Best Seat Cushion For Truckers – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

As a truck driver, you spend more time on your rear. So if you have a great seat cushion, it is going to save you from having back issues like the sciatica and any other health issues that could be brought about by the long driving which include varicose veins, heart disease, and muscle degeneration.

It is also important to note that, as a truck driver, you are likely to experience vibrations on a constant basis from the driving, eating poorly, lifting heavy boxes, unloading and loading goods, which can affect back or health issues which are associated with too much sitting. Due to the fact that, most truck drivers get back issues, there is a need for you, as a truck driver, to use the best seat cushion for truckers.

Comparison Of Seat Cushion For Truckers



1. ComfiLife Seat Cushion for Premium Comfort

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

2. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion 100 Percent Memory Foam

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion, Orthopedic Design To Relieve Back, Sciatica, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain - Perfect for Your Office Desk Chair

3. Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion | Back Support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief, Washable Cover

4. Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Helps With Sciatica Back Pain - Perfect for Your Office Chair and Sitting on the Floor Gives Relief From Tailbone Pain

5. Cushina Coccyx Seat Cushion for Orthopedic

Cushina Orthopedic Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Gel Base | Anti-Flattening Pillow Pad for Tailbone/Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Office Chair, Wheelchair, Car & More

​6. Cushion care Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Orthopedic Ergonomic Sitting Pain Relief Comfort for Sciatica & Disc Injury - Lower Back, Tailbone, Coccyx, Butt & Hip Support – Office Desk Chair, Car, Truck and Wheelchair

Product Reviews

1. ComfiLife Seat Cushion for Premium Comfort

This product has a dimension of 13.8 by 3.1 by 15.8 inches and it is made from memory foam material. If you are looking for a seat cushion that won’t compromise the quality of the product, it might be the right one for you.

Its fill is of high density memory foam of a therapeutic grade, which will easily take the shape of your body and at the same time provide the utmost comfort. It is an ergonomic seat cushion which will be able to relieve tail bone, coccyx, and sciatica pain and also takes care of the sores from pressure.

It is not a product which is suitable for automobiles, but you can use it while in your office. You can take it wherever you go due to its compact size. At the back, there is a non slip mechanism on the pillow that protect it from slipping down and thus, there will be no need for you to keep readjusting it all the time. All kinds of buyers can get it since its quality seems to be genuine and the price is not bad.


  • You adjust it according to your body shape
  • It has a non slip mechanism
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is a high quality seat cushion made from memory foam material.
  • The price is right.


  • The color is too light
  • Not good for those on a tight budget.

2. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion 100 Percent Memory Foam

Its dimension is 13.5 x 8.6 x 5.5 inches. It could be made from one of the highest quality memory foam material. It is a U-shaped to enable it to give you unparalleled support. To come up with this seat cushion, medical grade memory foam is used and its shape is good in supporting your tailbone and back so that they experience the least amount of stress.

It is a thick slanted padded foam which compresses and cushions, being able to provide one of the best comfort to you. And that could be the reason why it is said to be suitable for all kinds of patients who suffer from coccyx, lumbar, and tailbone pains.

The back of the cushion has rubber grips to help it hold in one place while the front and out is extremely soft. It is a seat cushion which is portable and thus, you will have the option of carrying it from place to place.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is of a quality that is very amazing.
  • It has unmatched support
  • Its U-shape is unique.
  • It provides great comfort.


  • Cannot be used by overweight people
  • Some people find it to be uncomfortable.

3. Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion 

It might be one of the best seat cushion for ergonomic and support. It is so versatile that it seems anyone can use it including office workers and truck drivers, regardless of your weight and height and you will not have a problem sitting on it the entire day.

It is C-shaped and this allows you to take the weight from the seat cushion, thereby enabling you to relax and thus, it might great if you are suffering from sciatica condition or something similar.

If you don’t have any existing condition, you might find it useful in keeping you supported, comfortable, and improving your posture. This will ensure that you won’t have future problems with your neck or back.

It has been designed to travel from place to place due to its construction which is lightweight. The top is covered with a soft velvet fabric which can easily be removed and machine washed to make it clean.

With this pillow, you will find many uses for it and this is due to its quality foam and being able to support people of all shapes and sizes. It is ideal for injured tailbones,numbness, and spine, pregnancy, uncomfortable chairs in the office, and general day to day comfort at home and at work.

