Best Truck Ramps – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

When servicing your vehicle, raising it a few inches from the ground will make the difference between being comfortable in what you are doing or not. Ramps come in different forms for heavy duty to low profile, depending on the type of vehicle you are handling. You will need to get the ramp which is suitable for the weight of your car otherwise if not, you might end up causing additional stress to the ramps.

Ramps are a cheaper option for the 2 and 4 post garage car lifts and even though you will miss out on the additional lift you get from the garage lifts, the car ramps will give you enough space to perform what you want to do with your car. Most mechanics prefer car ramps to car trolley jacks because it is safer. If you use a car trolley and it slips, you are likely going to get stuck under your vehicle. To make the vehicle ramps more secure, they come with wheel chocks which ensure that, the car will not be able to roll while it has been placed on the ramp.

Comparison Of Truck Ramps




1. Aluminum Trailer Ramp Car ATV Truck Ramps - Editor’s Pick

2. LBS Aluminum Truck Ramps Trailer Auto Hauler Hooks Ends Half Knife - Runner Up/Alternative Pick

3. Highland 69 inch 1120500 Aluminum Straight Loading Ramp - Pair - Budget Pick

4. Aluminum Ramps Truck Trailer Car Ramps 8000lb capacity - Upgrade Pick

5. Yutrax TX107 Folding Arch Ramps

6. Titan wide 10 HD Aluminum Truck Load Ramp

Top 7 Best Truck RampsRamps On Amazon

1. Aluminum Trailer Ramp Car ATV Truck Ramps - Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for something which is cost effective and at the same time simple, then you could do with the aluminum trailer ramp car ATV truck ramps. Unlike other double ramps, this one doesn’t fold into half so you have to plan on how to store them.

They are wider than most of the models in its class and have better traction and thicker rungs. Being unable to fold is their downside and they are shorter. They are a steeper grade with each ramp being able to hold 625 pounds and weigh around twenty pounds.

  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • It is made of heavy-duty aluminum
  • It has adjustable safety straps
  • It can handle thirteen-inch threads
  • It is corrosion and rust resistant
  • It is durable and also lightweight made of aluminum materials
  • It is sturdy, easy and reliable to use
  • It has a strong adjustable strap
  • It is used for unloading and loading ATVs
  • It is a straight ramp with a capacity to hold almost 650 pounds and above
  • It is not good for wide ATVs

2. LBS Aluminum Car Truck Ramps Trailer Auto Hauler Hooks Ends Half Knife - Runner Up/Alternative Pick

Each ramp weighs 31 pounds each. It weighs 6,800 pounds per axle and thus, most cars, full-size pickup truck, some tractors, and other rubber wheeled vehicles which don’t weigh more than 6801 lb per axle can comfortably use this particular ramp. Maximum load height is 12 inches to 36 inches.

A true knife ends on an aluminum will bend with time, especially if the top ramp is hooked higher than what it is exactly made of. This particular one can be hooked up to 36 inches higher and there will be no ends bending. The end easily hooks and load at will. The extractions are made out of 100 percent aluminum of 6005A-T6 which is a better material than the 6061 material.

They are manufactured in the USA, Ohio. Apart from that, it comes with a one year warranty against workmanship, material, and defects. So if you overload it and it gets spoilt, that one is not covered. If you return it within the first 30 days, you will get a full refund minus $100 handling and shipping costs. And for the refund to be made, the ramp has to be in the original packaging and unused.

  • They are sturdy
  • Big enough to handle big trucks
  • It is lightweight and thus easily portable
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • It is reliable
  • It is expensive

3. Highland 69 inch 1120500 Aluminum Straight Loading Ramp - Pair - Budget Pick

The Highland 69 straight loading ramp is constructed from aluminum, giving it a strong construction to make it last longer than some of the others in the same price tag. The straight loading ramp has attached straps to enhance safety by preventing the holding ramp from shifting. They are capable of holding a weight of about 1250 lbs and measure 13 inches wide and 69 inches long.

  • They are corrosion and rust resistant
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It comes with adjustable attachment straps and sold as a pair
  • The aluminum materials are high quality
  • Cheap
  • The top is not bent enough to hold a lot of weight
  • Quality not to standards

4. Aluminum Ramps Truck Trailer Car Ramps 8000lb capacity - Upgrade Pick

They are heavy duty and good for loading or unloading almost all types of wheeled vehicles on and off the trailers. It is made from aluminum, making it be lightweight. It is of a low profile design, thus allows for easy transportation and storage. It is great on any type of trailer and this means that this particular ramp can work on any unloading and loading situation and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant. Its surface is made of large serrated cross bars for added traction and durability when the tires are muddy or wet. Its end is tampered and have a knife foot thus providing a solid base for the ramps. There is a sturdy grip provided by the hook end attaching end rests on round rails or rub rails. You can get some of them having a pin-on end.

