Top 10 Best Truck Air Horns – Buyer’s Guide and Top Picks

Trucks in most cases make a lot of noise while moving on the road and with the type of traffic that is experienced nowadays, it will be best if your truck has the best truck air horns so that you can move around town with ease. It will help you to be able to drive in whatever zone you find yourself without limitations or worries.

If the horn has lesser noise, it will be of no use, because the noise will be absorbed in the already noises that the truck makes. It is important to ensure that you consider various factors before purchasing and installing a truck air horn on your truck.

Comparison Of Truck Air Horns



1. MPC B1 Trumpet Train Horn Kit

MPC B1 (0419) 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit, Fits Almost Any Vehicle, Truck, Car, Jeep or SUV

2. Grand General 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn

Grand General 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn with Triple Brass Trumpet for Superior Sound

3. Super Loud 148DB Marco Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn

Super Loud 148DB Marco Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn Car Truck SUV (BLACK MATTE)

4. Wolo Air Horn 419 Bad Boy 12 Volts

Wolo (419 Bad Boy Air Horn - 12 Volt

5. Single Air Horn Trumpet by Zento Deals - 12V

Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn- Superior Quality Single Trumpet Air Horn + Compressor Powerful Loud 150db For Truck Boat SUV Train

6. 12V Dual Air Horn Trumpet Zone Tech Premium Quality

12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn -Zone Tech Premium Quality Classic Black Super Loud Powerful Train Sound Shiny Dual Car Van Truck Boat Air Horn

7. GAMBRO 12V 150dB Air Horn

GAMPRO 12V 150db Air Horn, 18 Inches Chrome Zinc Single Trumpet Truck Air Horn with Compressor for Any 12V Vehicles Trucks Lorrys Trains Boats Cars

8. Klein102-1 Air Horn Copper Coated XCR 2.0

Kleinn Air Horns 102-1 XCR 2.0 Copper Coated Dual Truck Horn - Black

9. Vixen Horns Loud 149dB Four Trumpet Train Air Horn

Vixen Horns Loud 149dB 4/Four Trumpet Train Air Horn with 12V Electric Solenoid Black VXH4114B

10. Tornado Compact Air Horn Super Loud Marco for All 12V Vehicles

SUPER LOUD MARCO TORNADO Compact Air Horn for ALL 12V Vehicles: Motorcycles, Cars, & Trucks

Complete Truck Air Horns Reviews

1.MPC B1 Trumpet Train Horn Kit

It consists of 4 trumpets with chrome finish. It is a compact air horn which includes push buttons, pressure switches, wiring kit and the mounting hardware that you will need to ensure that it is well set up on your truck.

When installing, you will need to be careful with the compressor as it is non-sealed and thus, require to be placed in a dry and clean place. This train air horn is best for pickups and trucks. It is the one that is using and I think, it could be one of the best horn kits for trucks which is currently easy to get in the market or online.


  • It has a loud noise.
  • It is easy to install
  • Good value for money
  • The horns are metallic
  • It comes with full instructions for installation


  • It is a nonsealed compressor
  • It is not durable

2.Grand General 69991 Chrome Heavy Duty Train Horn

If you happen to buy this particular truck air horn, you might not be disappointed. Buying a truck air horn means that, you are looking for a horn that is will magnify the sound so that you can use it for signaling while in high speed or driving on busy streets. It has a super loud and clear sound of about 140db which could just be the right one for you.

My uncle bought it for his truck and right now, he is enjoying the sound that it produces. With it, you are likely going to catch the ears and eyes of every driver on the road. It features a large trumpet opening which has stainless steel brackets and between the medium and large trumpet, there are support brackets. Apart from looking great, it seems to be durable.


  • Super loud and clear 140db
  • Stainless steel brackets
  • Large trumpet opening
  • Air powered
  • Sold individually


  • The solenoid value seems to be too small for the three horns.
  • They are too big for some trucks.

