17 Best Tonneau Covers for Most Popular Pickup Truck Beds

There is a bed of your truck, which you use for transporting different items. With an open truck, these will be exposed to weather elements like sun and rain. A Tonneau cover enables your items to be sheltered. The truck bed is turned into a sheltered compartment. They are different from camper shells which, when used, turn the truck bed into a camp-like compartment.

Comparison Table Of Truck Bed Tonneau Covers



Best For

#1. American Tonneau Company 66110 Soft Tri-fold


Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500

#2. Rugged Liner HC-F5515 Premium Hard Tonneau Cover


Ford F150

#3. MaxMate Tri-Fold without Ram Box


Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

#4. Retrax 80841 PRO MX Retractable


Toyota Tundra

#5. Tyger Auto TG-BC3T1530 TRI-FOLD


Toyota Tacoma

#6. Tonno Pro LR-1085 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up


Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon

#7. Tonno Pro HF-453 Black Hard Fold

Hard Fold

Nissan Frontier

#8. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | FX51013

Hard Folding

Nissan Titan

#9. Honda 08Z07-T6Z-100 Hard Tonneau Cover


Honda Ridgeline

#10. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | FX21021

Hard Folding

​Ford F-250/ F-350

Best Tonneau Covers for Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500

#1. American Tonneau Company 66110 Soft Tri-fold

66110 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover By The American Tonneau Company might be the right Tonneau cover for your Sierra/Silverado 2014-18 trucks. It will keep your belongings safe from weather elements and ensure that your truck bed is dry. It is easy to install as it comes pre-assembled and there is not drilling to be done and thus, no need for tools. Being a product made in the USA, it means that, you can trust it 100 percent to be quality.

I bought it two months ago for my mother during mother’s day celebration and she is liking it. After I ordered on Amazon, it came just in time for her celebration. It is more solid, the seal actually sealed to the truck with very minimal gaps and the latches give it a tight fit. The craftsmanship on this cover is something to praise it for.


  • Great craftsmanship
  • Made in the USA and thus the trustworthy quality
  • Fits well on the truck bed
  • Protects the truck bed and the cargo from weather elements
  • The installation is easy


  • Doesn’t sit inside the bed
  • Not an attractive design

#2. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding 83450

Extang 83450 Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is constructed of panels which are 1 inch thick, with matte black, powder-coated aluminum hinges and frames. The frame, as well as the panels, perfectly does match the bed cap protectors and to add on that, it has textured matte finish all trucks which are new.

The Endurashield panels are made from a super grade of polymer which is scratch resistant and extremely intact, meaning, the panel surfaces will not be able to acquire scratches or dents and at the same time, not fade. In hot climates, the Tonneau will remain cool.

When it comes to installation, it is very easy as you only need to hold it together with the JawGrip clamps. You will not require any tools and the good thing is that it arrives when it is already assembled and the only thing you will need to do is to set it on the truck bed handles found on the clamp, fold the two panels and secure the EZlock clamps found at the tailgate. The triple fin seals found on all the four sides of the cover help in ensuring that water doesn’t enter onto the truck bed.


  • It is covered against any manufacturing defects for 3 years
  • It is made in the USA and thus high quality
  • The triple fins ensure no water enters onto the truck bed
  • It is scratch and impact resistant
  • It doesn’t fade


  • The rear clip on the left and right doesn’t work well
  • The spring tension is insufficient

Best Tonneau Covers for Ford F150

#3. Bed GATOR Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover ( 59314 )

It is a Tonneau cover which is specifically designed for the 2015-2018 Ford F 150. So if your truck is not in that bracket, you will need to consider going for a different model of the cover. The cover is durable and will be able to protect your cargo from water and other elements.

The fitting is snugly and it will be able to keep what you are carrying in the truck dry. A truck bed up to 5.5 feet will be given a perfect fit. It also offers a durable solution to your cargo protection needs. It is also good to note that, it is one of the Tonneau covers which are very affordable and that is why it is the most preferred for my family members.

Its appearance is stylish yet it is quite affordable. Your truck will have a sharper look wearing this particular cover. When it comes to design, it is made of some durable material of vinyl which is tear resistant and it is attached to aluminum bows which make it keep tight. It comes with a weather seal, which goes around the bed to keep things dry and nice.

The vinyl material is strong and thus, very durable. It comes with an added feature of high quality, textured finish. Its durability has been proven during bad weather conditions like snow, hail, and heavy rain.