  • The aluminum material is rust resistant
  • Has a strong grip provided by the hook end attaching on rub rails or round rails
  • Can be used by almost all types of wheeled vehicles off and onto the trail
  • It is sturdy
  • It is lightweight and thus easy for storage and construction
  • Too expensive for its quality

5. Yutrax TX107 Folding Arch Ramps

This arch ramp is engineered for versatility and strength. It has a load capacity of 1500 lb, it is 89 inches long and it is capable of folding into two. Each of the fold weighs 16.25 lbs making a total of 32.5 pounds.

Its retail price on Amazon is $1999.9 per set. It is made from rust-resistant aluminum material and it is lightweight. And because it is foldable in the middle, it is easy to store and transport and can easily fit at the back of your truck.

It has a little less bounce and an arch that is higher. This makes it possible for better traction and clearance especially for small vehicles which don’t have 4 wheel drive like the golf carts and lawn mowers. It is at times difficult for vehicles with small tires to climb up cross bars while consistent traction is provided by the mesh

  • Superior traction
  • Solid construction
  • Multiple designs
  • No bending of the extruding rectangular side rails
  • More weight supported by the taller rectangular cross section
  • Very basic
  • Unattractive design

6. Titan wide 10 HD Aluminum Truck Load Ramp

If you have a big motorcycle and you want to load it into your truck, you will do it well if you have the Titan wide 10 HD aluminum truckload ramp. It has 5/8 thick rungs which make it possible to offer support when you are loading heavy items. Its sideloading is great for loading four-wheel items.

Its total capacity is 2700 lbs distributed weight. It is made of an arched design for better clearance. There is thicker 4 beam design for the middle ramp. You don’t need to assemble it as it comes ready assembled. To ensure that you do your work in a safe environment, it comes with safety straps. And for great traction, there are serrated crossbars included.

  • You don’t require to assemble it
  • The arched design means it has a better clearance
  • For great traction, it has serrated bars
  • It is safe and has a solid structure
  • No issue going up and down the ramp
  • The ratchet straps are not the best
  • Prefer bolting instead of strapping

Things To Consider Before Buying A Truck Ramp

If you are trying to get a truck ramp, but are not sure if you are about to make the right choice, then it is best to read this guide of mine. I have placed there some of the essential features you need to know about track ramps so that you are able to choose a model that will work well for you and it is within your budget. When you have a good one, changing your truck oil or draining its oil will be a much easier job than when you don’t have one. But the truth is, picking the best could be hectic. Below are some of the important considerations to make before you decide to buy a truck ramp.

1. Check The Capacity

It is important to know your car or truck capacity before you purchase your ramp. Don’t just buy a ramp that is compatible with the weight, but one that is able to handle a weight higher than that of the car. Check your budget and aim to buy one that can carry as much weight as you can. For most cars and trucks, going for a ramp that can handle between 6,500 to 10,000lbs is the right thing to do and it will cost around $25 and $100.

2. Get The Right Size

Many pickup truck tailgates seem to be higher than that of trailers, meaning that, the angler steeper height is less than that of loading. Longer ramps are required for steeper anglers and thus, you will need to choose one that is long enough to improve safety and to minimize the loading angle.

You will need to consider the width of the ramp as it is important when you are picking up a model. If you are working with single versions, ensure that the width is equal to that of the vehicle. If it is a dual setup, each ramp has to be as wide as the widest part of the vehicle tire. It is quicker and safer to use a wider ramp as it will enable you to unload and load your vehicle. 

3. Getting The Right Design

You have an option of choosing dual runners or single ramps. When you have a single ramp, it will be able to accommodate the entire vehicle and they are also in a position to unfold and fold. The foldable design allows you to fold the ramp in 2 or 3 parts and thus, enabling them to be more compact and easier to store and transport.

The single designs are sturdy but compared to dual ramps, they seem to be heavy. When using the dual runners, you are able to adjust the distance between them to make it possible to load bigger vehicles than what the simple ramps can hold. For better clearance, I would advise you go for ramps which are arched to prevent any pumps while unloading and loading.

