6 Best Tailgate Flagpole to Purchase In 2019

Whether you are replacing an existing flagpole or you are buying your first one, you will definitely find yourself with some questions on how to select the best tailgate flagpole out of the various available out there in the market. When it comes to buying a flagpole, you will come across various sizes and styles to choose from, which means that, the selection process might become tiresome, leaving you unsure of what exactly want.

From portable to garden flagpoles, or even if you want to use it for commercial purposes, being able to identify the purpose of why you need a flagpole and where you are going to install it, will greatly help you in finding the right one for your specific needs.

Here are what I consider to be some of the top 6 tailgate flagpoles which you could purchase.

1. Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package with 20' Portable Flagpole
2. Boone Outdoor Under da Tire Flag Pole Stand and Case
3. Tire Mount for Large Diameter Portable Flagpole
4. Yeshom Portable All Metal Flag Pole Wheel Stand Tailgate Tire Mount 25ft 20ft Telescopic Flagpole Holder
5. Flagpole To Go Portable Flagpole Tire Mount
6. Valley Forge Tailgating Flagpole Set

Top 6 Tailgate Flagpole Reviews

1. Flag Pole To Go Portable Ultimate Tailgaters Package

Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package with 20' Portable Flagpole

You can mark your tailgating using this portable flagpole that comes with a tire mount. It has five telescoping sections which are in a position to extend from 4 inches to 20 inches. In the package, you will find fixed flag clips which you will use to fly up to two, 3 x 5-foot flag or just one of 2 x 3 and 3 x 5-foot flag.

The clips which are adjustable will enable you to fly two flags of up to 3 x 5 inches. It is compatible and lightweight, making it be easy to transport and store as it collapses to 4 inches long x 2 inches tall. It is in a position to hold flagpoles of up to 1.5-inch diameter.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to store as it is a compact size
  • Can hold all sizes of flagpoles up to a diameter of 1.5 inches
  • It is 20 inches
  • It comes with a tailgate tire mount


  • It is not sturdy
  • Threading bent and both don’t fit well together in the base

2. Boone Outdoor Flag Pole Stand

Boone Outdoor Under da Tire Flag Pole Stand and Case

It is a flagpole stand which is standard and can fit all standard flag poles as it has a knob which is adjustable to secure on the pole. This base rests under the tire of your truck to provide a holder that is secure for your flag.

The package includes a bumper protector which is in a position to wrap around the flagpole, protecting your car. The snap release pins allow getting your flag in the air easy and fast.  It supports your flagpole with the weight of your truck. Its construction is made out of steel with a black powder coating.

On windy days, the bumper protector will be able to protect the finish of your vehicle. It also comes with a heavy nylon carry case to keep the flagpole base parts in an organized style.  Its dimensions are 1.63 diameter and 240H inches and 20 feet high.  It has a dual clip to enable you to fly two flags at the same time.


  • Dual clip to fly two flags
  • Durable powder coated aluminum flagpole
  • Comes with a tire mount stand
  • It is easy to use
  • Quality construction


  • At times it arrives when damaged
  • The safety screw to keep the pole in place is not available

3. Tire Mount For Large Portable Flagpole Diameter

Tire Mount for Large Diameter Portable Flagpole

It is a large diameter telescoping portable flag pole which is lightweight, has cam locking action, with the industrial strength aluminum material. This allows each section to be able to lock into place to enable it not to collapse when you extend it.

Its 2.5-inch diameter makes it even stronger to be able to hold up to turbulent weather and wind. It is great if you want to use it for business or residential use, as well as a variety of outdoor and indoor events including tailgate parties and camping sites.

It telescopes easily and it is portable for stadium events where you can easily display your loyalty to your team, making it an attractive attention for your friends to find you at the tailgate.


  • It has a durable anodized aluminum construction which prevents rusting.
  • The flagpole diameter is 2.5 inches
  • It comes with a gold ball
  • To prevent the flag from winding around the flagpole, it comes with anti-furl clips.
  • To lock and unlock, you only have to rotate the tube.