You will need to reach under the cover in order to unlock it, meaning your cargo will be securely protected. The lock at the tailgate is normally used to secure anything you have inside the truck and under the cover. 


  • It is easy to use
  • During installation, you only need to line it up and clamp down, meaning, easy installation.
  • It comes with an affordable price
  • It is of low maintenance
  • It comes when already assembled, ready to use out of the box


  • The connectors which are made from the plastic look fragile and easily breakable.
  • The seal of the cover is not good on the cab

#4. Rugged Liner HC-F5515 Premium Hard Tonneau Cover

Rugged Liner HC-F5515 Premium Hard Tonneau Cover is a simple, easy and quick cover to install. It comes completely installed in a box with no parts that are loose and thus, no drilling. It will take you the shortest time possible and it will be in place. You also have an option of driving with it closed or open while at the same time, you will get an improved mileage. Dirt, dust, and rain are able to be kept at bay due to the presence of a curb dust seal. There are two cargo lights, dual hinge seals that are able to channel water outside and front tie down buckles.


  • The sleek appearance is capable of improving your mileage
  • It is easy to remove and fix from the truck
  • Tailgate lock gives your truck an additional security for your truck bed
  • No need for tools as it comes fully assembled
  • Drains water outside the aluminum panels from top to the bottom.


  • It only works with the F150 trucks
  • It is not affordable

Best Tonneau Covers for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

#5. MaxMate Tri-Fold without Ram Box

If you own a Dodge Ram 1500, 2002 – 2018 or Dodge Ram 3500, 2500, 2003-2018, then I would ask you to try out this particular Tonneau cover. The 6.5 feet is one of the covers which comes ready to be fixed on your truck. My cousin John bought it like a month ago and he is all praises about it. He says that it took him a few minutes to install and yet he didn’t have any prior experience. It is quite tough and it seems like it is going to serve him for quite a long time.

Its durability could be due to the dual coated 24-ounce marine grade vinyl. Its frames are made of powder coated aluminum. The stainless steel clamps will ensure that your cover stays firm even when you are driving at high speed or rough remains. It has a low profile which helps in reducing drag and thus, causing a saving in fuel consumption.


  • It is easy to fit
  • The quality and the material is good
  • It comes with simple clear instructions
  • It fits perfectly well without modifications
  • Good value for the money


  • My cousin didn’t like the buckles
  • The aluminum coated supports don’t run the full width of the bed

#6. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding FX 31004

It is constructed from fiberglass and reinforced aluminum and polymer. The fiberglass reinforced polymer is what protects it from dents and scratches while aluminum is behind the rigidity and structure. EPDM rubber hinges and seals provide maximum security from snow and rain.

Installation happens easily because there is no drilling due to the clamp on design. All you need is a socket wrench in order to complete the installation. In order to gain full access to the bed, you do not need to remove the cover completely. All you have to do is fold it panel by panel to the bed’s front and then attach the prop rods in order to secure it in the right position.


  • It comes with elastic straps and buckles
  • You will have full access to your bed
  • The cover is secured with the built-in prop rods
  • The cover can be removed in seconds
  • Made in the USA, 3-year warranty
  • Heavy duty construction


  • It is heavy

Best Tonneau Covers for Toyota Tundra

#7. TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-up 563801

It has a heavy-duty construction Tonneau cover for Tundra. Its patented automatic tension control enables it to keep the cover remain great in all types of weather. My grandma stays in North America and she finds it a great addition to her truck.

Mounting is done inside the rails of the bed of the truck, providing full access to stake pocket holes together with other accessories. It has simple functionality, stylish design, and durable bed protection and I think that is what made my grandma go for it. It comes with a lifetime warranty and it is made in the USA.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Gas mileage is improved by 10 percent
  • Installation is easy without drilling
  • One finger latches control system


  • With time, it forms discoloration above crossbars
  • During heavy rains, there are some leakages

#8. Retrax 80841 PRO MX Retractable

80841 PRO MX Retractable Truck Bed Cover by Retrax is made with aluminum material which is industrial grade. There are no maintenance costs once you install this cover and thus, could be just what you are looking for your Tundra. It is easy to maintain due to the presence of seal ball bearings that are able to prevent this particular cover from freezing up during extremely cold weather or binding.

