Top 6 Best Truck Light Bar Using LED Technology Currently In The Market

Flashing Blue Light Bar on a german Fire Truck

If you want to buy a light bar to be used primarily in offload driving, then it needs to be optics reflectors or lenses which have a spot beam pattern. The reason why this should be so is that, when you are driving on the road, it is important to illuminate both sides of the road to a lesser extent than the road that is ahead of you. If the beam is too much, then the side of the road will have too much light and thus, you will not be able to see the road ahead. It will also make the traffic lights to be too bright and this will blind you in the process.

You will have several options to choose from as there are several models to choose from, each with its own drawbacks and advantages. If you are going out for the first time to shop for a truck light bar or for an off-road vehicle, you might find it hard to differentiate between the many models and how you can be certain that the product is what you are looking for and will best suit your needs. The good thing is that there are a few factors that will distinguish one from the other which you can use to separate the the worth models and those that are not worth your cash. By the end of this article, you will know how make sure that what you choose as your most preferred light bar provides what you are looking for in it the most.

Comparison Of Truck Light Bar



1.TURBOSII DOT LED 50 inch for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

TURBOSII DOT LED 50 Inch LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo 288W Offroad Driving Light + Upper Roof Windshield Mount Brackets for 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500/2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500

2.Auxbeam 42 inches Led Light Bar 240W

 Auxbeam 42

3. 32 Inches Curved LED Light Bar by Arsenal 30 Inch LED’s Spot Combo/Flood Beam


4.AUTOSAVER88 52 Inch Curved Spot Flood Combo Beam

AUTOSAVER88 52 Inch Curved Led Light Bar Triple Row Spot Flood Combo Beam Work Offroad Fog Driving Lights with Wiring Harness, 2 Years Warranty

5.Yitamotor’s LED Light bar 52 inch, 300W, Curved

Led Light Bar Yitamotor 300W 52 Inch Curved Light Bar White + 2PCS 4 Inch 18W Flood Light Pod with Switch Wiring Harness compatible for Offroad Driving Jeep Truck Car ATVs 4x4 4WD

6.Auxbeam 52 inches 300 LED Light Bar 5D RGB Offroad Color Changing LED Bar

 Auxbeam 52

Product Review

1.TURBOSII DOT LED 50 inch for Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

 TURBOSII DOT LED 50 inch LED Light Bar might be the ideal choice to use for different off-road use and is going to light up everything that is in front of you. It combines two 60 degrees flood beam and a 30 degree of the 50 inch led light bar, making it one of the brightest and widest to give a clear visibility in whatever terrain you might find yourself in. It is designed with the latest LED technology, supplies superior light output and you are assured that, your battery will not be drained and thus efficient and saving more energy.
Its housing is anti-corrosive and rust proof and at the same time, waterproof.


  • Durable
  • It is lighter
  • Can fit of a variety of trucks
  • Housing is waterproof
  • It comes with a one year guarantee


  • Brackets rust very fast
  • Doesn’t work with some vehicles

2.Auxbeam 42 inches Led Light Bar 240W

Auxbeam 42 inches Led Light Bar 240W has double the LEDs and brightness you will get in a model that is 24 inches. Its output is at 80 with a corrosion-proof inside. Its housing is deep, with vertical sink fins, integrated with the black. At 13 pounds, it is relatively light, draws under 20A and its quartz lens is very powerful. It is backed by a 2-year warranty and its LEDs is rated for 30,000 hours.

One of its main use on my truck is to illuminate nighttime pickup baseball games and safe driving when am on the darkest most serpentine back roads. It is super bright. My uncle uses it for site illumination while my cousin uses it for trail exploring. I just love its brightness


  • 2 years warranty
  • Very bright
  • Innovative 5D optic design
  • Creates the best light beam
  • Holds up well


  • Condensation issues
  • Poor customer service

3. 32 Inches Curved LED Light Bar by Arsenal 30 Inch LED’s Spot Combo/Flood Beam

32 Inches Curved LED Light Bar by Arsenal 30 Inch is what my granny installed in his truck and it is working well for him. It has a lot of good things which I might admit that I liked. The 180Watt high intensity LED color temperature makes it a good pick, especially if you are driving in the fog. The beam COMBO at 60 degrees and the spot beam at 30 degrees is just enough and working great for him. It provides 18,000LM Lumens, weatherproof IP67, and an operating voltage of between 10V DC and 30V DC. When he bought it, it came with a 2-year warranty, sticker pack, and a switch kit wire harness LED light bar.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Free sticker pack
  • Free Switch kit wire harness light bar
  • Affordable price
  • Very bright


  • Condensation issues
  • Screws are too long

4.AUTOSAVER88 52 Inch Curved Spot Flood Combo Beam

AUTOSAVER88 52 Inch Curved Spot Flood Combo Beam could be the truck light bar for your truck. It combines flood beam with spot beam to create powerful and super bright ray to light up the forward dark road. It provides a perfect balance between coverage area and beam distance.

