8 Best Truck Decals And Stickers To Have On Your Truck 2020

You can use truck decals and stickers to promote your business while on the move, thus having a moving billboard. It doesn’t matter the size of your truck because any type can be wrapped irrespective of size. There are common wraps for trucks, RVs, food trucks, and company vehicles. Even if your truck doesn’t have an engine such as campers and trailers, it is still possible to wrap it. Instead of paying for a new paint job and all the other costs that come with it, I recommend that you invest in high-quality custom truck decals and stickers to solve your aesthetic and brand promotion needs.

Comparison Of Truck Decals and Stickers

Product Review

1.10 Pack of New American Flagy Vinyl Decal

You will get a pack with 10 1.3 x 2.5 inches thin blue liner American flags in 2 sheets of 5 per sheet. You will find them to be great for several uses. Apart from decorating your truck, you can use them on laptops, coffee mugs, helmets, windshields, and bumpers as long as the surface is smooth and clean. Each of the decals is printed on a 3M high-quality vinyl using ink that is eco-solvent and computer cut to shape.

It is the best way to show your patriotism while on the move and it doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran, a duty service member, or a supporter of your great country, the USA, it could just be the decal for your truck

  • Its an American flag decal
  • It is easy to remove and also affix
  • Vivid coloring
  • Leaves no sticky residues
  • For inside use only
  • At times during cutting, they are cut at the wrong place
  • They are clinging on decals

2. Gear by Classic Biker Military Flag Subdued American Matte Black

Gear by Classic Biker Military Flag Subdued American Matte Black is a high-quality decal made from premium vinyl and when it comes to cutting, it is done with super precision. There are no round edges around the stars in the American flag.

It is a sticker that will stand the test of time and they will stay for a long time when applied on your trucks, windows, autos, and boats due to the fact that, they are printed on the high-quality outdoor vinyl material.

It is very hard for this gear to fade easily as it is UV protected to ensure that it remains with vibrant long lasting colors. And to make it even better, it is made in the USA.

  • They are laminated to protect against scratches
  • It is waterproof
  • It is UV resistant
  • Digitally printed
  • Easy to install and also to remove when you no longer need them
  • For it to peel off clearly, you need to be very careful
  • Not a good quality as compared to others in the same price range

3. Decal Gloss Black for American Distressed Flag for Truck Hood

It is made from good vinyl and it is easy to work with. I placed mine on my truck and it looks superb. It was user free as long as you cut the stripes individually. All you need to do is to ensure that you follow the contours when cutting so that they come out well. They are available in blue, black, dark gray, gloss black, and white and thus, you will have a range of colors to choose from. It is a great way to accent your truck with a universal fitment. The manufacturer claims that it can stay up to 7 years, but I have just stayed with it for 1 years, so I don’t know if it will work that long.

  • Easy to install
  • Quality product
  • Very attractive
  • It stands out from the other stickers
  • Good value for money
  • Packaging not good
  • At times it comes creased

4. 7 Pack Truck Jeep Stickers and USA Flag 6x4 inches

It is a truck decal that is 100 percent made from vinyl. If you decide to buy it, it is going to add class to your truck display due to it being high quality. It is one of the easiest and most fun to stand out and bring your pride of being an American to the rest of the world while you are driving along the road. Made in the USA, they are waterproof, anti-wrinkling, UV resistant, anti-stretching and anti-shrinking properties. You will find that it will be easy to apply on your truck. And apart from the truck, you can also stick them on your helmet, gear, water bottle, laptop, toolbox and anywhere else you deem fit to display how proud you are to be an American.