3.Super Loud 148DB Marco Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn

My brother uses this particular horn on his truck and he gets and attract all the drivers on the highway when he is on the road. It has a compact design and works on several vehicles including trucks, motorcycles, and cars. Their emission rate is 150 dB which could be extremely loud so there is no way you will go unnoticed in a traffic jam. The set comes with complete installation instructions to help you to install it on your own and thus, cutting down on the cost of involving a professional to do it for you. It utilizes energy level of 12V to enable it give out a loud sound of 150 decibels and it is very light, weighing only 1.7 pounds.


  • Compatible with various vehicles.
  • Compact design.
  • Loud sound
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty


  • The 150 decibels can damage your eardrums.
  • It is a bit expensive

4. Wolo Air Horn 419 Bad Boy 12 Volts

It is a horn that is likely going to get everyone’s attention. It is all in one horn design, meaning, there is no separate air hoses or air compressors. It is adaptable to existing factory wiring, making it easy to install. A relay is included.

It is one of the modern horn technology horns, a one piece that requires no hoses during installation. It is very fast to install as you will just have to use the horn wires that came with the vehicle and connect them to the compressor. There is one bolt which is included in the kit which you will use to install.

After installation, it produces a sound of air horn that has a dual tone which is double louder than the factory horn that came with my truck. Its size is compact to fit any truck, car, motorcycle and it utilizes any 12-volt energy of any vehicle that requires a magnified sound. The compressor is heavy duty and it is maintenance free and thus, provide you with many years of dependable service.


  • All in one design
  • It is louder than the factory horns
  • You will use the existing factory wiring to install it
  • Easy installation
  • It is a compact unit that works with various vehicles that utilize the 12V system.


  • Not durable
  • A short warrant

5.Single Air Horn Trumpet by Zento Deals - 12V

Two weeks ago, my dad bought this particular horn for his truck. I used the truck yesterday and I can attest to it that, it might be one of the high quality air horns for trucks which is easy to get in the market or online.

It is very powerful and loud. It has a roaring sound which seemed to grab the attention of everyone whenever I hooted in town. It was heard all over the place. It is made from premium materials which ensure strength and durability.

Its design makes it be all-weather resistant and give it a longer usage life. It is affordable and looks very decent and it will likely complement your big vehicle. It has a single trumpet and a loud sound of 150 dB, which is very powerful.


  • The loud sound of 150 dB
  • The body is high quality
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • It is worth the price
  • It is durable


  • The sound of 150 dB can damage the eardrums
  • It is not compatible with all types of vehicles.

6.12V Dual Air Horn Trumpet Zone Tech Premium Quality

It could be considered to be one of the best to install on your truck as it is very loud and at the same time, very powerful. It produces a bellowing sound which is likely to catch the attention of everyone and it can be heard from all over the place. It is an air horn that is available in premium quality as it is constructed using quality material that is fine and thus, ensuring that it has better strength and durability which can last for a long time in terms of usage. Its design enables it to be suitable for all types of weather. If you are looking for an air horn which is loud and at the same time affordable, then it might just serve the purpose. It has the finest built quality and it is worth the price.


  • It is loud and powerful
  • Has a bellowing sound
  • It comes in premium quality
  • Strong and durable
  • Suitable for all types of weather
  • It is affordable


  • It is not good quality
  • Some parts are plastic

7.GAMBRO 12V 150dB Air Horn

The 150dB dual Air Horn Trumpet manufactured by GAMBRO has a great design and I think that is what attracted my cousin John to go for it. Its body is made of chrome zinc and it is compatible to be installed on several vehicles, including vans, trucks, boats, trains, pickups, and cars.

When you purchase it, it comes with the hardware for mounting, thus making the installation to be easy. It has two trumpets, one short and another one long. Its body being non rusting makes it be all-weather and thus, the horn becomes durable and long lasting. It is ideal for the all-weather condition.


