8 Best Truck Wax To Consider Buying In 2020

You need to treat your car like your baby meaning, you need to take good care. Once you do that, it will be able to take you from one place to another that you need to go whether it is for work, leisure or just to get some grocery. Considering how important and expensive your vehicle is, it makes sense that, you will have to take care and time to ensure that, nothing happens to it. This will include ensuring that, you apply the best truck wax for regular maintenance and other procedures such as fluid refill, and oil change.

Your vehicle paint job will be displayed for the entire world to see it. And that is why you will need to protect the paint job of your vehicle and this will be done by applying the best truck wax. There are several options in the market for you to choose from and thus, it might become hard and difficult for you to pick the best. And that is the reason why I have tried to compile some of what I think could be the best waxes which you can choose and highlights of what each one of them does. You will also have an opportunity to go through the guide so that you find the best wax that suits your needs.

Comparison Table Of Truck Wax



1. CarGuys Liquid Wax

CarGuys Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 16 oz Kit

2. Meguiar’s Liquid Wax – G18216

Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax - 16 oz.

3. Chemical Guys Liquid Carnauba Crème Wax – WAC 111 Extreme Depth

Chemical Guys WAC_111 Extreme Depth Liquid Carnauba Creme Wax + X-Seal (1 Gal)

4. Lucas Speed Wax Oil 10160 Slick Mist

Lucas Oil 10160 Slick Mist Speed Wax - 24 oz. (Quantity 6)

5. Griot’s Garage Wax Gallon - 11097

Griot's Garage 11097 Spray-On Wax Gallon

6. Meguiar’s Wax - G17748

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax – Car Washing Made Easy – Clean and Shine in One Step – G17748, 48 oz

7. Turtle Wax Black Box Kit T-3KT

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

8. Klasse Free Microfiber Applicator All in one 33.8oz

Klasse All-In-One 33.8oz with Free Microfiber Applicator

Complete Truck Wax Reviews

1. CarGuys Liquid Wax

It is a paste wax that is formulated to be easier to apply as compared to others. It will give your paint job a high gloss layer of protection. Its sealant will leave your car looking great while at the same time, ensuring that it is protected from environmental hazards. It contains Carnauba wax formula content which is known for durability and heat resistance. This means that, after waxing, you will stay for some months before you wax again. In the package, you will find a microfiber towel.


  • The patented polymer formula integrates the latest advances as far as nano specifications are concerned.
  • It contains Carnauba formula that makes it durable
  • It is a paste wax and thus, it will give you some months service
  • Your car will protect from pollutants of the atmosphere as it creates an effective rain barrier.
  • It is easy to apply and at the same time, easy to buff out, making it a process that won’t leave you exhausted.


  • It is expensive
  • Compared to liquid paints, it is hard to apply

2. Meguiar’s Liquid Wax – G18216

It is a liquid wax which in terms of depths and looks of shine, I can say that it might be one of the best liquid wax. Its formula comprises of palm, Brazil, and carnauba making it be a great and quality wax. I applied it on my black truck and it made it shine and that is why I consider it to be one of the best liquid wax you can consider to spray on your truck.

It is a synthetic polymer wax that offers paint protection and ultimate shine in a liquid formula that is easy to apply. It might just bring out the best in whatever paint finish you have. Its Meguiars technology makes it easy to apply. In case a little wax falls on the trim, you need not worry as no white stains will be left due to the fact that, it is error proof.

It lasts longer than most synthetic waxes and carnauba wax as it is formulated to offer long lasting water beading and protection. The polymer technology reduces the surface tension, allowing the water beads and rolls off.

It is a wax that enhances depth, color, and reflection. If you want high-end results, you can start to clean, smooth paint. To remove dirt, you can get a quality surface cleaner of your choice. Use a soft foam applicator to apply the wax and buff it with a microfiber towel.


  • It gives a great shine
  • It is durable for a very long time
  • It includes a foam applicator pad and a microfiber towel
  • It is one of the most advanced hydrophobic wax.
  • The pad ensures a smooth application


  • It can be harmful if it gets on your skin.
  • Not as long lasting as a paste wax

3. Chemical Guys Liquid Carnauba Crème Wax – WAC 111 Extreme Depth

It is a liquid carnauba crème wax which protects and shines whatever paint your truck might be having. Every bottle of this wax has a synthetic X-seal sealant technology and refined Brazilian carnauba wax.

