How To Make Your Truck Louder

The above question is what most truck owners ask and that is the main reason why I came up with this article on how to make your truck louder. Am sure you are on this page because you are a truck owner. The reason given by most owners, just like me who is a truck owner is that it makes everyone else know that you are coming and it sounds great doing it. This means that you will need to add extra horsepower. In this article, am going to talk about the several ways you will be able to achieve great sound and which parts will help in adding more horsepower.

Things To Know About Mufflers

Mufflers are primarily used to dampen or muffle exhaust sounds and thus if you get the right one, it will affect your vehicle’s sound by either changing the tone amplifying the volume,  or doing both. They are mostly designed with technology for dampening the sound such as insulation and baffles.

At times the term baffles are synonymous with muffler, even though they the baffles relate specifically to the tubes which are perforated and placed inside the muffler which makes it possible for the sound to be dampened.  The sound is able to exit through the perforations and is absorbed by the surrounding insulation. But there are mufflers which are designed with large, direct flow pipes and less insulation to enable for optimum performance to occur.

How To Work With Mufflers

It is possible to use the mufflers to amplify exhaust sound from tones which are low, to mild, to those which are deep, and aggressive and it will depend on how the muffler is designed. If you are looking for mild tones, then you will have to go for longer, chambered mufflers because the gases will have more length in which to travel through, with several obstacles to make contact with, before it eventually exits from the system.

If you are looking for exhaust tones which are moderate, then you will have to go for mufflers which are straight through and highly insulated, combined with laminar mufflers that have an insulated conical interior.

If you are like me and you love aggressive tones, then you will get them from mufflers with little or no insulation, combine them with straight through and glass pack mufflers. Even the presence of the internal baffle pipes, the design being straight will give it a direct in an outflow of the gases from the exhaust and in the process, tend to behave like a resonator, making it possible to amplify some of the frequencies while others are dampened. You will need to consider the amount of insulation present, which will be in a position to absorb sound frequencies.

What Are Exhaust Tips

The exhaust tips are the outward visual parts of the exhaust system and it could be very easy for you to fix it. They are capable of making your truck to become louder by making some few changes to it. When picking on which size to select, you will need to consider the length, inlet, and outlet.

The diameter of the end where you will affix to the muffler’s outlet tube is what is referred to as the inlet and thus, you will need to know the measurement before selecting the size. The end to end measurement is what is considered to be the length. If one tip of the exhaust is longer than the other, then you will have to consider the longest part.

 The diameter of the end that faces outward is what is known as the outlet. If you are working on sound, you will need to remember that, the larger the muffler tips, the louder, deeper, and mellower the tone will be. If the tip is small, the higher, rasper the pitch will be. If you want a full-bodied sound, then you will need to go for double walled tips.

What To Have To Make Your Truck Louder

  • Exhaust systems upgrade
  • Muffler upgrade
  • Exhaust tips upgrade

1. Exhaust System Upgrade For Louder Sound Improvement

In order to increase the sound of your truck, you will need to upgrade your exhaust system and get it a new muffler. If your exhaust system has larger pipes, then it will be able to breath better, and enable it to be more efficient, allowing exhaust gases to be pushed through the system faster than normal. When this happens, there will be an improvement in the working of the horsepower, with the overall increase depended on the engine size of your truck. You will need to find out which exhaust system works well with your truck goals. 

2. Muffler Upgrade For A Louder Sound Improvement 

If your exhaust system pipes are wider, then it denotes that they have a performance muffler which is designed to enhance and tune noises from raspy to deep rumbles. Straight through, glass pack and laminar mufflers are designed to enable the gases to travel straight through without having any impediments. So expect a noticeable increase in horsepower.

3. Exhaust Tip Upgrades For A Louder Sound Improvement

The exhaust tip upgrades will be able to give you a louder sound if you combine it with other upgrades like the exhaust system, or muffler upgrade. If you just work on them alone, they will provide a wider exit for the gases in the exhaust, which will somehow help in tuning the sound to whatever you prefer. If the tips are larger, they will be able to give a more throaty sound, while tips which are small tend to give out a more raspy sound. If you get exhausted tips with double walls that are full-bodied, then the effect will be great.


Whatever method you think will make your truck louder, use it. Or you can decide to combine all of them in your truck and just enjoy how the onlookers will be able to notice your truck as it passes by. Get the best that will combine well with the type of engine you have.

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