How To Clean Tonneau Cover In The Most Efficient Way

Tonneau covers are made of vinyl, leather or other materials which are soft and flexible, used for the interior protection of a convertible when the soft top is down. You will find tonneau covers also being used in pickup trucks to protect the luggage or other items which are normally stored in the truck’s bed from all the foreign bodies including particles.

In order to prolong the function and usage of the tonneau covers, you will need to regularly check for looseness, wear out, and other debris caught on the cover. The mounting hardware has to be checked regularly to make sure that all the clamps or bolts are in order and tight. Lubrication of the lit is necessary and you can do it with silicone or Teflon sprays using a tin can which has an insertable plastic tube. It is important to check the manufacturer of the Tonneau cover for guides regarding cleaning and maintenance since there are several types and designs of Tonneau covers.

What To Consider When Cleaning

You will need to ensure that, your cover and vehicle is placed under a shaded place like a tree or in a garage that is open. Hot water is not good when cleaning the cover. You might be a bit confused when it comes to picking the specifics. It could be your first time for owning a pickup, or it could simply be that you never learned how to do it properly and that is why you are reading this particular article. Whatever your case is, it is good to have a refresher on the same and get out the finer points of cleaning a Tonneau cover. My guide is going to help to learn.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Tonneau Cover?

There are several reasons why you need to clean the cover which include, but is not limited to:

  • It is new and you need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any dirt
  • It  is the first time you are buying a truck bed cover
  • You could be having the same cover as before, but you just changed tracks
  • You are going with your truck for the first time and you want to ensure that you have all that is required in one place.

Requirements For The Cleaning Process

  • A piece of clean cloth
  • Spray can
  • Car washing solution
  • Cleaner
  • Owner’s manual
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Scrub brush

Step By Step Of Cleaning A Tonneau Cover

Every brand that manufactures Tonneau covers also has a cleaner for the same. You will need to make sure that you pick up the cleaner from the company which made it. Most of the cleaners use applicators spray can to spray the cover and then you wipe it down with soft clothes. Here is the step by step procedure.

Step 1: Keep The Owner’s Manual Handy

It is necessary to have the owner’s manual handy because, there are things which you are not aware of and thus, it is important that you keep it with you. If in the manual it specifies that you will require help, then you will need to do so.

Doing the cleaning can be a straightforward thing, but it is important to make sure that there are no model specific instructions which apply to your pickup in particular. In order to deal with the problem by reading the manual instruction to see if there is a section on cleaning your truck. If it is specified, then you will need to follow it to the latter. If the manual specifies that you will need help from someone, ensure that you have it in handy.

Step 2: Find A Shady Place And Remove The Cover

This can be done in your garage or parking your pick up under a tree.  Remove the cover so that you will be in a position to clean it. A shady place is recommended as the ideal place to do the cleaning.

Step 3: Spray The Cover All Over With Water

After you have removed the cover and placed it in a shade, you will need to spray it with water. If you don’t have a spray can, you can use a bucket. You will need to sprinkle or spray the water rather than dumping it in the bucket.

Step 4: Prepare A Clean Solution To Clean The Cover

To clean the cover, you will need a scrub brush to clean the cover using the solution. It will be easy for you to come up with the solution. Take a half cup of car wash solution in the bucket, then add warm water. If your cover is made of vinyl or other soft materials, you will need to use a specialized Tonneau cover cleaner and especially one that contains protection with UV rays and conditioners. The scrub brush will be used to spread the solution over the cover. You will need to clean it from the center going towards the edges. Don’t use a lot of force and move the brush gently from one side to the other as you work. If the dirt is not coming out, you will have to soak the brush for 5 minutes before you continue.

Step 5: Rinse The Cover And Let It Dry

You will need to use clean water and get somewhere to hang the cover. Make sure that you rinse off the soaped up water on it. Clean water should be used. Leave it to dry and once t is properly dried, you will have to place it back inside your truck.

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From the above steps, it shows that you do it yourself job will be perfect in just minutes. The step by step on how to clean Tonneau cover will be able to assist you so that, while doing it, you don’t get stuck.

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