It is a crème which is easy to use and it will instantly enhance a brilliant shine while protecting your truck form fading and corrosion. It is compatible with all types of paints including dark, light, and metallic paintwork. It is a versatile wax which can be applied using the hand or machine if you want to maximize the effect using minimum effort.

Any exterior of your truck will be protected with the extreme depth which is clear, shiny, or painted. You can spread a coat of the wax over paint, clear plastic, glass, and polished metal parts repel water spots, pollution, and bird droppings.

The synthetic X-sealant might enhance the product’s durability for extended shine and protection. The extreme depth is also good at repulsing UV solar rays which cause pollution and fading, that in the process could cause oxidation and staining.


  • It enhances a wet and warm, lustrous glow.
  • The UV protection prevents corrosion and fading.
  • The slick surface repels discoloring and pollution.
  • The wax is kept on the truck even after normal car washes due to the detergent resistant polymers.
  • It can be applied to polished metal, glass, and clear optical plastics.


  • Not durable
  • The 1-gallon container is watery as compared to the 16oz

4. Lucas Speed Wax Oil 10160 Slick Mist

It is a gloss intensifier polymer paints wax, which you can use on various surfaces including but not limited to chrome, glass, and vinyl decals. You can use it as your traditional wax of choice. It is a detail spray or sprays it on your truck between drying and rinsing for the easiest job in regard to polishing.

All you need to do is to spray the wax on a dry or wet surface and then wipe it off. It is one of the truck wax I think performs the competition and it is likely going to leave your finish shinier and slicker than most of the other product and as well as give your truck a good protection.

My mother is a busy businesswoman likes using this wax on her car whenever she wants it to look great for any occasion. Between washes, she just sprays it on and there you go, her car is left sparkling clean and shiny.


  • It is a premium paint, gloss intensifier.
  • It is easy and quick to apply.
  • It gives out excellent results on vinyl decals, glass, and chrome.
  • It is great for trucks, cars, airplanes, and boats.
  • You can use on either dry or wet surfaces


  • It is overpriced
  • It is not durable as it comes off in the car wash.

5. Griot’s Garage Wax Gallon - 11097

It is a spray on wax is a great option when you don’t have the time yet you want your truck to look shiny. I tried it on my truck a week ago when I wanted a shine and yet I didn’t have time, so a friend referred me to this particular product and it didn’t disappoint at all.

I applied it after I had washed and rinsed your car. I sprayed and wiped off using the towel drying of my truck. Even though I might not have gotten all the dirt off due to being in a hurry, the wax seems to have enough lubricants to clean all the areas of my car with my truck towel and left behind a deep gloss.


  • You can use it between the washing and drying of your truck.
  • It contains carnauba wax base.
  • It will enhance the wax that already exists on your truck.
  • It is easy and quick to apply.
  • It gives a depth and gloss to paint of the truck.


  • At times it looks dirty on brightly colored vehicles
  • It doesn’t remove scratches or bird poop.

6. Meguiar’s Wax - G17748

I like this Meguiar brand as I consider it to be qualified for my truck. Apart from adding the shine and glow, it will give your truck an extra protective layer to the surface. Its clear coat synthetic polymer and carnauba are integrated in order to give it deep cleaning, protection and due to the fact that it is PH neutral, it cleans effectively without having to strip off your wax job.

Each bottle contains 48oz of the wax, delivering incredible foaming action which effectively lifts off all the dirt and grime. It is a wax that can be used on different types of vehicles.


  • It will give your vehicle a glossy and deep shine.
  • Each bottle contains 48oz of the wax.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of washes.
  • The deep cleaning properties are due to the foaming action in it.
  • Synthetic polymer and carnauba technology are responsible for protecting and cleaning the paint job.


  • It leaves, white spots and wax build up on dark surfaces and glass
  • Not good value for money.

7. Turtle Wax Black Box Kit T-3KT

Although it is cheap, it doesn’t follow that it is low quality. It contains wax, and it will provide a shine to your truck. It has additional dyes and pigments which work together to cover surface swirls and restore neglected black paints to a more lustrous shine.

