Best Truck Covers 2020 – Trusted Reviews & Comprehensive Guide

When you have a truck, you are sure that the job will get done and also you will be able to carry your equipment. But keeping your truck protected from harsh weathers when not in use could be your greatest concern. The stylish and simple solution is to get a strong and stunning truck cover. With so many brands, styles, and materials to choose from, the experience might prove to be overwhelming. The following could be nothing but my highest rated, top selling, most trusted bed cover from leading manufacturers in that category. You can use it as a baseline as you go about shopping for what you think is the best.

Comparison Of Truck Covers



1.Carscover Rain Waterproof Custom For Ford F150/F250/F350

CarsCover 100% Rain Waterproof Custom Fit 2001-2018 Ford F150 F250 F350 Crew Cab 6.5ft Short Bed Truck Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield

2. 100 Percent Custo Fit Sunblock for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab

Xtrashield CarsCover 100% Sunblock Custom Fit 1998-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 Crew Cab 6.5 ft Short Bed Truck Car Cover Black

3. 6 Layer Truck Cover from KAKIT Windproof Waterproof All weather for Chevy Colorado Crew Cab

KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cover - Windproof Waterproof All Weather, for Summer Outdoor, UV Protection, Universal Fit Car Covers for Truck Pickup, Windproof Ribbon & Anti-theft Lock, Fits up to 242

4. EmpireCovers EMP922 For Toyota Tundra Platinum Crew Cab and Tacoma

EmpireCovers EMP929 5 Layer Waterproof Truck Cover Fits Full-Size Dually Long Bed w/ Crew Cab - (Gray)

5. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard For Chevy Silverado 1500

Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard 5 Layers Pick up Truck Car Cover Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Indoor (Pick up Truck up to 17'5

6. Classic Accessories 10-019-261001-00 overdrive Polypro III For Nissan Titan

Classic Accessories 10-019-261001-00 OverDrive PolyPro III Heavy Duty Full Size SUV/Truck Cover

OxGord CTRK-940-48-S 4 Door Long Bed Truck Cover - Water-Proof 5 Layers - Ready-Fit , Semi Glove Fit

Product Review

1.Carscover Rain Waterproof Custom For Ford F150/F250/F350

It comes lined with fleece in order to protect the body finishes of your truck, ensuring that, there will be no dents or scratches when you remove it. It is heavy duty, weatherproof with ultra shield snow, rain, and sun and thereby ensuring that, your truck will be shielded from bad weather. For tie down, it comes with straps and buckles grommets on each side of the cable lock set. You will get a free storage bag inside and thus, no worry when you are done using it and want to store until next use.


  • It is made in the USA
  • It is high quality
  • It comes with a free storage bag
  • It is heavy duty
  • It is lined with fleece material to ensure no scratches left on your paint


  • At times its outside flakes off, leaving gray flakes allover the truck
  • It is not 100% rainwater proof

2. 100 Percent Custo Fit Sunblock for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab

This Xtrashield is what I have been using to protect my Dodge Ram from the harsh weather in the area where I live. It has a 2 layer which is specificially designed to withstand damaging UV rays and high heat. Using a naturally UV resistant acrylic fiber, it is made my truck to withstand the harsh sun especially during the summer weather. The acrylic material is dyed in a solution and specifically finished to keep it soft enough to cover my car. When I remove after use, there are no visible scratches.


  • It has strong UV protection, bird drop and dust
  • Snug fit, 2 mirror pockets
  • Standard mirror only
  • Water resistant yet at the same time breathable for slightly wet
  • Price is pocket friendly


  • Not waterproof
  • Not durable

3. 6 Layer Truck Cover from KAKIT Windproof Waterproof All weather for Chevy Colorado Crew Cab

I can consider it to be a unique cover which forestalls stagnant water. It is a unique design which my father has had for the last 6 months and so far, he hasn’t had any complaint. It has a V-upset design which allows you to slide water off together with snow and rain, securing the truck cover to an extended life. It has 3 nonwoven layers, 1 soft fleece lining, one waterproof layer and one UV coating. It has two seam creases which keep out rain and snow, especially during outdoor and winter season. It has an elastic strap on its base to ensure that the cover is great when using it on trucks. The buckles and wind gust straps found at the base protect your truck’s tarpaulin from overwhelming breeze or brushing.