  • Unique
  • Made in the USA
  • Highly detailed and visible
  • The manufacturer has a 100% money back guarantee
  • It is 100% Certified
  • Seems to be expensive as compared to others

5. Rear Window Wrap Black FGD Brand Truck and White Distressed American Flag

Made from perforated vinyl means that, if you decide to stick it on your rear window, there will be no obstructed view from inside the vehicle. But if rain or water spills on the decal, it may cause obstruction. It is printed from latex technology of printing, which is superior in UV resistant and durable as compared to prints using solvent inks. It is a good size, measuring 65 inches x 20 inches, making it a universal decal that can fit in most truck windows. During installation, it comes with a one piece rectangle that you will use to make it easier. In the package, you will also find include, instructions that will guide you on how to do the installation correctly.

  • It can fit windows up to 65 inches long and 20 inches tall
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Easy installation
  • Great instructions
  • No obstruction due to the perforations
  • If you are installing a large decal, you will need to use a professional
  • Doesn’t withstand heat during installation

6. MotorINK AMERICAN EAGE Flag Stars Rear Window Graphics Decal

MotorINK AMERICAN EAGE Flag Stars Rear Window Graphics Decal is a unique and simple way to add just the right touch to your truck. The first time I saw them on my friend’s kayak and I just loved them, prompting me to buy them for my truck. The printing is digital, in high resolution using solvent inks that are of high quality. During installation, you will have to do it on the outside surface of the window and see through from the inside. When it comes to application, it is easy and when you are done with them, you will easily peel them off. They are available in 4 sizes to choose from, depending on the type of surface you want to apply on.

  • 29 inches by 66 inches for X-large
  • 22 inches by 65 inches for large surface
  • 18 inches by 58 inches for medium surfaces
  • 14 inches by 54 inches for small surfaces

Before you go out to purchase them, you will need to measure your rear window so that you get the right size.

  • It is easy to apply as well as to remove
  • The graphics are easy to see from outside as they are see through
  • It gives your truck a cool and secure look
  • It comes with instructions on how to apply and also the tool to use
  • Good value for money
  • Trimming it is a lot of work
  • Requires a professional to apply correctly

7. 4x4 Avgrafx for Truck Offroad Decal Camo

It might be just the decal you will love on your truck. I bought it for my father during father’s day as I wanted to surprise him. It turned out that he ended up adoring it. It has an installation that is free from bubbles and yet easy to do it. It is printed with eco-solvent ink and during cutting, contour cutting is used to produce cast vinyl wrap for outdoor use which is laminated. Resistant and washable to the harsh weather conditions outside, it stood out to be a quality decal. You will have an option of using either indoor or outdoor. They are produced on 2mil gloss high-quality performance air egress cast vinyl which conforms to complex curves. The material is designed in such a way that, it allows air bubbles to come out as you apply it.

  • Installation that is free from bubbles and yet easy to do it
  • Resistant and washable to outdoor weather conditions
  • Conforms to complex curves
  • Tear-proof due to being laminated
  • Doesn’t peel, fade, crack, or shrink
  • Expensive

8. FGD Universal Bloody Skull Truck or Car Hood Graphics

FGD Universal Bloody Skull Truck or Car Hood Graphics has a 5-year outdoor rating and it is solvent resistant and oil. It comes with instructions to guide you on how to install it so that, the installation becomes easy. Before you go out to buy, you will need to take the universal measurements of your truck to ensure that the decal will fit. Professional installation is recommended and you will have to get one to do it for you after you purchase them. They are proudly made in the USA.

  • It comes in a cool black color
  • There is a transfer tape included
  • Great instructions included for proper installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Good price
  • You will need professional help to install
  • Needs a lot of cutting before it fits
  • List Element

Why Do You Need The Truck Decals and Stickers

Window decals and bumper stickers are one of the ways to express yourself. If while driving, you safely look around at vehicles driving by, you will see bumper stickers, clings, or window decals. With the many hours you spent on the wheel, it follows that your truck can be a good on the move billboard to advertise and endorse various things for organizations, businesses or charitable causes.