It has a low profile look and you will be able to lock it in any position you so wish. It is scratch resistant and also has a finish of black matte which is textured. If you decide to buy it, the manufacturer offers a limited warranty which you will be able to enjoy. I loved this cover because I saw it on my college tutor’s truck and it just looked superb. I asked him how long he has been having it and he told me for the last two years, yet it looked as good as new.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Great low profile look
  • Scratch resistant
  • Opens and close easily with one hand
  • You will be able to lock it from any position
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Clam-on Design


  • For Tundra users only
  • Expensive

Best Tonneau Covers for Toyota Tacoma

#9. Tyger Auto TG-BC3T1530 TRI-FOLD

TG-BCT1530 Trifold Truck Bed Cover 2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma by Tyger Auto could be among the top Trifold truck bed Tonneau covers in the market. I recently bought it cheaply on Amazon and I think am liking it for my Tacoma. It came fully assembled and all I had to do was to put it on my truck and mount it. Instructions are in four steps and very simple to follow. It comes with its own storage bag. When it is dark you don’t have to worry as it comes with an LED light and some mounting hardware.

I did the mounting of the cover alone and it took me around one hour for the whole job to be completed. You will get clamp mounts, which will go in the side rails. Though it is not a hard top, if you have a locking tailgate, it secures your cargo well and thus, you will not need to worry when you are on the move or if you park your truck somewhere. For me, due to the ease of installation and the price, I will comfortably rate this particular cover at 5 out of 5.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Clear instructions for installation
  • The horizontal crossbars are pre-assembled
  • Made from marine grade vinyl material
  • Durable
  • USA design patented


  • It is heavy
  • The LED light has only one led on it

#10. BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding 448426

Hard folding truck bed cover BAKFlip MX4 from BAK industries 448426 2016-18 Toyota Tacoma could be the best Tonneau for Toyota Tacoma. Why do I say so? Because it is being used by my husband and he likes it very much. What I have observed about it is that it features panels made of aluminum which is has a matte finish, which offer a density foam core that is of an enhanced quality and scatch resistance and superior UV.

It is an G2 aluminum series upgrade and it is a latch housing component tat is well equipped and in all newly integrated tailgate which allows it to close with the cover down or up.

It is a cover that works in extreme weather condition. During summer, my husband didn’t have any problem with it and it didn’t fade. I think the manufacturer could be right when they talk about it have a resilient infrastructure designed for day to day use, with an upgrade component which provides enhanced resistance to elements without having to compromise its low profile, sleek feel and looks. It is robust and solid design, flushing backed and mounted by an extended 3-year warranty.


  • It has premium UV resistant
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The panels have aluminum matte finish
  • It has premium density foam core
  • It is easy to install


  • After installation, the edges of the metal bars looks unfinished – it hangs
  • Too expensive

Best Tonneau Covers for Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon

#11. Tonno Pro LR-1085 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up

LR-1085 is a LoRoll Roll Up cover made of vinyl finish. It is a textured Tonneau cover which combines the lowest side profile height in the industry and the thickest grade of vinyl construction. When you install it and you want access to your bed, it rolls up to give you complete access.

It is secured in place by the use of a hook and loop system which is sturdy and easy to use. I think that could be the reason why my grandpa went for it because it makes it easy for him to use it without the hassle of having to push and pull associated with many other Tonneau covers. 

The underside bed rails are secured to the aluminum frame that has E-Z clamps. During installation, you don’t have to drill, making the installation very simple. It took him 20 minutes to do the installation and the Tonneau cover was ready for you. Apart from the functionality and security that you will get with the cover, it also offers low profile styling that will look great on your truck and you save gas consumption.


  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • During installation, no drilling required
  • When installed, it allows full access to the bed of your truck for transporting and hauling cargo
  • It is a low profile design that results in gas saving
  • The construction is strong
  • It has a tailgate seal
  • The cover is kept snug and looking good by the patented tension system
  • The bed is kept dry by the weather tight seals


  • The vinyl material is weak

Best Tonneau Covers for Nissan Frontier

#12. MaxMate Tri-Fold Fleetside Utili-track

This particular Tonneau cover uses marine grade tear-resistant vinyl to ensure that your truck bed is well protected. I bought it for my father as a birthday gift and when the order came, the product fits well on his Nissan Frontier. The price is not bad and thus, good value for the money I spend on it.

The installation was done in less than 20 minutes from opening the box to the installation stage, and it was ready for use. Because of the lining on the bed, it is very easy to line up the cover. The clamps which are found at the tailgate end are straightforward and it might take you a bit of trial and error before you adjust it perfect, but at the end of the day, it makes a nice snug fit.

If you want to use your truck for something bigger, you have the option of folding it back and clipping it securely. It keeps my dad’s things dry and secure once he locks the tailgate. The design is excellent and has wonderful functionality. You are sure that everything in your truck is safe from harsh weather elements.