Even though it is high in price as compared to other competition, you will find that it is different from most in the same price bracket. You might encounter that, the cushion flattens when you sit on it and this is as a result of use over time and thus, a need to replace it after using for at least a year.

And because there is no extended warranty on this particular pillow, the cost might be too expensive for you and thus, I think it would be best to consider another pillow in the same range but which has a lifetime guarantee. But all in all, what it provides makes it a worthwhile investment.


  • Its C-shape helps in taking the weight out of the cushion
  • Can be used by anyone irrespective of your size and weight.
  • You can travel with it from place to place due to its compact size.
  • It has quality foam.
  • It has a top cover that is soft and which can be removed to wash to ensure that it is always clean.


  • Flattens when you sit on it after using it for a while.
  • Doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.

4. Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion

If you are on a tight budget yet you want a seat cushion, this might be the one to consider purchasing. It could one of the most comfortable and one that could relieve back pain and other lower back pains when used.

It has an inbuilt memory foam material to enable it to go back to its original shape after you are done with using it. Its cover is strong and soft, easy to clean and it doesn’t fade easily. It has zipper which makes it easy to remove the cover when there is a need for cleaning.

It measures 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches, making it one of the lightweight seat cushions in the market. It has a built in handle in order to make transporting it easy. That pressure, which you feel when you sit on a truck seat without a cushion, is likely going to go away when you start using this particular seat cushion.

It might improve your posture and you will be able to stand up straight. The pain you are experiencing might be from buttock pain in the quadriceps muscles, sports injuries, lower back pain, and hip pain.

This cushion has a downside of not being able to be used by everyone due to its dimension, but it will be up to you to decide if the height is the right one for you. It is U-shaped and it is designed to suit your body perfectly and remove pressure from your tailbone, distributing it evenly.

When you are heavy, this particular cushion might not support you. It has a rubber bottom that ensures it keeps sticking to your chair and the fillings are made from memory foam. Its price is affordable without compromising the quality.


  • Easily zips off
  • It is comfortable
  • It has a non-slip bottom that sticks on the chair.
  • It is affordable
  • It is compact


  • Cannot be used by overweight people
  • The height might be a problem for some people

5. Cushina Coccyx Seat Cushion for Orthopedic

If you are looking for a seat cushion to improve your sitting position indoors, outdoors and on an airplane, then this might be ideal for you. It is a cushion which is designed from memory foam of premium grade to provide firmness, comfort and a form fit.

Due to the fact that memory foam keeps its shape for quite a long time, there will less worry of the cushion becoming flat. It can be utilized for various purposes as it can fit dining room seats, wheelchairs, patio chairs, and car seats.

Apart from that, you can utilize it to add more comfort to your office and computer seats. Its U-shape makes it possible to eliminate pressure on the tailbone. This will improve the spine position as well as reduce the risk of pressure sores, which are common near the tailbone.


  • The U-shape reduces pressure on the spine and tailbone.
  • It comes with a cover which can easily be removed to keep it clean.
  • Weight is distributed evenly
  • Versatile as it can be used for various purposes and on different types of chairs.
  • Affordable.


  • If the chair is a non-upholstery,then it slips off.
  • It can not be used for a long time.

6. Cushion care Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Its dimensions are 17.5 by 13.5 by 2.8 inches. It might be one of the ultra comfort seat cushion in the market for truckers. It is made from memory foam to improve the bad posture and ensure that you get relief when you sit for long periods of time.

With time the posture gets better and in the process, your legs benefit from that. Your tailbone will also be kept at ease without no pain emanating from it. Apart from the tailbone, it also supports the lower back, spine, hips, and all other areas which normally require attention for relief of pain.

It is a product which orthopedics recommend. Its design is not bad due to the fact that, it has gel rubber that doesn’t allow slippage and soft exterior for comfortability. It is a cushion that is portable and comes with a lifetime guarantee for replacement.


  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Keeps legs at ease.
  • It is good for people with back pains
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is made from quality foam material.


  • It is not suitable for people with a long height.
  • It is not versatile.

Why Should You Choose The Best Seat Cushions For Four Needs?

When you sit for longer hours, it is likely to cause long term problems for you as a truck driver, and thus, getting ergonomic seat cushions could be the best thing for you. They are designed to prevent the health issue that you might suffer due to the long hours of sitting.

Apart from the back, it will help you to alleviate hip pain, improve the blood circulation in your legs, and also, you will be able to be comfortable as you drive for long hours. Seat cushions are known best for providing comfort and ensuring that you put an end to those miserable days when you have to sit for a long time on your buttocks and end up feeling them get sore and numb.