From a business point of view, decals are among the most popular items due to their affordability. There are various options when it comes to selecting what you would term as the perfect decal for your desired application. Decal is the general term that is used to cover static clings and stickers while stickers only refer to the adhesive sticky back applications.
Apart from shape and size, there are other considerations you need to make when deciding on a decal:

  • Print method
  • Adhesive
  • Materials

Decals Shapes And Sizes

Anything from small to large stock shapes to custom shapes can be created using a static cling or adhesive decal. There are various sizes and shapes available in the market to choose from and thus, you will definitely get the one which will be your most preferred. Some of the design can be square or round on the corners. Some of the common sizes and shapes include:

  • Square: at 6 inches – 8 inches
  • Rectangular at 5 inches x 7 inches – bumper stickers : 3 inches by 11.5 inches
  • Triangle cut as from 8 inches by inches
  • Circles: 6 inches – 8 inches diameter
  • Ovals at 5 inches x 8 inches
  • Octagons cut as from 8 inches by 8 inches

If you are looking for a custom size, then they range from 1 to 600 square inches. If you want to save money, then I recommend you use a straight cut edge as compared to a die cut custom decal. But in case you want a fully custom shape, then you will have to go for a die for cutting making set up costs to be higher than going for a standard shape.

Printing Methods

There are three methods which are used in printing decals:

1. Digital printing

  • It attracts a higher price point
  • It deals with decals with fluorescent, Pantone matching, and metallic colors
  • Lasts for between 3-5 years outdoor durability
  • Can be printed on materials such as chrome vinyl, white, clear vinyl, or static vinyl.

2. Screen Printing

  • Low price point
  • Lasts for 2 and above years outdoor durability
  • Produces full color and photo-realistic printing
  • It has fewer printing material options which include white vinyl or white static only

3. Offset Printing

  • Full color
  • High definition
  • Custom printing only

Offset printing is beneficial especially if you want to get decals of the highest level of clarity and detailed artwork. High quality means they will come with a high cost attached than digital and screen printing.

Material Types

1. Digital Printing Decals

When you want decals, they can be printed on a static cling or adhesive in order to be able to stick on your truck or whatever your desired surface. Digital printing means that your decals will be printed on either clear or white polyester vinyl. When it comes to digitally printed static cling, you will only find them on white vinyl.

2. Screen Printing Decals

If you want screen printed decals, then you will get them on clear polyester vinyl, white vinyl, and chrome polyester. For static clings that are screen printed, you will get them on either clear or white vinyl. The static will either be applied on the back of the cling or the front if you are using it inside a window.

Adhesive Type

You will have the following options to choose from:

  • Static clings: It has no adhesive and thus good for use indoor only and you can apply on either face or back and stick on your truck window. They can be refreshed with water and soap to keep its sticking power. They are scuffed resistant and flexible and easy to conform to surfaces that are smooth such as the curved rear window of your truck.
  • Permanent: When you remove it from your vehicle, it will leave a residue
  • Ultra removable: When you remove it from your truck, it is easy to do it and it will not leave any residue. It is the best material to look for when you are buying bumper stickers
  • Removable: At times you will require some effort in order to remove it. There will be no residue left on your truck once you remove it.

Inside Removable Window Stickers

When choosing stickers to be used on the inside of your window, select a clear static cling that has a static front or a polyester adhesive for ensuring that the stickers are firmly affixed on the window of your truck. For artwork, I recommend you use colors that are lighter so that the sticker can be viewed through a window that is tinted.

Bumper stickers

You will get them on either yellow or white vinyl using ultra removable zip Strips. You will need to use some white outlines around the artwork so that it is able to show up regardless of the bumper color.

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There are numerous options for decals and stickers. You can get the correct measurement before you go out to get the right design. The installation could take a shorter time or a longer time, depending on the size of the decal and your truck size. Get what you think will work for you and ensure that the background and the color of the decal and sticker rhyme well. I have given you some option to start with but you can go ahead and check out several other options on Amazon.

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