  • The stainless steel clamps are easy to install
  • It has weather sealing hinges which are durable
  • The aluminum alloy frame is powder coated and thus no rusting
  • It is made from heavy-duty marine grade vinyl that is tear resistant.


  • Latch piece made of plastic

#13. Tonno Pro HF-453 Black Hard Fold

Are you having a Nissan Frontier? Then I would advise you try out this particular cover for your truck. HF-453 Black Hard Fold Truck Bed Tonneau cover by Tonno Pro could work for you. It consists of one textured vinyl cover piece which overlay solid aluminum panels which fold with ease in three sections. E-Z clamps ensure that the frames are securely fixed to the underside of the bed rails.

Scrapes and chips don’t happen on the aluminum as it is coated with durable black powder to protect it. The coating is one of the best in the industry and it ensures that your cover is protected from UV rays, oil contaminants, acid rain and any other airborne pollutants. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • You do not require drilling when installing
  • Utility bracket kit is included
  • Hard fold design with dent and scuff resistant
  • It comes when it is completely assembled
  • It reduces aerodynamic drag to increase fuel economy
  • 10-year warranty on vinyl cover.


  • It leaves a raised bulge in fully locked down position
  • For specific trucks only

Best Tonneau Covers for Nissan Titan

#14. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | FX51013

If you are looking for a Tonneau cover constructed of fiberglass reinforced aluminum and polymer, this might be the one for you. The aluminum in it provides rigidity and structure while the reinforced polymer is the one responsible for protecting your truck from dents and scratches. The EPDM hinges and rubber seals ensure that the Tonneau gives you maximum security from snow and rain.
So if you live in a place where it snows and rains a lot, it might work for you. When it comes to installation, this particular Tonneau easily installs without having to drill anything due to its clamp-on design. You can do it yourself as all you need will be a socket wrench to be able make sure that the installation is complete.

Its ability to offer full access to the truck bed is one thing that makes me admire this Tonneau cover. You will be able to access your truck bed without having to fully remove it. All you need to do is fold the panels of the coverto the truck bed’s front, the prop rods are then attached in order to ensure that it is secured in an upright position. You can drive with the cover in this position at highway speed. It comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects.


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • You gain full access to the truck bed without having to completely remove the Tonneau
  • It is affordable
  • It is constructed of fiberglass polymer and aluminum


  • It sometimes refuses to adjust down
  • Not good value for money

Best Tonneau Covers for Honda Ridgeline

#15. Extang 92590 Trifecta 2.0 Folding

Extang Trifecta is an easy to use Tonneau cover which is low profile and features rounded curves that are soft and it is topped with a heavy duty leather grain vinyl that is likely to stand up against all harsh weather conditions. After reading several reviews about it on Amazon, I decided to give it a try by ordering one for yourself.

So far, I haven’t been disappointed and it is a good value for the money I spent on it. It arrived in a vinyl-backed black canvas. During installation, there is no drilling as it comes with a clamping system that will install and uninstall in the shortest time possible. 

The cover is held tightly by the jaw grip clamps on the front side of the Tonneau along both sides of the bed rail. In the rear, there is an easy lock system spring action handle which ensures that your truck is locked upon release. It makes locking your cover in place an easy affair and it doesn’t matter at whatever position.

I might recommend it to anyone who is hauling larger items. The construction is made of an aircraft grade aluminum material, making the cover sturdy. No drilling, no assembly and no tools required during installation. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good value for money
  • A great lock system
  • The aluminum material makes the cover sturdy
  • Can be used in all types of weather


  • California state residents are warned against using it
  • Not long lasting

#16. Honda 08Z07-T6Z-100 Hard Tonneau Cover

Honda 08Z07-T6Z-100 Hard Tonneau Cover is attractive, rugged and could be what you are looking for your truck. It gives your truck bed security so that, whatever you store there is safe. It has a dual action tailgate which is fully functional with the cover in place. It is a heavy duty cover, tri-folds which makes it easy to access in-bed trunk and the truck bed in general. Being a rugged cover, it is able to offer secure storage without you having to worry about it. You are likely going to benefit from fuel mileage due to a better aerodynamics once you install it. My uncle has it and it is giving him good service.


