5 Best Jack For Lifted Truck To Consider Buying 2018

Extra safety measures are taken  by using a hydraulic jack and jack stand to lift up a vehicle.

When you are driving a four-wheel or any lifted truck, getting stuck on the trail is part and parcel of the adventure. It is part of the point of wheeling where you conquer the unconquered obstacles. Nobody wants to sleep getting stuck or leave your truck on the trail overnight.

Any jack can do the job, but the lifted jack will do the job better. If you get the high lift jack, then it can get you out just in case you don’t have a winch. If you have a winch, you can pair it up with the jack to ensure that you get off the road recovery option smoothly.

I have tried to compile some of what I think could be some of the best jack for lifted truck You have an option of choosing among them or you can as well go onto amazon.com and try to check out the other variety.

Comparison Table



1. Hi-Lift Jack with Off Road Base

Hi-Lift Steel Jack with Handle Keeper, Off Road Base, Lift Mate, and Mounting System Bundle

2. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack: SUV / Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity

3. Torin Big Red Bottle Jack Hydraulic- 20 ton

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 12 Ton Capacity

4. Powerbuilt Low Profile Floor Jack 620479E

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack with Safety Bar - 2 Ton Load Capacity

5. Cynder Scissor Jack 00672

Cynder 00672 Leveling Scissor Jack 24

Product Reviews

1. Hi-Lift Jack with Off Road Base 

This particular hi-lift is very strong. It works great and can be used if you have no winch and you get stuck while off road. You can also use it for other things. If you have a truck with big tires, and you find yourself going off the beaten path, you are going to find this particular jack to be strong and good for the job.

Last month, I decided to buy it for my off-road adventure use. Just yesterday, I got stuck in a mud hole and it helped with much easier to come out of the hole without having to affect my suction. The jack is still intact and my truck is unharmed.


  • It is strong due to the heavy duty construction with a mix of cast components.
  • It is mechanically operated.
  • It has a powder coated finish and top winch connector clamp with a zinc plated hardware.
  • It easily slips off and on for quick removal with no hassle when you need to use it.
  • It is molded in black.


  • Doesn’t work well when the up and down lever is in position.
  • The black finish comes out easily.

2. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley  Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity

It might be one of the best high lift floor jack that is currently available on the market. It can safely lift trucks, SUVs, cars, safely home or on the road., it is designed in such a way that it has a safety overload to prevent it being used beyond its rated capacity.

It has a swivel caster of 360 degrees. It is wide enough to ensure that the jack is holding strong in place while you work on your truck. When you are using it, you will find it to be easy to use, loading up to 2 tons. Its construction is heavy duty and it has a heavy duty saddle which keeps rotating.

So whatever you want to lift, you can bank on it to do the job. I have it for family use and it doesn’t matter which car is going out off-road, anyone in the house can carry it and he will use it with ease.


  • It is designed for easy use.
  • It lifts loads up to 2 tons
  • It has a rear swivel caster which is wide and allows for easy movement
  • It is made from heavy-duty steel with a heavy duty saddle that is rotating.
  • It will definitely lift what you want it to wherever and whenever you want it to


  • Pivoting wheels fall after some time.
  • Some come when they are already faulty

3. Torin Big Red Bottle Jack Hydraulic- 20 ton

It could be one of the best commercial grade yet very affordable jack, providing value for money. Depending on lifting capacity, it has various models for different lifting needs, starting from 2 tons up to 50 tons. Each of the models has its value in its particular class.

This particular model has a wider base that is rugged, providing great stability. It is designed to operate pneumatically or manually. It meets the safety standards and is constructed from heavy duty steel with hardened alloy plated ram to give it maximum durability.

It has clean and tight welding and it is unlikely that it is going to fall apart while you are using it. For easy pumping, it comes with two piece handle, though the handle could be a bit larger to offer more leverage and make pumping even easier. It can lift up to 40000 lbs.

This particular unit comes with air valves that have integrated filters which seals the hydraulic unit, preventing contamination. Maximum lifting power is prevented by heavy duty air motor. It has a safety valve to prevent overloading.


  • It has a solid built which offer the jack a strong stability.
  • It can lift up to 40000 lbs
  • All the small details are taken care of in this unit
  • The lifting mechanism is smooth.
  • It is heavy duty


  • It is small in size
  • Return policy tedious…..one has to go through Amazon

4. Powerbuilt Low Profile Floor Jack 620479E

It might be one of the high-quality floor jack low profile. It is constructed using high-grade steel which is extremely durable and long lasting making this floor jack one of the ideal jack if you need a heavy duty low profile jack in your home garage.

Its lift range is very flexible with a minimum height of 2.75 inches and a maximum height going at 15.5 inches. Its minimum height is one of the best, but the maximum is not the best. So if your car is low profile, I think this particular jack could be the best for you. You can purchase it in different weight capacity and height ranges.

