Easy Steps On How To Do A Burnout In An Automatic Truck

Things To Consider Before Performing  Burnout On Your Truck

It is important to know the effects of burnout before you even venture into doing. There is a lot more to burnouts than just having the raw power in your hands. There is a skill as well as a science behind it. You will need to know how to control the skids, understand your car and everything needs to be just right or you might end up destroying your automatic truck for no apparent reason.  It is also to note that, burnouts are illegal on most public roadways with some local government imposing hefty penalties.

1. Make Sure You Are On A Private Property Or On A Track

Before you decide that you want to do a burnout, ensure that you are on a track or a private property. But if you desire to show off your prowess on a public roadway, you should be aware of the consequences and be ready to bear with them. Be responsible for your actions and the safety of those around you should be top of mind. Buckle up, be aware of your surroundings, and stay safe.

2. Know The Little Things Which Can Affect Your Automatic Truck

Before you jump into your vehicle to show off, know how different things can affect your control over your truck. Things like tire pressure, weight distribution, the condition of your tires, and your ability to control the throttle. All the aforementioned play an important role when controlling your truck. At times, something as little as air pressure between two drive tires could make one tire to grip more than the other one, causing the truck to one way to another during the burnout. So if you are moving forward, then you could easily lose control.

3. Weight Distribution

Consider the weight distribution of your automatic truck. If it is a rear wheel drive, then it means the rear is lighter, making it easier to break the tires loose. Consider how the weight will shift during your burnout. If you want to burn out as you turn, any shift in the rear weight can cause the rear end to kick out, thus, losing control. Note that, even a gallon of water moving from one side of the trunk to the next, might not seem much, but it is enough weight shift to kick out the rear end. The gravity of the vehicle is going to change as the car leans on one side during the burnout thereby causing a slide out of the rear end.

4. The Differential

The limited slip rear end is the best rear end for burning out of drifting. If you have this type of rear end, torque is evenly distributed to both wheels when the outside tire of your curve begins to spin. If you are going to burn out in one spot, then this is not important. But if you want to get funky as you are leaving the auto show, then it is very important. Control issues will be experienced if you have a truck whose rear end is open. An open rear end sents the torque to the tire that has the least resistance. When it happens, one tire will do nothing while the other one will be the one spinning, which is not good if you want to have control of your truck.

5. Throttle Control

When it comes to controlling burnout, the throttle control is very important. If there is too much throttle, the tires are going to break loose and the engine will bounce off the rev limiter, causing the wheels to momentarily being cut off from the torque which will cause you to suddenly gain traction and shoot off in either direction. When it comes to getting sideways or drifting around a bend, if you are a good driver, you know how to feather the throttle to keep the engine in one spot without its speed dropping so low for too much traction to be achieved or revving too high and hitting the rev limiter.

6. Steering Functions

If where you stay it is always snowing, in order to keep control of the vehicle, you will need to be able to steer into a slide all the time and the same applies when you are burning out on the move. When you steer in the same direction where the rear end is going, it prevents the rear end from wrapping and making you lose control. The throttle control will be in play here due to the fact that, in case you gain traction while the wheels in the front are turned, your car is going to shoot off in the same direction. If you steer in the opposite direction, it will help to swing the rear end around and if you are lucky, you will do some few donuts and not end up failing with your burnout. 

How To Do A Burnout

When doing a burnout on your automatic truck, its wheels  have to do a high frequency spin, and this will cause a lot of smoke. You will let the clutch to spring into motion after popping it, that way, , your truck will remain static. The origin of burnout started with drag racing where the car tireshave to be heated in order to obtain the maximum traction needed on the racing surface. Apart from that, burnout is just a cool thing to do. If you have an old truck, it might not be possible to burn out because, it will only end up removing layers of your expensive rubber, while in the process, you will not be able to achieve anything meaningful apart from the fun involved.

1. Requirements 

  • ​A higher horsepower automatic
  • A four-cylinder, automatic
  • A four-cylinder stick shift
  • An eight-cylinder stick shift
  • 2. Step By Step

    2.1. You Must Have The Right Car

    In order to perform the burnout, your car must have a lot of horsepower. Manual transmissions are the best, but with your automatic truck, it is also possible to do the basic burnout. Ensure that the street tires are available in order to have the best effects as they have smoother surfaces which will give out more smoke.

    2.2. Put The Car In The First Gear

    You will have to make sure that the clutch is fully depressed before you start to rev the engine. All this while, no movement required, and the clutch should be all the way in. The RPMs should be up to enable the tires to be hot when you let them loose.

    2.3. The Handbrake Has To Be Locked

    After you have popped the clutch, you will notice that your tires will start spinning very fast, you will have the option of keeping parking brakes locked in order create smoke by spinning the tires  or popping it to speed off and performing a peel out, performing a burnout.

    2.4. The Clutch Has To Be Released

    Immediately you release the clutch fully, the tires will spin quickly, and this will result in a burnout smoke. If you want to stop the burnout, you will need to ease off the accelerator and free the brake.

    For your automatic truck, you will need to put the transmission into D, hold down the foot brake as firmly as you can, and the throttle pedal has to be pushed  in order to build up the revs of the car. When you are ready for the burnout, release the foot brake and your truck will be able to wheel spin.

    You can watch video to more details:


    If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t understand your truck, you would end up with a failed burnout. The good thing is that not all failed burnouts are tragic but if you are on public roadways where people and cars are moving, chances of it becoming tragic are very high. In reality, you should always perform a burnout on private property or on the track. But if it is a must to do it in a public place, do your homework right in order to avoid getting shocks of your life and causing yourself unnecessary expenses in damages and fines.

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