  • You will be able to save on fuel due to a good aerodynamic
  • Your cargo will be safe due to dual action tailgate that locks and keeps the truck bed safe
  • It is heavy duty and thus durable
  • Easy to install
  • Good value for money


  • It is not waterproof as it sometimes leaks in the tunk
  • It is heavy

Best Tonneau Covers for Ford F-250/ F-350

#17. UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | FX21021

Before you decide which Tonneau cover you want to buy, you have to remember what you are using your truck for. Think about what you want to use your truck with a bed cover on it. If you are looking for a Tonneau cover that you can push the button when operating it, then the Superduty cover might just do the job for you. It gives the strongest security, super easy to operate and inexpensive.

It is a low profile design which is easy to install. My father decided last summer to buy this particular Tonneau and since then, it has offered UV resistance and been weather resistant. He is able to access the bed of his truck whenever he feels like and thus, you don’t have to strain when getting anything. 

The construction is heavy duty and offers three secure driving positions. The cover comes with a 3-year warranty and thus, you don’t have to worry in case of any manufacturer’s defects on arrival or when using it. The black finish makes it have a great look and it integrates well with the truck bed.


  • It comes with a three-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  • It is made of a material which is all weather resistant
  • UV resistance ensures that the sun doesn’t affect your truck bed
  • The low profile design ensures low gas consumption
  • It offers full bed access
  • Its construction is heavy duty


  • The instructions not very clear

What Is The History Behind Truck Bed Tonneau Covers?

Some people refer to them as truck bed covers and they have been around for a while, evolving from different versions, designed by different users and thus, it is very hard for one single person to claim to have invented a Tonneau cover. Major speedways made the soft covers to gain more popularity. They were used by sport truck racers to improve the aerodynamics and reduce the drag. For hard top Tonneau covers, they became popular as an alternative option to the camper shells. You will get them in different designs and sizes to fit your needs.

How Did The Name Truck Bed Tonneau Come Into Existence?

The word Tonneau comes from the French word which denotes rear seating compartment of a vehicle. Even though your truck bed is not a seating compartment, Tonneau is still appropriate to be used with some people spelling it tonno.

Reasons Why Every Truck Has To Have A Tonneau Cover

Having a Tonneau cover on your pickup will add organized storage for your cargo. You will not suffer weather change disappointments like extreme sun, rain, or snow. A Tonneau covers are an important accessory when you have a pickup. It doesn’t matter how you use your rig, the fact remains that, you will need your bed covered to make a world of difference in how you use your truck. There are several benefits that come with using a Tonneau cover including protecting your cargo from being stolen or destroyed by bad weather. You will need to decide on the right style of cover, what brand you want and how much you want to spend.

1. Weather Protection

At a given time, due to changes in the weather, your truck will need a cover from torrent rains, rocky hail, and heavy snow piles which could bring havoc on your truck, power tools, and other cargo which are delicate. The Tonneau cover will provide your truck bed with a reliable all-weather shield against the weather elements and thus, there will be no need to unload your bed in a panic when caught up in bad weather while on the go.

2. Fuel Economy

Most of the time, you will likely use your pickup truck for cargo space or payload. When in motion, the flow of air over your truck is trapped by the tailgate, wind drag happens in excess as it acts as a parachute. What it means is that your engine is forced to work harder than expected and thus, consuming a lot of gas. To lessen this pattern, you can try driving with your gate open which will be dangerous for you or removing the tailgate which will be difficult. But if you decide to add a Tonneau to your truck, its aerodynamics will improve greatly. You will have roughly a 5 percent fuel improvement. With a hardcover, you will be able to achieve between 10 to 11 percent improvement.

3. Cargo Security

There are a lot of valuable items you carry on your truck, which you wouldn’t want to lose. Whether you are returning home from a holiday or a shopping spree, or you are carrying some construction material to the site, then need to be safe. If you leave the cargo in the open, there is a possibility that they will be nabbed along the way. When you use a Tonneau cover, it will hide your items from the eyes of the thief. So if you have one that can lock up with the truck tailgate to ensure that your truck bed is fully secured.

4. Style

Your truck will look stylish if you add a Tonneau cover on it. It doesn’t matter what type of cover you use as whatever it is, it is going to tie your rig’s style together. If you go for a quality hardcover, you can as well paint it to match with your truck for a great customized look.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

You will have to consider how you are going to use your bed first before deciding on which type of Tonneau cover you will have to buy. If you fall in the field of contractors, then definitely you need to have a cover that is different from that of typical homeowners.

The frequency of use is also important to be considered. Are you going to use it on monthly, weekly, daily or rare occasions? What will be the contents to be carried in your truck bed? What will be the value of your cargo? How long and where will your truck be parked? The aforementioned questions are necessary to ask yourself before considering the following factors.

