How Do You Install Truck Tool Box – Easy To Do It Yourself

When you have a truck toolbox, it allows you to keep your equipment safe and in order. It is important that you install in your bed liner as it will be able to serve you in a number of ways. Safety precaution will be provided for and it will be able to act as the first aid box and give you the opportunity to ensure that, your things are properly organized. If you know the type of benefits this toolbox will bring to you, then you should be thinking about how to install it in your truck.
It is possible to anchor a toolbox to the bed of your truck to add space that is secure where you can store your equipment. Lockable, safe toolboxes are available in various sizes and styles and could be made from different materials such as plastic, aluminum, and steel.

What You Will Need

  • Protective overalls
  • A screwdriver or a pair of pliers
  • Working gloves
  • Measuring tape
  • Nuts, bolts, screws

Step By Step Installation Of A Toolbox In A Truck

Step 1: Get Quality Materials

You will need to start by shopping around for a quality toolbox and padding or foam materials. The padding sheets or foam needs to be of the same dimension as the toolbox. You then use the measuring tape to take the measurements as this will help in preventing tear and wear.
I will advise that you buy some bolts or screws depending on what is required to ensure the toolbox is in place. It will be a necessity, especially if you are securing an old appliance. You will get them easily in garage stores or hardware.

Step 2: Taking The Right Measurements

With the measuring tape, get the right size of the toolbox. Inspect around your truck’s bed and get in the best position to place the appliance. You should remember the toolbox dimensions, the operation of the lock, and how the cover open. Get into positions which will accommodate the toolbox comfortably with all these factors in consideration.

Step 3: The Foam Material

Ensure you get the right measurements for the foam material. It is the one which the toolbox from getting damaged and also the paint job will be preserved. You will have to place it in a position on your truck’s bed rail before you decide to fix the toolbox.

Step 4: Anchor The Toolbox

You will need to consider the design of the toolbox before deciding where you are going to anchor it in on the truck bed and ensure that it is secure. If you are using plastic toolboxes, you will have to use a drill to poke holes before securing it on the truck bed using either bolts and nuts or screws. If using screws, you will need them to fasten them using a screwdriver. In the case of bolts and nuts, you will have to use a pair of pliers.

If your toolbox is made of metal, get the appliance that comes together with the hardware. The metal toolboxes normally come with special J-bolts which you will use to anchor the toolbox on the truck bed. You will need to fix them in pre-drilled holes in the toolbox and the truck bed to ensure that it is secured in place. Check the accuracy of the J-bolts in the pre-drilled holes ensuring that each slot has its own and it is in the right position. Fix the toolbox on the rail bed and ensure that the bottom is well padded with foam materials so that it is safe to store your tools.

You will then have to lift the cover of the toolbox in order to locate where in the appliance, the holes are located. From beneath the toolbox, you will then position the hook of the J-bolt under the rail bed. On the threaded part, fix the rubber plugs. The nuts should then placed in position and tighten them using pliers. Avoid using too much pressure.


As much as the toolbox is used to store the necessary tools you need while on the go, ensure that, once in a while, you remove them and clean them up. Remove all the mud, dirt and debris. When you are doing the anchoring of the toolbox on the rail bed, ensure that you don’t use much force to tighten it as this is likely going to damage the truck bed rail. From the above, I am sure that you have learned about how to mount a toolbox in your truck systematically and without pain. I also know that next time you buy a toolbox, there will be no need for you to involve a professional as you will be able to do it yourself.

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