Roll n Lock Vs Retrax or Gator Trax: What is The Best Tonneau Cover for Your Truck?

A Tonneau cover is the best investment you can make for your Tonneau cover. You will find them in various styles, sizes and designs to choose from. Once you make your pick, it will help keep your cargo secure and safe while protecting your truck bed from damages which could be caused by various harsh elements and thieves.

The cover will also enhance the overall appearance of your truck and will bring down your fuel costs dramatically. The problem comes along when it is time to pick the right one for your truck because it can be quite challenging since there are many products on the market at the moment. You will start asking yourself questions like roll n lock vs retrax or gator trax, what is the best Tonneau cover for your truck?

I am going to answer this question by trying to look individually at each of the types and then leave you with an easy way to choose the right one for yourself. You will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages and then choose wisely.

Roll n Lock Tonneau Cover

Roll-N-Lock LG221M Locking Retractable M-Series Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500 | Fits 6.6' Bed

Roll-n-lock Tonneau covers are rugged, versatile and secure truck cover which could be one of the best types to choose from when you are looking for a bed cover for your truck. Its retractable function permits it to be closed or opened in seconds. Other features that might be making it be the best could be its rigid and extruded aluminum construction be great.

You won’t have to bundle or roll in order to lash it stow or down, no snaps to manipulate, there are no cross bar to use in negotiating, no solid hinged covers or folding for combating, you don’t have to struggle with shrinking fabric, and you don’t have to worry concerningyour cargo security. I think they are among the most advanced Tonneau covers available in the market.

Gatortrax Tonneau Cover

The Gatortrax Tonneau cover is a low profile design which is likely to look amazing on your truck. It is made of LEXAN, which is the same material which is used in the cockpits of the fighter jets. Apart from the material being durable, it has unharmed by UV rays, it is lightweight, resists moisture, and it withstands temperatures between -50 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

To prevent water penetration, it has one-piece construction on the top. It is a maintenance free cover which during mounting, uses a sealed ball bearing on aluminum support beams. It is easy to open and close the Tonneau cover due to the presence of the ball-bearings. There are no moving parts on the canister which has a spiral track and thus, you will need not worry about it jamming. Its rails are clamp on rails and thus, during installation, it snaps to install with no cutting or drilling required.
It is a cover made in the USA that could be extremely durable and this makes it withstand harsh elements. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Retrax Tonneau Cover

There is a layer on each retrax Tonneau cover that is made of slats containing hard aluminum, which are bundled together to enable it to form a barrier that is uniform. Instead of rolling into itself the way a sleeping bag does, the retractable bed Tonneau cover rolls inside a canister located at the front of the bed of the truck.

The size of the cargo you will have to take into the truck bed will be limited by the canister. However, this retrax or retractable Tonneau cover will be able to offer your truck bed with privacy, protection, and security for whatever you keep inside your vehicle. You can decide to go for power-operated retractable truck bed cover which could be convenient to operate with a one-touch remote control.

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Hope my reviews will help you to answer your question of Roll n Lock vs retrax or gator trax, what is the best Tonneau cover for your truck. Hope the information is good enough to help you in making your mind which Tonneau cover to purchase. If you still are not sure which Tonneau cover to buy, you can check reviews of various types on Amazon to help you get the best. Reading the reviews to will help you in avoiding pitfalls when buying your truck bed cover. 

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