1. Material

When buying a Tonneau cover, you will have to decide on what type of material you require for it. There are those made from vinyl, others from fiberglass, aluminum, and molded ABS and plastic. You will need to consider which one will work well for your type of truck.

  • Vinyl Tonneau cover: Vinyl Tonneau covers are some of the most common types in the market. They are found in various designs featuring roll-up opening and aluminum frames. They have fasteners ranging from Velcro to button snaps to weather stripping. If you want a classic covered look, then the vinyl material is the best to go for.
  • Aluminum truck bed covers: If you want a lightweight, which is strong, then go for aluminum truck bed covers. It is durable yet easy to handle performing in folding covers, but you can as well find them in retracting covers. It also comes in a roll up to form by utilizing a higher number of narrow panels. Some of them may be more susceptible from denting and other damage from hail and impacts as compared to fiberglass material or plastic covers. As a light package, they offer excellent security.
  • Fiberglass Tonneau cover: They are made from rigid, one-panel design and they are capable of turning truck beds into a rock solid trunk. It offers durability and strength and thus good if you are working and riding in rugged conditions or climates which are demanding. The finishes for such covers are paintable and thus, you have an option of matching them with your pickup. There are some hard folding Tonneaus which are made from fiberglass. Even though it is bulkier, it offers maximum security and protection.
  • Molded plastic and ABS Tonneau covers: When it comes to choosing a Tonneau cover, weight is normally an issue. If you would wish to be grabbing things from your truck every now and then, you don’t want a lid which is heavy. The Molded plastic and ABS is a light material which is super durable, quality and offer great security as well as being able to be lifted easily and removed when you need full access to your truck. The plastic material will definitely resist impact and thus, not succumb to debris and hails as other materials do. some manufacturers include a vinyl top layer.

2. Design

A Tonneau cover can either sit under your bed or reach up over the rails to provide extra protection. When therail bed is under and it is your preferred design, then in most cases, you won’t have issues because it is compatible with most designs for Tonneau covers, though those which are retractable might need you to trim the cover at the ends. If you are using the over the rail bed covers, then the lip of the bed is used as a fastening point. While the cover can be placed in place, you will need to notch it in those areas where the Tonneau cover clamps attach to ensure a secure installation.

3. Performance

Different truck bed covers perform differently. Depending on what you want to use it for, you will need to choose your truck well. The hardcover is good, especially if you are going to use your truck for carrying construction materials and other heavy loads. The soft cover is good if your truck is mainly for home use, carrying light items.

4. Price

If you consider the cost to be an important factor when purchasing a Tonneau cover due to a tight budget or you consider expensive to be quality, then I would advise you to go for the soft covers as they are inexpensive.

If you desire to have a hardcover, then I would recommend you look for one which is one piece and folding as I have seen most of my readers preferring them and saying they are a bit more affordable. The roll up and retractable covers are the most expensive ones due to the technology behind them which allows for open and close.

5. Ease Of Use

Ease of use is an important factor to consider and thus, you will need to find out how you want to access your truck. Do you desire to access it from the sides? Then a one-piece cover is out.

Are you yearning to have a cover that will enable you to use every inch of your truck bed? They I might suggest you go for a folding cover. Are you in need of a cover that will be able to open fully but at the same time, not be able to block your rearview mirror? Go for a retractable or roll up the cover.

If you are a do it yourself person, then you will need to go for a Tonneau cover that will be able to install easily. Be aware of how adept you are at installation before shopping for a cover.

Types Of Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

1. Folding

Folding Tonneau covers allows you to access your truck content at a record speed and thus, there will be no need to remove the cover. They are easy to remove and install and they are capable of protecting your cargo against harsh weather elements. In the soft elements, they are made from vinyl materials which are solid, but at the same time, easily manipulated. In the hard form, its construction is strong with panels which are strong but light, made from aluminum. Hard folding covers are capable of carrying several pounds of weight at once up to 400 pounds. They come in 3 folding sections.

2. Tri-Fold

According to reviews, there are so many truck owners who seem to be using the tri-fold Tonneau covers. There is a variety of these type from different manufacturers and thus you will be in a position to pick from your preferred supplier. They are easy to install and to remove when you don’t require them on your truck. There is no drilling required to do the installation. You only need to clamp it to secure it onto the truck, directly on the rails of the truck bed.

They are versatile. Within no time, they can change from being a full Tonneau cover for only 1/3 of your bed. This then will make you use the bed for several needs. You can also take off your cover in seconds and get back your full truck bed.

