What Are The Best Dash Cam For Truckers In 2019

In this time and age, it is believed that any recording system is good especially in the lives of drivers. Bearing this in mind, most manufacturers of best dash cam for truckers have decided to assist drivers when it comes to claims or fraudulent accuses that they might encounter along the way. An example is when there is an accident and it is only you who is the witness to what happened, if you have a good cam, you will be able to prove your truthful claim or innocence through it. So what is a quality dash cam and what are you supposed to consider before purchasing one for your truck?

Comparison Of Truck Dash Cam



1. KDLINKS x 1 With Gravity Sensor Dash Cam Superior Night Model

2. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4 inches

3. HD Pro Dash Cam from WheelWitness 2K Superior HD GPS

4. Old Shark Dash Cam 3 inch 1080P HD Car Recorder

5. Z-Edge Z3.3 inch Screen 2K Ultra HD Car Dash Camera

6. Garmin Dash Cam driving Recorder 20 Standalone

Product Reviews

1. KDLINKS x 1 With Gravity Sensor Dash Cam Superior Night Model

It is one of the best-rated dash cams on Amazon and most customers seem to like it. It goes for around $170 and is loaded with a 2.7-inch display, a free 8GB SD Card, GPS which is mounted on a separate module and plugs into the camera, and a 1080/160 degree video. The wide field will enable you to capture things that happen while on your journey on both sides of the road.

Its quality is excellent although it is slightly overexposed at the default settings. The wide field of view also makes it suffer from fisheye, but if you find it to be a problem, you have an option of employing a de-fishing filter to your video software.

The model is small, light and thin with an easy to adjust locking suction mount. It comes with two mounts; one without a GPS module and the one with a GPS module. Its on-screen interface is heavy and navigating it is not easy, having buttons on both sides. But the good thing is that, once you set it, you won’t need to keep on setting every now and then.

When it comes to setting the date and time, you have to do it manually especially if you are not using the GPS mount which will then have to consume a lot of power.
You will be able to use the micro USB for both saving the power and offloading the videos to your personal computer. You can use the dash cam as a webcam on your PC. apart from the minor issues with this particular dash cam, it is nicely priced, a capable unit, and will be able to capture events on both sides of the road.

  • Wide view
  • Well priced
  • Comes with a GPS
  • The resolution of the videos is high quality
  • High quality
  • Manual setting of time
  • Tough when initially installing it

2. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4 inches

It is a discreetly designed wedge-shaped full HD truck dash cam which uses the H.264 compression technology to make sure that your videos are recorded in a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel. It has quality 170-degree angle lens, multi-language support, 2.4 inches wide LCD screen, wide dynamic range technology, and other features which will offer you complete comfort while you are driving your truck.

You have the option of fixing the dash cam using the 3M adhesive tape which comes with it. It comes minus an SD memory card and thus you will need to buy it separately. It supports both TF and SD card of up to 32 GB. The videos are recorded in a loop of 3 minutes with one video taking up to 300 MB of space on your SD meaning, a 32GB can record for about 5 hours of your journey. Once there is no more space, the dash cam will start recording afresh. So the best, if you want to keep a record of your journey, is to keep on emptying the recordings to your PC after every 5 hours.

This particular dash cam has an inbuilt G-sensor which will automatically detect an accident and ensure that the clip is locked to the memory card by itself. To lock any file manually, you will need to click on the OK button which will then send the file into the protected folder.

Its operating temperature is between 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which are specs that are provided by the manufacturer. But to be on the safe side, I would recommend that you remove the cam when you are parking your truck to avoid any issues. The internal battery lasts for about 5 minutes due to the fact that, it is there for saving files in case of an emergency so always make sure that the cam is connected to the external power source.

The dash cam supports an option of audio recording and if you are not interested, you can turn it off. It is capable of recording loud and clear audio without distortion. Its video quality is not bad and my grandfather can attest to that as he has been using it for a while now. You can take still photos by clicking on a button. Its recordings are automatically marked with time and date with an easy to navigate the menu. It comes with a USB cable and supports its use.