It is a pre-cleaner and conditioner, all in one. All the surface contaminants are likely to be removed from your car. It is a spray detailer which cleans away the debris and pre-cleaners. You will be able to use it to prepare the surface for waxing. It is a high quality, black infused, carnauba-based wax which, if applied, brings out the true black in your vehicle.

So if you have a black truck, you can go ahead and try this wax out and you might just end up making it your wax of choice. The kit includes a pair of pads for buffing the side of your vehicle.


  • It is a carnauba based black infused wax.
  • It comes with pads which makes application consistent and easier.
  • Removes surface contaminants.
  • You only go through 4 steps to clean, prepare, and apply the shine.
  • You can machine or hand apply.


  • It is hard to remove.
  • It is not quality

8. Klasse Free Microfiber Applicator All in one 33.8oz

It might be one of the easy to use polish, paint cleaner, and synthetic car wax. Johnnie my friend likes it and I had to ask him why it is the truck wax of his choice. According to him, it lasts for some months after application. It contains an acrylic car wax formula which seems to work.

It quickly polishes away oxidation and light paint contamination and in the process, the truck is left with a deep, rich shine which will be there for some time. It bonds well to the surface just like any carnauba wax without affecting the paint. It contains special cleaners and a polish that is fine and easily removes the old wax, light oxidation, road film, and minor swirl marks.

It is a product that cleans, polishes, and protects the paint of your vehicle with little effort. You might only need to do two applications in a year to make your car to remain shiny for the entire year. It is a wax which doesn’t contain silicones and thus, it will not stain your car’s rubber or vinyl.


  • It doesn’t contain silicone and thus will not stain your car’s vinyl or rubber.
  • Easy to apply
  • It removes stubborn contamination from your vehicle with ease.
  • It gives your car protection for several months.
  • It creates a high gloss luster that is of high quality


  • It is expensive
  • Hard to remove

Tips for Waxing

1. Test the Wax

Before picking any product to use for waxing your truck, I suggest that you use it first on an inconspicuous area such as a doorjamb just to see the outcome. And it doesn’t matter how much time you put in your wax application, or how hard you work, or the claims of many manufacturers, there is no wax which will last forever. Most of the quality wax will last for just some few months before there will be a need for a re-application.

2. Don’t Use Old Rags

What you decide to use when waxing your truck can make the job tough or easier. When you use the terry cloth rags, it can become harder for you to remove residue as compared to using micro-fiber rags, which you can easily get in many auto parts stores, supermarkets, or big box chains. They are normally sold in packages of five or ten rags for an affordable price which you can afford.

3. Washing And Waxing Your Truck

  • Before you wax your truck, you will need to give it a thorough wash using a cleaning solution which is specifically for your truck finish.
  • Never wax or wash your truck when you are in direct sunlight or if the paint is hot to the touch. The paint can become susceptible to scratching if the paint is softened by the sun.
  • I would advise you use applicator pads and lamb wool mitt for washing, or microfiber towels when you are waxing. Avoid using rags as they can trap dirt and scratch the finish.
  • Brushes and synthetic fabrics can cause scratches on the finish. Wash and wax in small sections as this is time-saving and if the wax or soap stays on for long, it will be hard to remove.
  • With waxing and washing, you will have to start at the top and then work your way down. Remember it is grimier on the lower surface than the upper part of your truck and thus, can contaminate your cloth or mitt, causing scratches all over the truck.

You can watch video more details: How to Wax Your Car. Helpful Tips From Turtle Wax

How to Choose the Wax for Your Truck

All waxes require time, patience, and elbow grease. Depending on how much time you want to use in applying the wax, the size of your truck, how thorough you want to be with the waxing job, and the product you choose, you will need to expect to use at least one hour to come up with a quality job. The wax will provide a protective and glossy coating, and may or may not remove oxidation and ensure that the contaminants are embedded.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Truck Wax

Before you settle for what you consider to be the best wax, there are several things to consider which include the following:

1. The Age of Your Truck

If your truck is one or two years old or the finish is still in good shape, you can just do an easy spray wax. As you do that, you need to keep in mind that, spray wax wears out very fast and they are best suitable for a special occasion or weekly application.