You will be able to secure your entire truck bed using the Tri-fold Tonneau covers. If your truck has a tailgate, you will need to lock on it, securing your truck bed. Cover the clamped down at its full length and then lock the tailgate.

3. Roll Up

They are made up of vinyl and they are at the same time aerodynamic. The vinyl is mostly marine grade, thus very durable and scratch resistant. This means that they are easy to fold away when you are not using it. It is very fast to pull it aside to access the truck. There will be no need to remove them when you want to access your cargo. Removing and installing is very easy. When you want to close, you will have options of clips, snaps or latches.

4. Retractable

They are hard, but it is easy to retract them in order to access your items without any problem. You can use one hand to access the entire truck bed. They are capable of sitting outside and inside the rails of your truck bed, although the inside is easier to fit. They are designed to work efficiently and are aerodynamic as well. Materials used to make them is aluminum, which is lightweight and at the same time strong. They are normally stored in a canister form when they are not in use. If you decide that is what you want to purchase, then ensure that you wash the canister quite often and store it in the front end of your truck bed. There are models which come with a key and lock for extra security.

5. Hinged

The hinged Tonneau covers operate using hinges. You will be assured that thieves will be kept at bay due to the fact that there over the tailgate design and their hinges ensures that they have a safe use. Apart from your protection, it is providing you also with durable, solid builds and aesthetic appeal due to their stylized ribs, contours, and low profile spoilers. Due to the fact that the painting is done at the factory, there is a likelihood of getting one that matches the body of your truck. You can remove and install to your truck within no time. Though most of them are hard, there are some which are soft allowing easier manipulation.

6. Snap

Snap truck Tonneau covers bring durability, flexibility, and superiority to your snap Tonneau covers. They typically consist of an aluminum frame which clamps to the truck bed and a cover that is made from a vinyl material which snaps into place. They are a unique way to close and open a truck bed. It allows open access to part or all your truck bed, accommodating for varying sizes of cargo.

7. Tonneaus Cover with Tool Boxes

With these types, you will be able to keep your truck bed covered without having to sacrifice your crossover truck tool box. They are specifically built shorter than your bed to accommodate for you over the rail truck tool box. You will be able to enjoy the security and protection of a Tonneau with handy access to a toolbox.

8. Locking

If you will be hauling cargo, then you will benefit from the extra security you are going to get from this particular Tonneau. Remember that, not all Tonneau have a locking system to ensure that, the one you are buying has this capability. You will benefit as this is an extra deterrent to sticky hands and thieves.

9. Hard & Soft

A soft Tonneau cover will provide the basics in terms of keeping your cargo out of sight, but it will not provide the total security which the hard Tonneau cover. These particular covers lock up with your tailgate, enabling your truck bed to become impenetrable safe for your valuable cargo.

Soft Tonneau covers are classic and you will find them being used by several people on their trucks. They comprise of a grain vinyl made of heavy-duty leather tarp which attaches using snaps to the bed, tongue and groove or Velcro stripping weather style. Most of this design comes with folding design with a hinged frame which opens in section. You will get others which open by rolling the tarp up against your cab.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Tonneau Cover Lock?

When the Tonneau is fully closed, it covers the bed of your truck and thus, a passerby may not be able to see what is inside. That is the private aspect of nonlocking fabric covers which are not able to work like the snap covers, which integrate well with the tailgate.

This means that all Tonneau covers provide a certain level of security from the fundamental elements of gear being kept away from eyes as it integrates well with the locks of the tailgate adn then the Tonneau covers which have a locking system that has a key specifiic mechanism.

2. Are Tonneau covers easy to install?

Typically, Tonneau covers are easy to install. Most of them utilize some kind of clamp system which is designed to exact truck for a precise fix to avoid a lot of hassle. So you will need to buy your cover depending on your model of truck.

3. Are truck bed covers waterproof?
No. They are water resistant.

4. Are Tonneau covers easy to clean?
It is very easy to clean a Tonneau cover as doing so is a very simple step by step process. The type of Tonneau will dictate how easy it will be to clean. If you have a hard top Tonneau cover, you will need to wash it just the same way you wash your car. If it is a soft Tonneau cover or a folding Tonneau cover that has a vinyl tarp, you will have to use a mild car wash soap and a brush.

To give it a shine, you will have to do the finishing with your Tonneau brand protection spray. Avoid using wax treatment and automatic car washes as they can cause damage to the cover. There are various materials that are used to make Tonneau cover and that is why it is important to consult with the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the cleaning process.