  • Full HD of the road ahead
  • Wide dynamic range automatically adjusts camera settings to create clear images in whatever atmosphere
  • Has a great angle setting of 170 degrees, which allows room for more video to be captured
  • It has a G-sensor which detects the collision and ensures the video is locked on file
  • New video overwrites the old video automatically capturing the new sceneries without the need to delete.
  • It is user-friendly with regular firmware updates and add-ons which fix bugs and personalizes your camera.
  • Doesn’t come with an SD memory card for record saving.

3. HD Pro Dash Cam from WheelWitness 2K Superior HD GPS 

The Wheelwitness could be one of the best companies in the market, that is according to my wife. She bought this dash cam for her car and she has been all praises for it. According to her, this particular camera is able to compete with the Kdlinks X1, the one that I have installed in my truck. It offers a Super HD recording resolution of 1296 pixel that is, 2304 x 1296 which could be one of the highest in the dash cam industry.

The footage I have seen from this dash cam from her car seems to be very clear and it also allows her to pick details and give out extra clarity on the road. This makes identifying number plates a much easier task. On Amazon, it is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars which could add to the claims she is making, it could be one of the best in the market. It offers a 170-degree wide angle, 3.0 inch built-in LCD, DVR security and easy plug and plays installation.

Its processor is powerful and driven by innovation, and equipped with cycling recording and motion detection.

  • Loop recording thus continuous recording while it automatically saves on the memory card
  • G-sensor which automatically locks video in case of a collision
  • It has a large 3.0 inch LCD screen
  • Wide dynamic range option in an HDR technology
  • Well built
  • The charger fuse burns it the camera records seamlessly for a very long time.
  • When both the G-sensor and motion detector are active at the same time, some footage tends to erase themselves.

4. Old Shark Dash Cam 3 inch 1080P HD Car Recorder

It could be one of the best dash cams according to my cousin Harry who just installed it two weeks ago and he is all praises about it. According to him, it is fitted with a 6 layer lens which enables him to capture ultra HD videos with a resolution of 1080P. Even on a bright, sunny day, it is able to eliminate the glare from the images and at night, the image is not compromised by the dark either. The wide dynamic technology is able to balance the dark and bright spots in order to deliver quality footage in all types of lighting. He is able to preview the images on the dash cam due to the availability of the 3-inch display panel.

It has a wide viewing of 170 degrees, which makes it possible to capture the whole road ahead and everything on both sides of the road. You will not be able to miss any road sign or number plate with the T105.

The G-sensor is available in case of an accident, it is automatically activated and saves and locks all the footage which takes place before and after the accident. You have an option of choosing the G-sensor sensitivity at high, mid or low depending on how you want it.

A combination of a motion detector and a vibration detector makes its parking guard be very strong, ensuring that the car is safe even when parked. The vibration detector is meant to sense shock and voice while the motion detector senses any movement that happens in your car. In case of any incident, both of them switches the dash cam to record it.
It is easy to manage the files on the cam due to the loo recording with the SD overwriting the old files once it is full, starting with the oldest thus, the current recording is not interfered with. You can set the loop at 3, 5, or 10 minutes. 

  • Very affordable
  • Delivered in a complete package
  • Small and discreet
  • Record high-quality footage of 1080P
  • It is simple to use due to the interactive interface
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t have a good user manual
  • Power cable long and hard to conceal

5. Z-Edge Z3.3 inch Screen 2K Ultra HD Car Dash Camera 

Though it has its own drawbacks, I tend to like this dash cam which I have installed on my car. It comes equipped with a 32 GB microSD, a suction cup mount, a USB cable and a manual for easy operation. At first glance, you might mistake it for a premium pocket camera as it is very compact. Its large 3-inch screen, its shape, controls and the fact that it can shoot 2k videos could be what makes it one of the best to consider buying. It also has a 145-degree field of view and slow-motion setting.

It weighs 2.2 ounces and uses a small tripod thread to attach to the mount and you can also use it when carrying the camera. It then attaches to the dashboard using a simple suction technique. It comes with two cables for power and for wiring tidy, it has four adhesive clips. Once you have positioned it in place, it will start recording automatically whenever you start your car. It has inbuilt G-sensor, loop recording, and parking mode. It has the ability to capture number plates. Even at night or when there is too much light, due to the presence of OV4689 color CMOS and Ambarella A7 processor, images will be able to be captured in a variety of light conditions.