  • Has a soft fleece lining to prevent scratches
  • It is an all-weather protection
  • The cover fits well on a truck due to the availability of elastic strap
  • No brushing due to the availability of buckles and wind gust strap at the base
  • It has a waterproof layer


  • It is not heavy duty
  • No manual

4. EmpireCovers EMP922 For Toyota Tundra Platinum Crew Cab and Tacoma

If you are looking for a short-term cover, then it might serve that purpose. I purchased this cover when out on an adventure and just realized that I had not carried my regular cover. I went for it and it didn’t disappoint. It is a waterproof cover which is UV resistant and breathable. It features 5 ultra durable layers. There are 3 layers made of polypropylene which protect an interior waterproof membrane. The inner layer is made of fleece material to ensure that your paint is protected and no scratches appear. It comes with a full elastic hem and a built-in strap and buckle system and thus no need to worry about your cover being blown away. Further security is provided by a built-in grommet. It will be able to protect your vehicle from snow, rain, dust, sun, and dirt. It comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • Your vehicle will be protected from all types of weather and elements
  • It is waterproof
  • Has 5 ultra durable layers
  • 7-year warranty
  • Built-in gommet for extra security


  • Not durable
  • Not good value for money

5. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard For Chevy Silverado 1500

Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard Truck Car Cover might be the car cover you are looking for if your car is 200 inches long. It has an elastic around the bottom and at the same time, it is waterproof. The work of the elastic is to help the cover to fit tightly on your vehicle. The cover is made from breathable materials and thus, no moisture will build up under the cover.

It uses ultrasonic seal seam technology, which ensures that the cover is able to protect the vehicle during heavy rains. There is a buckle that you will be able to snap together to prevent the cover from flying off during wind.

Apart from protecting your truck during heavy rains, it will also protect it from dust and bird droppings. It also has a UV ray protection that prevents sunlight from damaging your car paint as well as ensuring that, the truck doesn’t overheat. It is available in various sizes and thus, you can find a custom fit for your specific truck. It comes with a storage bag which will protect your cover when it is not in use.
Even though your car will be protected from heavy rains, this cover doesn’t guarantee any protection during heavy elements such as hail. At times, it is hard to maintain it on top of the car and at times, it doesn’t stay tight.


  • Ultrasonic sealed seam technology
  • It is made from breathable materials
  • It comes with a buckle to snap together to prevent it from flying over during heavy rains
  • It is waterproof
  • It will protect your car from bird droppings and dust


  • Doesn’t protect the truck from heavy elements such as hail
  • Doesn’t stay tightly in the vehicle

6. Classic Accessories 10-019-261001-00 overdrive Polypro III For Nissan Titan

Classic Accessories 10-019-261001-00 overdrive Polypro III is a heavy duty cover that is made of triple layer Polypro 3 fabrics, ensuring that it provides superior protection against scratches, dirt, bad weather, and pollution. Thick soft fabric shield ensures that there are no scratches and nicks which will scratch your paint.


  • Thick soft fabric will not scratch paint and at the same time, it will shield it against nicks and scratches.
  • The rugged make enables it to provide 3 layers to protect against snow and rain
  • Antenna reinforcement patch
  • Elasticized bottom hem for fast and custom fit
  • Non-scratch tie-down rope and grommet


  • Too Tight
  • The front pops

7. Oxgord CTRK-940-48-S 4 Door Long Bed Truck Cover

Oxford CTRK-940-48-S 4 door long bed truck cover is readily available because my uncle was able to find it while camping in a very remote area in South America. It comes with a semi-glove sized ready fit ith mirror pocket. The seams are reinforced and breathable. It has back and from drawstrings elastic hemlines to ensure that there is semi glove fit that is cuddly. Other things included in the packaging are tie-down eyelets for integrated security against high breezes, an antenna fix, and capacity pocket. It is available in several layer options textures. Apart from the above, it is also water repellent, heavy, breathable, and waterproof.