You might find it the best pick for both off-road and highway as you will be able to see beneath the wheel and the road ahead. It fits most vehicles which include engineering vehicles, special vehicles, and off-road vehicles. But before you decide to buy it, I would advise you measure the space where you want to install it so that you are able to choose the correct size. In the package, you will find mounting brackets, but in case you want to install it above the windscreen, you need to buy special brackets.


  • It comes with mounting set and wiring harness
  • It is easy to install
  • Super light with 150psc intensity LEDs and combo beam pattern flood and spot
  • Easy mounting to different types of vehicles and thus widely used
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty against defects


  • The lens gets fogged easily
  • It is not as bright as it should

5.Yitamotor’s LED Light bar 52 inch, 300W, Curved

Yitamotor’s LED Light bar 52 inch, 300W, Curved might be one of the most powerful Led Lightbar producing a combo beam and compatible with various types of vehicles. Its operating voltage is relatively high and the same applies to its lifespan which seems to be a bit long.

According to the manufacturer, it is possible to use it for up to 50,000 hours before it is done. When you want to purchase, you will have to do your purchase directly from the manufacturer thus eliminating the cost of middlemen. Though it seems to be expensive, it might be worth that extra coin.


  • It is durable
  • Great value for money
  • It gives out great light
  • Compatible with various vehicles
  • It is easy to mount


  • A bit expensive
  • Terrible on and off switch
  •  It doesn’t have venting on the ends and thus it is likely to cause vapor to build up

6.Auxbeam 52 inches 300 LED Light Bar 5D RGB Offroad Color Changing LED Bar

Auxbeam 52 inches 300 LED Light Bar 5D RGB Offroad Color Changing LED Bar is one light bar that you should have on your truck especially when out on an adventure. Its settings make you enjoy wild adventure and happiness. It has 100pcs with 3W intense CREE LED making it possible to light the entire forward viewing area and for atmospheric light, it has 100pcs RGB LEDs. You will be able to control the strobe and Multi RGB settings through a Bluetooth APP on iPhone or Android


  • Heavy equipment
  • You will get the ability to see clearly ahead
  • No moisture gets inside
  • All weather without no cons
  • Very powerful


  • It could easily leak
  • Several loose bolts

Why Should you go for LED Truck Light Bars?

It is important to note that, not all light bars make use of the LED bulbs. There are several models in the market that utilize high-intensity discharge (HID) or halogen and you might be curious why on my list, I have decided that, LED light bar for the truck could be superior to the rest. Let me try and explain the difference in five-fold

Size: Despite being powerful, LED bulbs are small in size and might just take a smaller space and add little weight to your vehicle.

Efficiency: Among the many bulbs available on the market, the LED bulbs seem to be among the most efficient as they tend to use up most of their wattage as compared to their HID counterparts and halogen models.

Durability: Circuit boards for LED are not susceptible to damage which is normally caused by impact or vibrations and thus, might be an excellent choice for unpredictability and bumpiness off-roading.

Length: LED bulbs have an average span of 40000 hours and thus, there is a possibility that, it might out outlive your vehicle.

Style: LED is capable of creating a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes and thus, if you are looking to customize your truck light bar, you will definitely get one that will perfectly suit the look of your truck.

The above could be the reason why HID or halogens are cheaper as compared to LED light bars. And even though they are expensive, you will rest assured that, you are getting a quality product and one with long life and durability which in the long run, is likely to save you money. And with the environmental heat having a negative impact on the LED, you can sort out the problem by purchasing a quality model with the dedicated heat sink.

Most Common Places You Could Mount the Truck Light Bar

  • Inside fog lights
  • Directly onto the front bumper guard
  • On top of the roof, near the windshield
  • Behind the tailgate
  • Inside the vehicle’s front grill peeking through the grill

Common Application for Light Bars

Night time driving: They make the field of view three times better as compared to even the brightest stock headlights

Off-roading: Off-roading is where there is no yellow or white line to give you guidance where you are supposed to be headed. In most cases, you will find that there is wildlife that could appear from nowhere and trees. Using a good LED light bar might just be an advantage in such a scenario.

Emergency situations: You will find Light bars being used in various emergency applications by firefighters and law enforcement agencies.

Boating or other marine applications: Even though while in the sea or ocean they won’t be of much help, they are likely going to come in handy when landing or docking due to its intensity and brightness.

Backyard/home use: Apart from being used in vehicles, you can use this LED light bars during parties, clean up and whatever else requires high-intensity lighting.
Heavy Duty Equipment: Any snow plow trucks and commercially used vehicles need to install light bars to improve the field of view of the driver.


Adding a truck light bar of LED is definitely one of the easiest things to do and yet, it will give your truck an overall excellent look. It will improve its capabilities, add a new degree of usefulness and safety to your truck or offloader. I hope that this guide has enriched you with the information you need in order to pick the perfect model for your specific truck. AUTOSAVER88 52 Inch Curved Led Light Bar Triple Row Spot Flood Combo Beam seems to be what I consider to be the best amongst the six I have reviewed to the many features attached to it.

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