You won’t require a base stand for this particular jack as the safety bar locks the unit at whatever height you desire within its lifting range. It also has a wide steel base which helps in stabilizing the load on it while it is in an elevated position. It has a capacity of 6000 pounds.


  • Has a wide steel base.
  • It meets or exceeds the set standards by ANSI
  • It is a quality, low profile floor jack
  • It is flexible
  • Its construction is premium build


  • Not good for high lift trucks
  • You require some experience to use it

5. Cynder Scissor Jack 00672

It has a heavy duty metal frame combined with a high load capacity to make it be among my best jack for the lifted truck to consider purchasing. It fits well on pop-ups, trailers, and motor homes.

It features a heavy loading capacity of 2.5 tons, which makes it be used on various types of vehicles. It is easy to carry it in your truck due to the fact that, it is lightweight and of a compact nature.

It is a stabilizer jack which you can raise up to 24 inches in order to get the perfect leveling and balance. Resistance for sinking and tilting is provided by the 4.5 inches by 9 inches large foot pad.

It is a unique design that makes the underground operation of the truck easy and quick. Its unique quadrilateral shape has a middle metal rod placed to enhance stability. You can mount it on either the front or rear side.


  • A unique design.
  • Compact size for storage.
  • Good for low profile vehicles
  • Large foot pad ensures no tilting or sinking.
  • It can be used on a variety of vehicles


  • At times it collapses while in use.
  • The end nut not in line with the screw.

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Uses of Hi-Lift Jacks

They are good for off-road extraction and apart from lifting your truck, they can do several jobs which are not related to off-road recovery which include:

  • Clamping
  • Lifting
  • Spreading
  • Winching

A Hi-Lift Jack vs a Bolt Jack

When you want to jack a lifted truck, a hi-lift on the trail is the best option. You can use it to change a broken axle, reseat bead, or other things which require a corner of your rig to be up in the air. The off-road base ensures that your jack is kept from sinking in the soft stuff while the lift mate allows you to lift directly at the wheel without having to maximize your suspension.

The bottle jack or factory jacks cannot do what the hi-lift jacks can because:

  • They are too short: When on the pavement, you can comfortably use a bottle jack but when you add up the taller tires and a terrain that is uneven, it will not work for you off-road. Even if you think that rock stacking will help, it is not a stable base and jacks require a stable base.
  • You will need to get under your lifted truck: It is not advisable to get under your lifted truck as it might not be safe especially with factory jacks or bottle jacks. But with the lifted jack, due to it having a stable base, you can confidently go under the truck and sort out the issue at hand – though it is risky.
  • They don’t have enough height: The maximum you can get from a bottle or factory jack can be between 8 to 10 inches. The smallest hi-lift jack will give you a minimum of 22.5 inches of travel.
  • They are hard to use in some situations: The factory or bottle jacks can be hard to use when your truck is bottled up in situations like in a mud hole. If you are not careful, the suction can break. But with a hi-lift, you can jack it on the slider or at the wheel.

Things To Consider When Buying A Jack For Lifted Trucks

When you are looking for the best jacks, there are several factors which you need to have in mind. These factors include:

1. Lifting capacity

It is important to note the amount of weight that a jack can safely lift before you purchase. Your jack needs to have the maximum lifting capacity, which should be greater or equal to the total weight of your vehicle. You need to keep in mind that the functional capacity of a jack is normally less than its maximum rated capacity.

2. Materials 

Most often, you will find jack made from cast iron, aluminum or steel. The less expensive jacks are the ones made from cast iron, but they are very heavy. If you are looking for a portable, lighter and stronger jack, then you will have to go for a jack constructed from an aluminum but you should be ready to spend a lot of money.

3. Lifting Range

The jack has to be in a position to lift arms which can reach up to 18 to 20 inches when it is raised totally. Bottle jacks are known to have the highest minimum clearance and they could be the best choice for heavier and taller vehicles.

4. Lifting Speed

If you buy a standard jack, it takes between 8 to 10 strokes of the lifting bar. You will have to consider which lifting speed is suitable for you before going out to buy one for yourself.

5. Price and Warranty

It is important to consider the price of the jack especially if you are working on a tight budget. You should also check out on the warrant of your jack.

6. Types Of Jack

There are several types of jacks available in the market and you will have to decide which type is most suitable for you.


Before you decide which jack is good for you, you will need to keep in mind the maximum weight it is going to handle. If you notice that your truck exceeds that weight, it might be helpful to avoid buying that and look for one that is suitable for the weight of your truck. The weight will depend on whether your truck is empty or loaded.
The functionality of your truck will ensure you buy the right truck for your job. If most of the time, it is loaded, ensure that you get a truck that can accommodate the weight of your truck when it loaded. You will get several budget-friendly options on the market and you can start with the five that I have reviewed. Just ensure that you get the right one that will make your job easier and faster. 

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