  • t is made from breathable materials
  • It gives the car semi glove fit that is cuddly
  • Has to tie down eyelets for integrated security against the high breeze
  • Has a capacity pocket
  • Available in various optional textures


  • Not good value for money
  • It is not 100 percent waterproof

Why You Must Have The Cover For Your Truck

Apart from your car suffering from dings and dents while on the road, it is also exposed to plenty of danger while in the parking. If you want to keep your paint job shielded against dirt, bad weather, and day to day hazards, then you will need to invest in a quality truck cover. When you cover your truck while it is parked you can keep your car’s finish protected from several corrosive agents and at the same time, maintain its paint job off the lot shine. Some of the things the cover will protect include but is not limited to:

1. Snow

When it is winter, it can be very brutal to your truck. The heavy snow can place a lot of pressure on the exterior and, thereby, accelerating the wear and tear process. It is also important to note that, when the snow is left on the surface of the vehicle for a long time, it is likely to cause unsightly scratches and dents. If you are planning to have your truck in good shape by next winter, then protect its paint job by getting a quality truck cover.

2. Rain

If you leave your truck exposed to rainwater for long periods, then it will be prone to acid rain, rust, and this could cause serious deterioration for your finish. All this can be prevented by getting a waterproof truck cover.

3. Birds And Debris

You might be having an oak tree that could provide you with the best shelter for your truck, but as far as vehicle protection is concerned, then it becomes impossible. From falling branches for nesting birds, when you park your truck underneath heavy foliage could cause more harm than good plus the bird droppings, pollen, and sap can harm your finish and make the exterior to have a spotty boring look. If you park in the shade of your favorite oak tree, you will need to ensure that, you have an outdoor truck cover.

4. UV Damage

High temperatures and harmful UV rays can destroy your truck’s paint job beyond recognition. The sun will also crank up temperatures in the interior and turn a brilliant looking dashboard into warped, cracked, chunks of vinyl. If your truck stays most of the time exposed in the sun, then you are better off investing in a UV treated car cover made with high-grade polyester fabric or acrylic fibers. If it is a quality one, it will be able to keep interior temperatures low and reflect harmful UV rays, making them be essential for parking in sunny environments including deserts.

5. Condensation

It is important to know that, even if you store your truck indoors, it is susceptible to water. Most garages don’t have good circulation of air and thus, become breeding grounds for condensation. Just like rainwater, the condensation can penetrate through cracks of your truck dents and scratches and get a lot of exterior blemishes. It can also fade your vibrant paint and fade your finish and take the life out of your truck. To avoid this from happening, you can choose a cover that is made from breathable fabrics to enable moisture from escaping underneath the cover.

6. Dust

Even though dust might be tiny, but they can cause irreparable damages to your truck. When you store it in the garage, there is a likelihood of dust settling on your paint job and causing scratches and tiny nicks that ruin your finish. You add this to condensation and summer humidity, and before you know it, your truck will be covered in grime. Your truck is an expensive investment deserves better than this, ensure that you keep it safe from harm with dust blocking indoors indoor car cover.

7. Garage Clutter

The number of hazards you are likely to expose your truck to in a storage unit or garage are many. Whenever a box knocks against your rear end or a ladder nudges your door, it is likely going to leave a mark. If you have kids or there are visiting, they are likely to play around the garage, running in and out all day, and there is a possibility of your truck getting hit with occasional bike handlebar or basketball. If it a garage that is full to the brim, you will need to ensure that, you protect your truck finish from falling odds using a heavy duty indoor truck cover.