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5. Can Tonneau covers go through a car wash?
Due to Tonneau covers being made from different materials, they might require different cleaning measurements and thus, not advisable to generalize and take it to a car wash. It will be the best to read the manufacturer’s manual on how to clean your specific Tonneau.

6. Do Tonneau covers improve gas mileage?
Yes. When you drive without a cover, air usually flows into the bed and creates a drag. This is what slows you down and causes wastage of gas. With your cover in the closed position, the aerodynamics of your pickup is improved, because the airflow is blocked, resulting in increased mileage. Gas mileage, according to some research, can increase up to 11 percent.

7. How do I know if a certain Tonneau Cover will fit my truck?
Every Tonneau cover comes with mounting hardware which is custom designed for your model, make, and year of your truck. Trucks come with a varied length of their beds, and that is the reason you will have to reconfirm the measurements by measuring your bed before you order a cover.

First things first. You will need to, first of all, determine what style of truck you have and depending with your model and make, there is a possibility that your truck would come with a regular cab, sidestep, extended cab or 4 door crew cab. Measure the bed from the tailgates inside to the bulkhead.

Once you get your truck head length and style, it will be easy for you to select a Tonneau cover which is built and designed for the exact measurements of your truck. (source)

8. Will my Tonneau Cover protect my cargo from rain and snow?
Every Tonneau cover is capable of protecting your cargo from basic weather protection. If you decide to go for a soft top Tonneau, it will be able to channel water away from the truck bed and many come with a tailgate seal strip which makes it possible to prevent water from seeping in.

If you are looking for a serious water protection for your Tonneau cover, then you will need to go for a hard top Tonneau cover. Many hard top Tonneau has extra weather sealing or consists of an over the rail design which makes it possible to keep the water away from the bed.(source)

9. Are Tonneau covers compatible with other bed accessories?

The short answers to the below questions are yes, but it will depend on your style and brand of cover as it will impact on whether it will be possible to use some accessories.

  • Tie Down Rings
    Yes. It can be installed into the stake hole pockets of a truck bed to enable it to act as an anchor point for cargo ropes and straps. If you are having a Tonneau cover that is high profile like atri-fold soft, it will sit over the pockets, ensuring that no one can access them. In case you are in need to have access to the holes, you will have to use a low profile cover.
  • Bed Extenders
    It is possible to use bed extenders with Tonneau covers. In some cases, you will have to do some modification or slight cutting off over the rail bed extenders to ensure that you have a perfect fit and if you are using under the bed rail liners, then there will be a need for small shims usage. Check the instructions on both the extender and the Tonneau to make sure that you are able to make the necessary modification.
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  • Truck Racks
    Truck racks resemble tie-down rings and thus, they require access to your stake hole pockets to ensure installation takes place. You will need the crossbars from a truck rack which can impede the use of folding cover. And that is why most truck racks only work with low profile retractable or roll-up covers and even after that, some modifications may be required during installation.
  • Headache Racks
    Yes. Some manufacturers of headache racks offer adapters which will allow them to be able to work with different types of Tonneau covers. In case you have a headache rack, or you are doing a purchase when you are buying a Tonneau, you will need to check if an adapter is available with the manufacturer before deciding if it is what you are carrying home.
  • A Utility Tracks Systems
    Yes. Many trucks, which are currently in the market come when they are equipped with a utility track system. It consists of rails built into the bed with cargo cleats that slide. While there is no standard degree of impact to the functionality of a cargo management system from truck to truck and cover to cover. The rule is, you will have to use the system which is impeded once a cover is installed. In other instances, a cargo seat will need to be removed completely or fixed in place.
  • Truck Bed Mats
    Yes. Bed mats are compatible with Tonneau covers offering the truck with maximum protection that it requires. Most of the Tonneau covers are compatible with under the rail and spray on bed liners without any issues.

    In some cases, retractable covers will need some trimming of the mats at the bulkhead. You will require more effort and a lot of time to ensure that you install the Tonneau cover with an over the rail bed liner.
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Remember that the Tonneau covers on my list are just a guide to some of the best in the market. Ensure that you go through them and then decide on which one could work for your truck. A Tonneau cover is there to keep your belonging safe even when you are not around. It is like having the space of a car while riding a truck. I would say that the Auto from Tyger TG-BC3C1038 Tonneau Cover of Tri-Fold Make For The Truck is one of the best in the market due to the fact that, am using it and it is giving me all that a Tonneau cover should provide to you.

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