  • It has a chrome body
  • It is all-weather
  • It is easy to install
  • It is compatible with various vehicles
  • It comes with mounting hardware


  • The sound is too loud for small cars
  • It has health hazards as it can damage your hearing

8.Klein102-1 Air Horn Copper Coated XCR 2.0

It has two black Xcr2.0 corrosion resistant. It can fit on almost any vehicle due to it being compact and be able to deliver the sound that you are looking for. It easily installs with a chrome finish that glisters and strong horn sound. It comes in a complete package. When installing, it needs an air system onboard of up to 150dB for it to operate and it is not included and thus, you will have to purchase it separately. There is a vortex 4 12V electronic air horn solenoid which is included. It is too loud and it might not be good for your ears.


  • It has an attractive finish
  • It easily installs
  • Can be installed on various types of vehicles
  • It is compact
  • It has a loud sound


  • Some installation onboard air system is not available and you have to buy it separately.
  • It is too loud

9.Vixen Horns Loud 149dB Four Trumpet Train Air Horn

It is a train air horn that is expensive and thus, if you are on a tight budget, it might not be the one for you. Its compressor is 12 volts, 200PSI and fills a three-gallon tank which can easily produce 149 decibels of sound that is quality through black, solid finish anodized aluminum trumpets.

They are mounted securely in a horn that is engineered for all-weather use. They are wide enough to produce a realistic train horn sound. Its kit comes loaded with thermal overload protector, mounting hardware, pressure gauge, horn button, pressure switch, solenoid valve.

It has waterproof 30 amp wiring harness which is insulated for easy insulation. Its compressor is designed with vibration Isolators and an automatic reset when on rough roads. The brackets for mounting are coated with an anti-corrosive coating. It comes with a user manual that can also be downloaded as a file in PDF. It is a horn that is easy to install.


  • It is easy to install
  • It has a strong powerful sound
  • It is all weather
  • It has an attractive look
  • It has an anti-corrosive coating


  • It is expensive
  • It is not compact

10.Tornado Compact Air Horn Super Loud Marco for All 12V Vehicles 

If your aim is to get and attract all the drivers on the highway and passers-by while you are driving, then you can go for this super loud air horn. My teenage boy got it in his uncle’s truck and am finding it to be quite okay.

It has a compact design and works well on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Its emission rate is at 150 decibels, which I can say is extremely high, but my uncle is one who loves noise.

When he is driving around town, all eyes are on his truck whenever he hoots. It comes with a complete installation guide to help you do it for yourself. It utilizes energy level of 12V and 1.79 pounds to blow 150 decibels sound.


  • It is lightweight
  • It comes in a compact design
  • It is heavy duty
  • It is for all types of vehicles
  • It produces a loud sound


  • The 150 decibels can damage your eardrums
  • It is expensive

Reasons for Getting a Quality Air Horn for Your Truck

It will come in handy, especially when you are traveling at high speed or stuck in traffic. Make your horns to be loud and meaningful by going for the best. There are various air horns that you can buy for your truck and which will be able to serve you well.
There are various factors you need to consider before you purchase one and that is how this buying guide is going to help you in narrowing down what you think is best for you. All you need to do is to get the best that will work for your own truck.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Truck Air Horns

Truck air horns are an essential accessory for your truck, which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. You can purchase some of the best online or in the market near you. You will have to pick the best amongst the many different options in the market. You will need to consider the following before going out to purchase one for your truck.

1. Sound

The sound is the most important factor that you need to consider when buying an air horn for your truck. Take into consideration the sound the horn will produce and the kind of sound you want it to produce. You will get two varieties easy to get in the market or online; the one that uses tanks and air compressors and another one that uses a direct drive system.

If you decide to go for the direct system, it includes an air pump that is small in size, that ensures that air is pumped into a small set of horns directly. The air compressor one builds pressure in the tank up to 200 PSI.

The pressure is held in the tank until the horn triggers it which an electronic solenoid triggers, and which is is found in the horn during installation. It is very loud as compared to the direct system and its blast is 148 to 153 dB. There are some systems which can go up to 157dB and this will depend on the size of the valve and type of horn.

The sound created depends on the number and size of the trumpets that are in your sets. Trumpets, which are thinner and shorter tend to produce a higher pitched sound while those which are wider and longer produce a tone that is deeper.