  • Has all that you need in a dash cam
  • High-quality ultra 2k footage
  • Has a wide angle of view of about 145 degrees
  • Excellent for both day and night recording
  • Preview of footage possible on the three-inch LCD screen
  • Has minor microphone related issues
  • It is large compared to other dash cam and thus occupies a lot of space

6. Garmin Dash Cam driving Recorder 20 Standalone

For sure, this dash cam could be among the best and I agree because last weekend, I drove in my uncle’s car which has Garmin dash cam installed and I found it to be great. It unobtrusively records crisp HD videos on the road ahead. The GPS speed data and location are embedded in the recording. A G-sensor and video buffer automatically captures the moments leading up to an accident and those after the accident.

It is easy to use, high definition with 2.3 inch LCD display. It records both video and audio, with GPS for detailed location and time pinpointing when and where the events happened. Mount your drive in 720 pixels, 1080 pixels or WVGA. It is capable of recording in a loop that is continuous which includes a 4 GB micro SD card. You can add a larger MicroSD as it accepts up to 32 GB which is sold separately.

The Garmin dash cam doesn’t include any software to take advantage of the captured GPS data with the AVI video requiring other software in order for you to view on your PC. When you remove it from the box, it makes some loud beeps and quite often.

  • G-force information for video files
  • Automatically records your journeys
  • GPS tagging of videos files
  • 1080 pixels recording at 9mbits per seconds
  • G-sensor for incident detection
  • No MacOS version of PC tools, software
  • Adapter required for simultaneous powering of sat-nav

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What Is A Dash Cam?

Sometimes referred as a DVR or a black box, the dash camera, in short dash cam, is what records the views or scenes in the widescreen of your car, in this case, your truck. You can install it on your dash board’s interior or on top of your widescreen attaching it using a suction cup or adhesive tape. Though it is mostly found on the dashboard of the auto and that is why the name, you can as well install it on your windshield.

When it comes to evidence at the time of an accident, a dash cam can be very important for you. Even when you are parking your truck, it will be able to give you a correct recording of everything. The cam is not an entertainment gadget in your car like the music system, it is there for a special purpose of recording all the going on around you. It is going to give you much comfort and convenience as well as safer driving.

What Are The Features Of The Dash Cam To Be Considered During Purchase and Installation?

1. Dash Auto Start And Stop

It is a very important feature in your dash cam because it is the one that separates the cam from the smartphone or professional video shoot cam. Dash cams come with a cable which you will use to connect to a 12v cigarette lighter power source which is on your truck. When you turn on the ignition, the socket will be able to get its power and the dash cam will be triggered and connected to the power socket. Once you turn off the ignition, it will be switched off.

2. Dash Cam Loop Recording

This feature will ensure that your truck cam records all the details once you hit the road, though when it reaches its full capacity, it stops. You can get the images moved from the memory card in order to create space by saving it on your personal computer for future reference.

3. Date And Time Stamp

When it comes to using the video as an evidence for an accident that occurred, then the date and time stamp are an important feature on your dash cam. Before you start on a journey, it is important to ensure that the date and time are set correctly according to the local time and ensure that, it will be able to add to the video footage. Once it is activated, you will be able to see the date and time on the trucker dash display and video footage.

4. Operating Temperature

For the dash cam sensor and the other electronic circuitry to operate well, it all depends on the operating temperature. When you park your truck in the open space, it will cause the internal temperature to rise up and this will automatically affect its recording quality. There are some dash cams which are affected when exposed to sunlight and heat for a long time, causing them to have blurred images.

5. Memory Card For Dash Cam Truck

The current dash cams available in the market support the 32 GB micro SDHC. You will be able to see its specifications in the TF Card and you should note that both the Trans Flash and the SD card are the same. The choice of whatever you want to buy will depend on your budget and how long you are going to travel.

6. Dash Cam Resolution

Most of the best dash cams come with an ability to record 1080p and 30 frames every second video. For capturing street lights, number plates and other symbols will be possible with this type of resolution.

7. Camera Recording Angle

By default, most dash cam angles are set at 120 degrees. If your dash cam can accommodate a larger angle, then it is best to set it at a higher degree because this will make it possible for you to capture more areas in both sides of the road as you drive. Some advanced dash cams will improve the angle, providing up to 140 degrees of recording.

