spray-on from the old truck to the new one.
  • The warranty of the spray-on is not good.
  • There is no protection from dings and dents from unloading and loading cargo.
  • Depending on the features of the spray-on type, it can be too cheap or very expensive.

2. Roll on Liners: Background Information

In order to use a roll on the liner, you will have to roll it into your truck bed whereby it will harden and become usable. Although it is a liner, you won’t have to position it as you would a solid liner; all you need to do is to paint or spray it on the bottom of your truck bed.

They are available in different aspects and it all depends on what you are looking for. There are those which are better suited to others which can withstand harsh weathers and intense temperatures. They can be used for various purposes as they have been developed to protect many kinds of materials including aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

  • Easy to apply
  • Much cheaper
  • It is budget friendly
  • Plenty of options available
  • Since they have two layers, it is simpler o clean
  • You don’t have to worry about scratching them when unloading or loading cargo

You will require an expert to do the job for you or some sort of experience before you do it yourself. You will also need a confined space to do it. A garage will do just fine otherwise, you will risk insects attaching themselves after getting trapped in the paint while it is still wet. It requires a lot of time and thus, if you don’t have enough time, it is not the right option for you as the drying process is quite long. It might even take a whole day for the paint to dry. It is also common to miss out some hard to reach places on the truck when you are using this type of painting. You can also accidentally paint the doors, windows, side-mirrors in the process.

  • Requires expertise
  • You need a confined place for the results to be perfect
  • Time-consuming
  • Some areas might fail to be painted
  • Accidentally painting other parts of the truck other than the truck bed

Benefits of Truck Bed Liners

A truck bed liner is a very important accessory in your truck and apart from extending the lifespan of your truck bed, it makes work easier. In general truck bed liners are going to offer you the following:

  • Bed liners for the truck are engineered to resist impact. Therefore, they are going to protect your truck bed from any denting.
  • The steel sheet underneath is going to be protected from scuffing since bed liners for the truck are abrasion resistant.
  • The truck bed is protected from coming into contact with substances that are corrosive or stains from spills on them.
  • Skid resistance is offered by truck bed liners to the surface, ensuring that the cargo doesn’t shift from one place to the other while you are transporting them. This ensures that the cargo is protected and eliminates irritation from the shifting of cargo as you drive.
  • Your truck bed will be offered with a soft surface by some bed liners, which resemble that of a house carpet making them be easy and comfortable on the knees and hands. It is good protection especially if you are operating from the back of the truck.

Factors for Choosing the Right Truck Bed Liner

There are various types of truck bed liner on the market and that is why it is important to consider various factors before you decide which one you are going to purchase. You need to get a liner that will increase your productivity instead of one that will hold you back when you are busy working in your truck. There are 6 factors which I consider to be very important when you are out there buying a bed liner for your truck. This include:

1.Material Option

There are various materials which are used to make bed liners for the truck. The type of work you are doing with your truck will determine the best material for you and also the reason why you want the bed liner can influence the choice of material.

You might be in need of a bed liner for your truck to prevent corrosion only. If that is the case for you, you can opt to use a spray-on liner which will be able to seal off the salty substances and moisture which are responsible for corrosion.

If you are using your truck for heavy duty work and haul heavy or hazardous materials, then you will have to go for sturdier materials which are constructed of rubber or wood. Other materials on the market for the bed liner for trucks include carpet and plastic. You will need to explore the different material possibilities before you decide on the best one for your truck.

2.Liner Type

There are various designs for truck bed liners that influence how easy they are to install and remove. Some of them are permanent and thus, once you apply it on your truck bed, you cannot remove it which includes brush on liners and spray-on liners.

If you want to maintain the original surface and be able to remove the line at any given time, then you will have to choose a drop in liner, a rug, or a truck bed mat. If you go to the mat, it will only cover the tailgate and the bed of the truck. For drop-in liners, they are designed in such a way that, they are able to cover both sides of the truck together with the floor of the truck bed.

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3.The Texture Of The Surface

It is very important to consider the texture of the surface of your truck bed when you are purchasing a bed liner. If you choose the right texture, it will make your work with the truck much easier.

If you are loading heavy items into your truck bed yourself and you have to slide them in place, then a sleek texture will do. If you want your bed liner to help objects stay in place as you transport them, then it will be better if you go for a more rigid texture.

4.Installation Process

There are some do it yourself truck liner sets available in the market, but most of them are not very sturdy. For sturdy ones, they need a lot of work to install and you might require the help of a professional in order for it to be installed.

If you are buying a DIY bed liner, ensure that you are in a position to do the installation on your own before you make the purchase. If you are not sure, then look for a profession to install it for you and that means, extra money for paying for the installation.

5.The Condition Of The Truck Bed

The main purpose of a truck bed liner is to offer protection to the truck bed. If the bed is already showing signs of corrosion or some weakness in terms of structure, then you will need to do repairs before you purchase a truck bed liner.

You will then have to go for a sturdy plastic liner if the truck bed is showing signs of corrosion. It is going to protect your truck bed for both corrosion and structural support. Ensure that you put the condition of your truck bed into consideration as you select the bed liner to avoid worsening the problem.

6.Maintenance Needs

Once you install the truck bed liner, it will need to be maintained. Brush-on and spray-on may require to be re-applied and mat liners and drop-in may need to be taken out and be cleaned.

You will have to consider how fast it will take you to clean and how durable your liner of choice is going to last depending on the type of work you do with your truck. Put into consideration the cost of maintenance and that you are able to conveniently carry out maintenance on your truck liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you paint truck bed liner on shoe soles to make them last longer?

Although shoes haven’t mentioned in reviews, paint truck bed liner is said to support all rubber materials and thus if the shoes are made of rubber, there are chances that the magic of making them last longer can happen when it is applied on them.

2. What should be replaced while I have my truck bed liner off for replacement, bushings or liners?

If you are considering the mileage, then the fuel pump is the one which should be replaced.

3. Are truck bed liners worth it?

Truck bed liners are important for three main reasons:

  • To protect your cargo from skidding while you drive around. They also act as shock absorbers reducing vibrations that could also damage cargo
  • It will also protect your truck bed especially if you don’t have a canopy and your bed is exposed to harsh weather elements. This will, in turn, prevent rust and other damages which might shorten your truck life.
  • It protects other surfaces of your vehicle.

4. Will truck bed liner stop rust?

Before you apply the truck bed liner, you will need to clean up the rust fully then coat it and that way, it might stop the moisture from getting into contact with the metal and in the process, stop rusting.

5. Is truck bed liner flexible?

Yes and no. There are some truck bed liners which are flexible while others like spray-on and brush on are not.


This article shows the various features that make up various bed liners and the importance of having one for your truck. The discussed bed liners were from a roll on and spray on bed liners because they seem to be the easiest DIY as far as installation is concerned.

However, their cost, pros, and cons vary from the one-bed liner to the next. There is no one best bed liner over the other since it all depends on your specific needs and requirements for it. What might be good for me might be a disadvantage to you? Choose the best among the 10 I have listed above or check other varieties on Amazon that will meet your needs.

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