  • The build finish, quality, and paint is poor
  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag

4. Yeshom Portable Flag Pole Stand For Tailgate

Yeshom Portable All Metal Flag Pole Wheel Stand Tailgate Tire Mount 25ft 20ft Telescopic Flagpole Holder

It is a durable steel tire stand which might just be the one you are looking forward to showing your national or team flag to the rest of the world. It is best if you use it on flag poles for company tour, international team solidarity, tailgate parties, colleagues camping, family outings or other activities that involve teamwork.

 It is convenient to carry everywhere and fits the flagpole outer diameter of 58mm to 60mm with all steel construction. I used it on my truck together with my friends as we headed for last summer holidays in the jungle and the feeling was awesome.


  • It is an all steel construction
  • It is durable
  • It is heavy duty to provide for a stabilized flagpole
  • It is convenient to carry it around
  • It is great to use when having group activities


  • It doesn’t support 20-inch flag pole
  • It easily breaks during harsh weather

5. Flagpole to Go Tire Mount Portable Flagpole

It is great for parades, events or tailgating. It is made from lightweight fiberglass materials which are weather resistant and easily installed in the shortest time possible. In the package, you will find anti-furl clips, two sets, which you will use to fly up to two  3 inches by 5-inch foot flags or one 2 inches by 3 inches and 3 inches by 5-inch foot flag.

It can fly up to 3 inches by 5 inches lightweight flags. It is compatible and thus, easy to transport to wherever you are heading to. It comes with complete four no-tangle clips which will be compatible with any small diameter tire and hitch mounts.


  • Made from fiberglass materials
  • It is portable
  • The fiberglass is weather resistant
  • It is easy to set up
  • Comes with anti-furl clips


  • At times, it doesn’t fit the flagpole
  • Causes destruction on the truck

6. Tailgating Flagpole Set Valley Forge

Valley Forge Tailgating Flagpole Set

It might one of the greatest fit for tailgating or temporarily or permanent fly a flag. It comes with a ground sleeve and mount bracket to that both can be accomplished. There are holes for ground stakes on the mount brackets and thus, a car is not necessarily needed. It comes with a nylon carrying case which allows for easy transportation, clean up and set up.

It also gives you room to carry your favorite flag. It can fly one or two of your favorite flags at the same time or one feather flag. It is a fiberglass pole which measures 16 inches after it is assembled and 4 inches when you collapse it.

It comes complete with portable wheel mount bracket, a ball top ornament, swivel flag hooks, ground sleeves, and a nylon carry case. It is ideal for tailgating, recreational or camping vehicles, picnics and parties, decks and docks, advertising, and home use. It also comes with 3 feet by 5 feet US flag with a 1.5-inch pole diameter.


  • Comes with a ground sleeve
  • It is a 16 inches fiberglass flagpole
  • Has swivel flag hooks
  • Comes with ball top ornament
  • Comes with a nylon carry case


  • Doesn’t qualify for shipping promotions
  • Doesn’t support large flags

Do You Need Planning Permission?

If you want to install your flagpole permanently, then there will be a need for you to seek permission from your local council. The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is where the flags mounted on flagpoles belong and thus, you will require to obtain permission before you do that.

If you want to install it at your workplace, it is recommended that you avoid installing a flagpole when weather conditions are adverse. And according to the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, there will be a need for you to ensure that you maintain the conditions of the flagpoles that is safe and with no health issues.

Something About Tailgate Flagpoles

1. The Flagpole Thickness

If it has a thinner thickness of the wall, then it will be weaker when you install it, meaning there may be a risk of the product getting dismantled which can result in some great danger to you and those around you.

2. The Flagpole Size

You will have to consider the flagpole size in terms of height when you go out to shop for one.

3. Location

Before you buy a flagpole, you have to think about the area where you are going to install it to ensure that, it is going to be safe.

4. Flagpole Material

Flagpoles are constructed from various materials with wood, glass fiber, stainless steel, and aluminum being the most common ones. They are maintenance free and long lasting option. Glass fiber seems to be cost-effective, have UV protection, hard wearing out, and easier to maintain.

  • Aluminum Material

If you prefer aluminum flag poles, then you will find them in three finishes; anodized, satin brush or powder coated. It might be a good option for you due to the fact that, it is cheap and shapes well.

Aluminum is also capable of withstanding and holding a reasonable amount of weight and the pressure of the wind. And thus, it might be a good option for the tailgate and residential poles.  But if you live in a place which is windy most of the time or you will be traveling in such an area, then your aluminum pole needs to be fortified to ensure that it will not bend.