8. Impact Sensor or Motion Detection

Most cameras on the market have an accelerometer or a G-sensor inside and it could be detected whenever there is any sudden impact or acceleration of the truck. If you go for the advanced one, video recording happens once the truck encounters a sudden impact which will be stored in a certain area, protected from being overwritten. The motion detection is very important once the truck is parked, the truck camera will detect whatever impact and thus, turn on any delay for the cam to start. And due to the fact that the battery is low, there might be no recordings for quite a while.

Why Do You Require a Dash Cam?

You might be asking yourself this question about why you should install a dash cam in your truck. Remember as a driver of a truck, you are at risk of hit and run and other various accidents once you hit the road. Getting a minor or a severe injury is not proof enough to show your innocence in case you are involved in an accident and you are being blamed of some violence which for sure you know you did not commit.
When the above happens, you and the other party involved in the accident are the only witnesses to the same. It is at such times that the dash cam becomes a very important gadget in your truck. And since you don’t know when you will need it, it is best to just have it all the time you go on the road. A video recording could not lie on what actually happened around your truck.
The main reasons why you need a dash cam include:

  • When it comes to claims with your insurance company, it will act as an important and strong evidence.​
  • The footage in your dash cam will save you a lot of explanations
  • Remember the dash cam records every detail of your journey and when someone comes accusing you wrongly, the recording will present which will be able to document your innocence. It will ensure that you are proven not guilty of an accusation that is wrong.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Dash Cam

Just like any other gadget, a dash cam has both its advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you are aware of them before you decide to buy it.(source)

1. Advantages

For security purposes, a dash cam is an important gadget for your truck. When you are being falsely accused, it will be able to exonerate of any wrongdoing while on the road. It is also fun to use a dash cam. When you are on a trip, a dash cam will be able to record some of the wonderful sceneries which you might not be aware of and only learn about them after you are done with the trip and relaxing at home, viewing the footage.
In point form, the following are the advantages of installing a dash cam in your truck:

  • It is beneficial to avoid vehicle misuse and abuse
  • It monitors driving
  • It protects your truck when it is in the parking
  • In case of an accident, it can help to provide evidence or report bad drivers
  • For insurers, it can protect against insurance fraud.

2. Disadvantages

If you are an abusive driver, then this would be your worst enemy because the dash cam will monitor your driving and your abuse and misuse of the truck. In case of an accident, the dash cam will automatically show that you were the one on the wrong and thus, guilty as charged and no two ways about it.

What are the Things To Consider When Buying A Dash Cam for Your Truck?

There are some considerations which are very important to make sure that, your dash cam serves you right. I have listed below what I consider to be some of the vital factors you can think about and decide if they are also vital for you.

1. The Heat Resistance Capacity

Since the dash cam will be working for a long time in your truck, bearing in mind that trucks are mostly used to ferry long-distance cargo, then it is going to be subjected to extreme temperatures including very hot and very cold ones. To avoid it from being damaged, ensure that you purchase one that can resist high heat and low temperatures. But if you have a truck that has a heater core, then know how to replace your evaporator core.

2. Night Vision Feature

While driving, an accident can happen at night and that is why it is important to have a dash cam that has a night vision that is very clear. It will be able to give you the details of the events that happened following the accident very clearly.

3. The Size Of The Camera

When it comes to the dash cam, according to my research, the smaller the cam, the better it becomes. It will be impossible for it to be stolen because the thieves won’t be able to locate it easily.

4. The GPS Capabilities

GPs enabled dash cam trucks are more advantageous than those without. This will be able to provide you with the evidence in case of a claim. If your dash cam has the GPS, be sure to learn about the best double din navigation for your head unit to install in your truck.

5. Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is very crucial when it comes to getting the best details from your dash cam. Get one that has a high resolution as it will be able to record details clearly and use the same when a need arises.


The article has tried to explain to you why it is important to install the best dash cam for truckers and it has been able to give you ways on how to choose the most appropriate model for yourself. In today’s market, you will come across several dash cams and you can use my verdict as a guideline. What I have reviewed here, are some of what I consider the best, but you can do your own research and find out what you think will work for you.

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