How To Replace A Door Latch On Chevy Truck That Will Give You Quality Service

There are several doors latch available in the market and if you are not careful, you might be confused when you go out buying one for your Chevy truck. It is important you know what to consider before you decide which one to buy. Once you get the right one, then the next step will be on how to replace a door latch on chevy truck that will give you quality service.

Why Replace The Door Latch?

A car lock involves assembling the door lock and a door latch is included. When you replace it, it is similar for both mechanical and electronic door locks. Most door locks for vehicles close to the body of the vehicle courtesy of latches which are normally locked in order to prevent unauthorized access from the exterior. There are various car door locking systems with some being manual while others being automatic and may be individually or centrally locked. They can be operated using a remote control, where the transmitter is integrated into the main vehicle body access or in the ignition key.

Vehicle door latches on all vehicles today are normally operated by handle use, which requires you to pull, lift or tug towards yourself with some sort of force instead of pushing. The mechanism of the door latch may require removing due to the fact that, there are too many broken handle of the door on the outsides making the latch to stick and thereby making it impossible to release the door easily or due to the door lock bottom being hard to operate.

If your Chevy truck is in the bracket of those ones build between the 50s and 80s, then it falls in the same design features. The latches for this years were easy to replace due to the construction and location of the latch. But if your Chevy Truck is manufactured in the 90s and above, its latch could be complex, adding in electronic locks and newer types of interior door panels which come with the latest electronics. 

Steps To Follow When Replacing A Door Latch On Chevy Truck

Part 1. Verify The Condition Of Your Latch

Step 1: Do An Inspection Of The Door latch

Step 2: Try Testing The Latch From The Inside

Step 3: Make A Diagnosis Of The Problem

Part 2: Preparation Of Replacing The Door Latch

After diagnosing the problem with your latch, you should ensure that you have all the necessary materials and tools and prepare your Chevy Truck before you start working on it in order to get the job done in a more efficient way.

What Will You Need

  • Wheels chocks
  • Boxed end wrenches
  • Torques bit set
  • Cross tip, screwdriver, Phillips' head
  • Removal tool
  • Electrical cleaner
  • Standard socket and Ratchet with metric
  • Graphite powder
  • New door latch
  • Mineral spirit cleaner
  • Needle nose pliers

Step By Step

Step 1: Truck Positioning

Step 2: Securing the Vehicle

Part 3: Time To Bring Out The Door Latch That Is Faulty From Your Truck

Step 1: Handle Of The Door On The Outside Removal

Step 2: Removing The Inner Door Handles

Step 3: Removing The Window Crank

Step 4: Removing The Panel On The Inside Of The Door

Step 5: Plastic Sheeting Removal

Step 6: Unscrewing The Latch And Removing The Lock Knob

Step 7: Removing The Inside Door Release Handles And Pull Wire

Step 8: Time To Remove The Latch


Removing The Old Door Latch If Your Chevy Truck Has Electronic Locks

The only difference between electronic and mechanical door latches is that instead of the crank, the window will have a switch and the door will have the a switch instead of having a mechanical rod and wire. The latches will be electronic with no rods and wires. There will be no rods and wires to the door latches because it will all be electronic. The door latch will be operated by a handle in order to override the electronic for the normal opening of the latch. The electronics are meant to enable the striker to be locked onto the door latch to secure your vehicle.

When you remove the door panel, you will have to remove the screws which are attached the clusters to the panel of the door. If you are unable to detach the cluster, you can disconnect the harness connectors which are normally under the panel of the door as you do the pulling off. Before removing the panel of the door, remove the speakers first, that is, if your Chevy truck has any custom speakers which are externally mounted on the panel of the door.

Part 4: Time To Install The Door Latch On Your Chevy Truck

Step 1: Install The New Latch

Step 2: Reinstall The Inside Door Release Handles And Pull Wire

Step 3: Screw The Latch In And Replace The Locking Knob

Step 4: Replace And Reseal Sheeting Made Of Plastic

Step 5: Place The Door Panel Back Into Place

Step 6: The Window Crank Has To Be Replaced

Step 7: Reinstalling The Inner Door Handle

Step 8: Reinstalling The Handle Of The Door On The Outside

Step 9: Testing The New Door Latch


You can see that it is a very detailed process when it comes to replacing a door latch on your Chevy truck. The good thing is that, it is, DIY, do it yourself process and thus, you will be able to save money. No need for use by professionals. Follow my step by step procedure and you will be able to have a working latch at the end of the day.

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