While it is going to freshen the vehicle appearance, it is not going to improve the shine on a newer car. If you don’t have plans to replace your car very soon, then you will have to wax it to help in preserving it for some time.

If your truck is older or its paint has embedded grime or has begun to oxidize, you will need to have to consider a high-quality product for cleaning to help you maintain and bring back the finish on your car. You can consider using a high-quality cleaning product.

2. Abrasion

You will need to watch out because there are waxes on the market which are very abrasive. If you apply it on your truck, the harsh chemicals or tiny particles in the wax might leave a haze or fine scratches in your truck finish.

Scratches on dark colored trucks are more magnified than light colored ones. If your truck is dark colored or black, you will need to be wary of products which are low on hazing and scratch tests.

If you apply such a wax, it can make surfaces which are clear coated to look cloudy or hazy when the finish is marred by fine scratches, and at the end of the day, your paint job will look duller than before waxing. Check out on the waxing packaging because most of them indicate if the product is safe for clear coated surface or not.

3. How Much Plastic Is On Your Car

When it comes to applying wax on nonglossy or parts that contain porous plastic such as plastic body panels, bumpers, and door trim, some waxes leave a residue that is visible. In most cases, such parts are normally gray or black and most new trucks have them. If your car is part of the aforementioned type, you will need to choose a wax that scores highly incompatibility with plastic tests. This is because, once the wax finds its way on those parts, you will have to use a commercially available plastic cleaner in order to get it out.

4. Type Of Waxes

Before you decide which wax to buy, you will have to match your truck wax to your vehicle care needs. There are three different forms of waxes; spray, liquid, and paste. According to me, I think the paste waxes are easier to use as compared to liquid waxes. Liquid waxes seem to clean the best and the spray waxes seem to be the easiest of them all when it comes to application and leaves the fewest stains as far as plastic parts are concerned, but they don’t last for long compared to the other two.

  • Paste Wax: I consider it to be the easiest when applying on your truck. But on the overall performance, you cannot compare it to the liquids. It is also hard to remove from the container as you near the bottom. Within 30 seconds, paste waxes dry to a haze.
  • Liquid Wax: I consider it to be the best cleaning, durability and gloss wax. But it becomes hard to apply it evenly and most of the time, buffs out. Most of it dry to haze in less than a minute, but it depends on sunlight, wind, and the application thickness.
  • Spray Wax: If you have a new car, then this is the best wax to apply as it might give an excellent finish. Also, when it comes to plastic compatibility, spot waxing and ease of use, I consider it to score highly. You will apply it easily and you can wipe it off easily without drying. But when it comes to durability, they are the worst and also they are not good for cleaning.

5. Formula

You will need to know the formula of the wax you are planning to buy as it is a very important factor. But the sad thing is that most manufacturers do not release even the vaguest of details in relations to the formula of their wax and thus, you will be left to trial and error. When this happens, it leads to millions of dollars of the wrong truck wax being bought. But there are some compounds that manufacturers use, though they don’t provide the various benefits while coming with their own drawbacks.

5.1. Clay
Regardless of who the manufacturer of the wax is, most clay truck waxes are made of calcium carbonate, which is present also in seashells and talc. It is the base of the clay and provides a mild abrasive in the wax.

Before you decide to use a wax with clay, you should remember that, if improperly applied, the clay car wax is likely going to create more micro-damage than the ones it fixes. But if you are sure of what you are doing, or you decide to use a professional, it is going to provide the best results possible.

5.2. Carnauba Wax
It is considered to be one of the best ingredients which have to be included in any truck wax formula, but it is important to note that, not all truck wax formulas include carnauba oil in them especially the ones that have clay.

Carnauba might be the best ingredient for truck wax due to various reasons. The oil gives the waxes a fair amount of consistency and that is what allows the waxes to go smooth and also be able to fill in the various micro-damages that have been accumulated for the paint job over time. The Carnauba oil is also responsible for the wax finish and shine.


When you decide to wax, remember that it is not going to improve the shine on a new car, but it will definitely offer protection against bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental factors. If you decide on paste waxes, I think they might offer the best protection as compared to the liquid ones, but you will need to be prepared for a tough time during application as they are difficult to use. Out of the 8 products that I have reviewed, I consider Meguiar’s Liquid Wax – G18216 to be the top on my list.

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