When you purchase the horns, they will come with a set of 2 to 4 trumpets that are designed to blend quality and sound of the horns. The air horns which you will find in the market have 3 to 4 trumpets which make a better sound that is louder than traditional train horns. When buying horns for your truck, the sound is the most important thing to consider.

2. Air Requirements

The air system of a truck air horn has three features that are important and which you need to pay close attention to; work pressure, tank capacity, and the compressor duty cycle. The working pressure in the air system has to comply with a general rule which says; the higher the pressure, the higher and louder the sound that will be produced by the horn.

The tank capacity refers to the amount of air which can be stored in the tank which will determine how long the horn can hold before the air is refilled in the tank. The duty cycle in the compressor rating is calculated by the complete off and on cycles maximum running time in the form of a percentage.

You need to consider the tank size in order to ensure the proper duty cycle is achieved, expected frequency of use and the multipurpose air is also very important. When it comes to air horns, you need to keep in mind all these features before you decide on which air horn is best for you. Even though the details might seem tiny, they have a strong impact on the length, sound, and quality of the air horn.

3. Sealed And Non-sealed Air Systems

If you install an air horn and it fails to work, it might be that you have installed the compressor in the wrong location. The tank system and the compressor must be installed in a dry and clean area.

If you happen to mount them in an area that is exposed, it might allow water and dirt to attack and get them into the chamber, resulting in the compressor being damaged. Such damages are not covered by the manufacturer in the warrant and thus, you need to always remember this.

And to avoid such from happening, you will need to consider purchasing an air system that is sealed, which has a compressor sealed with a gasket that allows you to mount the air horn on the external of the chassis of the truck. Although it is initially expensive, in the long run, you will give your air horn reliability and extended life.

4. Installation

You need to consider how the air horn is going to be installed on your truck when you are purchasing it. You need to know where you will mount it and on which component. I have installed mine in the engine compartment below the vehicle on the frame rails.

There are different sizes of air horns easy to get in the market or online and thus, you will need to look for the dimensions of the one you are choosing and then choose wisely. Once you have bought it, you will need to know how to install it or take it to a professional to do it for you.

If you are planning to do it yourself, you can watch online videos or go through the manual of your air horn.


1. How Do Truck Air Horns work?

There is a source in the truck air horns which produces compressed air. When this compressed air passes inside the diaphragm of the horn, it makes it vibrate, creating sound waves which are followed by the horn amplifying the sound to make it even louder.
You can read more about Air Horn at :

2. Can Your Ears Be Damaged by Air Horns?

It is important to note that, hearing can vanish by being in a place where there is a lot of noise. And when they stop hearing, there is nothing you can do to restore it again. You will need to ensure that your air horn emits a maximum of 129 decibels and nothing more than that. You should also note that a sound more than 85 decibels are likely going to cause hearing loss. This means that it is likely that, your ears can be damaged by air horns.

3. How To Make Air Horns Louder

The air horn is already louder and there is no need to modify it to make it louder than it is. The best you can do is to ensure that you buy the one that has the sound that you feel is comfortable for you and which is the loudest. But you should ensure that it is not more than 129 decibels for the love of your ears. Different air horns have different decibels and thus, choose the best for yourself.

4. Do Truck Must Have Air Horns?

It is necessary, but not a must. If you are comfortable with the regular horns on your truck, then no need. But because the trucks make a lot of other noises, it is necessary for you to adjust the sound of the horns by installing the air horns to help you in signaling while moving in traffic or at high speed.

5. Are Truck Air Horns Legal?

Every country has its own set rules and regulations set by the vehicles and transport licensing board. You will need to look out for the set limitations in the area you reside to know if having air horns is legal or not. In most cases, there is a common line that states that the horn needs not to be blown out unnecessarily, loud and harshly. This means that you cannot install a horn on your truck, which is harsh and loud.


Air horns for the truck are available in various sizes and different features. This is what makes the market of truck horns to be full of different options and wide. There are various manufacturers who are competing with each other to make it to the top. You will need to be keen so that, you get the best out of the many that are being advertised. Get the best out of the 10 I have tried to review in this article, but if you don’t get your best choice, you can check on Amazon for other options. 

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