In addition to the comfort, the cushions need to provide back support for you and remove pressure from your behind. When you combine all these benefits, you will be able to improve your posture, reduce pain, and lessen the chances of developing any further problems medically.

Before you decide which seat cushion is best for you, you will need to consider where and when you will be using it most of the time. If due to work or driving a truck for a career and this is making you to travel a lot on a train or drive, you will have to opt for a seat cushion that is specifically designed for your truck. But if you are just looking for support in your office, then you can get a general purpose or backrest cushion.

It is important to note that, when you are looking for anything ergonomic, the market is not that cheap and thus, there is nothing which should stop you from trying a few until you eventually get your perfect fit. Depending on how many hours you are going to sit on your cushion, you will need to get one that is just right for you. And that is the main reason why you will need to pay close attention to the features that are being offered and get the one that is more appealing to you.

What Are The Important Features That You Need To Consider in a Seat Cushion?

When searching for a seat cushion for your truck, you can start your search with something simple like one that is best for lower back and then get to check out the several products in the market with each one coming with its confusing details. Here are some of the features that I consider to be what you need to consider when you want the best seat cushion for truckers and what each of them can mean as far as support and comfort.

1. Check Out for The Backrest

Although it might not be the top most important feature for everyone, you might find it more comfortable and supportive to get a cushion which has lumbar support. You can get them in two separate cushions made from the same construction and material with the one that goes behind your back and the other one underneath.

Back cushion support has an adjustable strap most of the time which lets you attach them to your chair and thus, the need for you to look for this particular feature when you are out shopping.

2. Filling Material

Most of the material used in constructing the seat cushion is memory foam, but it is also common to find others made of dense foam. The advantage of memory foam is that, it distinctively remains firm, even after using it for a long time and it reacts to the heat and weight from you to mold into your exact body.

3. Medical Features

If a seat cushion is quality, it will have to highlight exactly what you are going to benefit by using it and thus, it is best to get one that suits your need. Bulging discs, pregnancy, hemorrhoids, sciatica, back pain, or hip pain, are some of the things that the seat cushion should address. You will have to go for the one hat will take care of your problem.

4. Ergonomic Features

The common features you will see is a curved shape which will be able to let the cushion fit your body and in the process, give you a support that is ergonomic, which is important if you want to get any relief from using the seat cushion. There are those which come in a contoured surface to offer extra comfort and support, but you might find it uncomfortable and thus, if this is the case, you will have to ignore them.

5. Cover Type

For comfort, the cover of your seat cushion is something which you shouldn’t ignore when you are shopping around for one. It needs to offer comfort, easy cleansing, and hygiene and thus, you will need to look for something that is soft and breathable. Most covers come equipped with a zipper and this enables it to be washed in a washing machine. Look for a seat cushion that is easy to maintain.

6. Check Out For Car Seat Cushion

All the below styles are different since of them is meant for a different purpose. But if you have pain in the back or health issues, then the best could be the memory foam.

6.1. Memory Foam: It is good if you are suffering from lower back pain, spinal pain, tail bone injuries, and sciatica. They are the type of cushions which are solid and might not suit everyone. But the good thing is, it molds according to the shape of your body. You will have to buy it with recommendation from your physician.

6.2. Inflatable: They are best if you are unsure of the seat height or the firmness that you require. It is a cushion form that is very versatile. It can be arranged and changed as per your need. But it needs a lot of preparation than a cushion which is basic.

6.3. Seat Wedges: This type of cushion encourages you to have a better posture. It makes your pelvis to be able to sit a bit higher than using an ideal car seat cushion. It comes with a belt which will wrap around the car seat enabling you to keep the seat cushion from slipping. It might be the most reliable of the many seat cushions for trucker that are available in the market.

7. Dimensions

Dimensions of the seat cushion is very important and should be considered before you purchase it. This will enable you to buy a cushion which is compatible with your body weight and height. Check out the dimension of the seat cushion as it will be able to give you a good idea if the cushion is meant for you or not.


Driving for long hours cause back issues and that is the main reason why you need to invest in a quality seat cushion especially if you drive for long hours. Before you purchase, ensure that the product is of good quality and not just some generic seat cushion for truck drivers.

Invest in one that will give you an ergonomic support and you will see that your posture is going to be improved, pain and discomfort will become a thing of the past. Getting one that has a backrest can mean that, you will have all of the support you need and much more. 

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