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Types of Car Covers

1. Indoor truck covers

Just because your truck is indoors doesn’t mean that it is safe from water damage and dents. Even while it is safely parked in the garage, there is a likelihood of it being damaged from condensation and scratches. The good news is that you will get brands which offer truck covers that are designed to sort out these particular issues. If your vehicle is parked in your garage, you can get it a snug-fitting custom fitting cover that is constructed of polyethylene or polypropylene which will blend to keep air particles and dust away from your truck.

2. Outdoor Truck Covers

If you know that you will leave your truck unattended for long periods while outside, then there is a need to invest in a quality outdoor truck cover. From snow and heavy rain to tough summer days, outdoor truck covers are made from materials that are tough to ensure that your car is shielded from debris and bad weather.

While you will get them in various materials and different models, most of them feature a multi-layered design which ensures that your truck is provided with protection against dings, dust and weather damage. Covercraft truck covers might be some of the best truck covers which could provide your truck with excellent protection against outdoor conditions.

3. Universal Truck Covers

If you get a universal truck cover, it will be able to give you an affordable way to protect your truck when it is either indoor or outdoor from various hazards. You will find them in various styles and sizes to fit just any type of vehicle.

4. Custom Car Covers

From the headlights to the side mirrors, if you get custom covers, it will be able to hug every curve of your vehicle and give it a good look when you store it in your garage or wherever. Most of them resistant to tough weathers and are accompanied with a storage bag for ease of storage while not in use. Some covers are custom made for specific models of trucks and thus, go for your specific one.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Truck Cover

1. Weather Resistant

You will need to go for weather-resistant materials, especially when you are shopping for an outdoor truck cover. The only way you are going to be sure that your truck will be protected from snow and rain is to ensure that you have a cover that is built to last in such harsh weather environments. If your truck is supposed to withstand inclement weather, then you will need to select a cover that is made using a blend of fabrics or a multi-layered design.

2. Find Fabrics That Breach

It doesn’t matter where you are going to store your vehicle the important thing is that, the material by which the truck cover you are considering to buy MUST be breathable. Unlike a plastic tarp or cloth cover, if you go for a breathable cover, you will find that it has a multilayer satin or polyester which will allow moisture to escape from beneath the cover and thereby preventing condensation from building up on your truck finish.

3. A nice Soft Finish

Paint job occupies only 0.006 inches of your truck layer and even if yours is rugged, it will definitely be vulnerable to scratches. Get a truck cover that has a soft satin lining to ensure that your vehicle is scratch free when you store it.

4. Mildew Resistance

If you want your cover to be safe from mold and mildews, you will need to get one that is mildew resistant. The snow and rain together with the condensation that happens in your garage can be a good breeding place for molds and mildews. Ensure that, when you are out shopping for the cover for your truck, you get one that is made from the mildew resistant material. I can recommend one made from polyurethane acrylic that resist mildew as it works great for both outdoor and indoor truck covers.

Getting The Right Car Cover For Your Truck

1. Choose One That Suits Your Lifestyle

Before you decide on the price of the cover or if it is your favorite color, you will need to ensure that, it suits your specific needs. The main factors to consider are how long you are going to store your vehicle and where you will be storing it. If what you require is just a cover to protect your cover at night against light and theft, you will get a variety of such covers which will fit your specific truck and one that stores easily once not in use. If you want a long-term cover, then it will be best to consider a custom outdoor cover as they come in variety applications and styles. But regardless of the specific brand, you pick, ensure that it is UV treated, built to handle the weather in your region and made of water-resistant materials.

2. Know Your Area Code Weather

From the information I have been passing to you, I think you have by now realized that there are no two truck covers that are the same. Whatever may work for a colder climate might not be the right one for a warm climate. So before you decide which one you are going to buy, you will need to think about the weather in your region.


Your truck vehicle’s resale value can be diminished if your paint job is unprotected and at the same time, it can cost you a lot of money in repair costs. Ensure that your wallet and truck is protected from damage by purchasing quality covers.
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