  • Stainless Steel material

If you like an extra sturdy flagpole or want to place it outside, then stainless steel might be the material to consider.  It is good, especially if your flagpole will be a permanent fixture or if it is unlikely to experience weather that is rough.

Due to the stainless steel durability, it might have a long life and higher than the other materials which will be available.  It is rust free and thus, easy to maintain. If you are not intending to keep the flagpole for a very long time, then this could be the best material.

  • Fiberglass material

Fiberglass material is the most lightweight and readily available. They will splinter whenever they break, which will make it hard for them to splint again. If you want a lightweight yet strong pole for your flag, then get a fiberglass one, though you will need to be ready to spend more.

It is good if you are not intending to keep the flagpole as a permanent fixture or if most of the time, the flagpole will be inside

  • Wood Flagpoles

If you are going to make the installation all by yourself and at the same time, take care of it, then the wood flagpoles might be your best choice. You can place it in an area where you are likely going to experience a lot of wind or harsh environment, as wood might just survive all that.

If it were to fracture, you can use wood glue to fix it. As you pick on wood, you should remember that wood is not in a position to handle large amounts of weight unless it is high grade or very thick wood.

5. Flag Poles Types

When out on the market looking for a flagpole, you will come across 4 different types in respect to their accessories and banners.

  • Commercial flagpoles:  You can use them near an office, business, or a government building. Due to the way they are used, they are normally tall, durable and in a position to hold heavyweight flags for a long period of time.
  • Residential flagpoles: You can utilize them in front of your home, making them be light to ensure that, you install them, easy without encountering any difficulties or without the assistance of an expert. They are available in different heights range and are supposed to carry lighter flags.
  • Indoor flagpoles: It is much smaller as compared to the residential flagpole and you can only use them to carry light flags. You can utilize them at the gym, home, or in a room where you need a flag displayed.
  • Wall mounted flagpoles: They are designed to carry very small flags, saving space and you will be able to use them where there is a lot of movement like on a truck.

Flagpole Banners

There are various banners which you can use on a flagpole. If you decide to use it as an advertisement for your company, then they will be referred to as feather flagpole. They can contain the various sales that are happening at your establishment.

Flagpole Accessories

The accessories for a flagpole include flagpole tappers, lighting to light up the flagpole, various internal halyard parts, parade flagpole accessories, and the base of the flagpole.  Depending on the occasion, you will have a variety of accessories for your flagpole.  The main parts of a flagpole that you need to have knowledge about include halyard, truck, retainer ring, ornaments, and cleat.  There are other parts, but these are the basics.

1. Truck: This what holds the flag in place. It has a pulley with an opening which will receive the ornament and it is the one which mounts on top of the flagpole.  In the market, you will come across two types of trucks to pick from.

Stationary trucks, which don’t rotate with a flag

Revolving truck, which has a  bearing that let it turn with the wind.

2. Ornament: It is the fixture which is found on top of the flagpole and it is in the form of a rounded ball but it can as well come in the shape of a cross or an eagle.

3. Halyard: It is the cable system or rope which controls the flag going down and up. It can be an internal halyard where the cable system or rope is inside the flagpole, or it can be external which lowers and raises to flag with a rope on the flagpole outside.

External halyards seem to be more common, but if you are planning to keep the flag permanently outside, then it is best if you considered an internal halyard. The halyards are accessed via a hinged door and secured using a cam cleat if it is a rope or a winch if it is a cable.

4. Cleat: You will attach the cleat to the flagpole around five feet above the ground where the rope wraps around to enable the flag to be kept in place.

5. Retainer Ring: It is used together with the halyard flagpoles for internal use, to ensure that it keeps the flag’s bottom nearer to the pole. It is also useful to a move up and down the pole.

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Hope this article has helped you to understand things concerning the flagpole, so that, when you go out there to purchase one for your tailgate, you will know what other accessories you will require, the laws to adhere to before displaying one, and the best tailgate flagpole that you will be able to purchase.  Go through my reviews and find out what you can buy for yourself. If nothing is satisfactory for you, then go ahead and check several other options on Amazon.

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