4. Consider Buying Truck Ramps Made In The USA

Though there are some import models which are much more reliable, the ones made in the USA tend to stand out from the rest in terms of quality. Remember, while your car is on the ramp, you will be in your car and thus, your safety is very important. When you go for the American made, it means a higher quality of inspection and thorough processes have been followed while manufacturing the ramp. If you have to get an import, then I think you should consider one from Europe and not from China or Taiwan.

5. Other Features To Consider

While you are buying a ramp, you will need to know the other extra features and accessories which are pegged on some of them. You can get the motor vehicle ramps which will enable you to load whatever small vehicle you want to work on as long as it doesn’t exceed its maximum weight limit. There is also available on the market, the snowmobile ramp which will make it possible for you to go through the winter when it is tough for the conventional tramps to go through traction.

You will get some ramps which come equipped with rubberized tips, hooks, and safety straps. The use of this extra accessories is to ensure that you have secured the ramp to avoid being injured or damaging your vehicle on surfaces which are not level, which could destabilize your set up.

If you are a do it yourself person, you can decide to buy ramp kit and design your own ramp. Two short metal ramps you will need to attach to your pickup’s tailgate. Mount two wooden boards to these two short metals and bolt them up to complete the ramps and, thereby, having a more affordable solution.

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Why Pick The Correct Ramp Size?

When you pick the right size, it will ensure that you have a smooth operation and there will be no accidents. Ensure that the ramp is capable of supporting the weight of your vehicle and your weight too, and whatever cargo it might be required to handle during the usage.

Its length is important too because if the vehicle is heavy, then you will require a heavy ramp. The clearance on the ground will also determine whether there is a need for an arched design ramp or a longer one. If you will prefer a dual ramp, you will need to check out if they are wide enough to accommodate the tires of the vehicle.

When Do You Choose A Low Profile Car Ramp

If your vehicle has a low profile or has no ground clearance, you will need to go for a ramp with a low profile. They are the types which have longer inclines and more gradual and enables cars such as sports cars, which are low profile, to be able to move on the ramps minus having to touch the undercarriage or causing any damage to the car.

How To Use Ramps Properly?

Compared to steel jacks, car ramps are safer and easier to use. That is possible if you know how to use them properly and safely. You will need to practice to drive on them, but as long as you have placed them on a smooth surface, your car is going to be secure. The following is a step by step guide on how to use car ramps in the right way in case you are new to them.

Step One: Parking in Starting Point

Make sure where you have parked your car is sturdy and smooth, and the surface is non-slip and the wheels should be facing forward.

Step Two: Positioning Ramps

You will have to take one ramp and position it with its lower slope facing to ensure that it is centered perfectly with the tire. Ensure that the ramp is straightly aligned with the tire by checking along the side of your truck. The same process should be repeated with the other wheel.

Step Three: Driving on The Ramp’s Center

Time to sit in your car and drive it carefully forward and up onto the ramp. Come out of your truck and ensure that the front wheels are on the flat area of the ramp and on the center of the ramps. If they are not, you will need to reverse back and repeat the process again.

Step Four: Using The Parking Brakes

Once your truck seats on the center of the ramp, you will have to use your parking brake to ensure it is not rolling back off the ramp. To check if it stable and secure, you will need to come out of the truck and gently rock it.

Step Five: Placing The Wheel Chocks

Place one wheel chock in front of one of the back wheels with the other one right behind it. You are just trying to take extra safety measures to ensure that, the truck doesn’t roll off in whatever direction.

Once you are done with the five steps, you are ready to work on the underside of your truck.

Safety Tips On Truck Ramps

Although ramps are great when it comes to loading your trailers, trucks and elevated sheds platforms, you will need to set them up well as mentioned above and use it properly to prevent accidents from occurring which could lead to damage of your vehicle and other property. Here are some of the tips to follow when working with a ramp.

Tip One: Always Wear Protective Equipment

When loading your vehicle on the ramp, you will need to wear a helmet throughout the time you are working under your truck. If you get a helmet that is quality, it will be able to protect your head from injuries and make a difference in case an accident occurs between going to the hospital and being left with a mild injury. Other protective equipment such as knee pads or arm pads should also be considered. While driving and during loading, it is important to put on gloves.

Tip Two: Make Sure That The Truck And The Ramp Are Stable And Secure

Before you start you start loading the vehicle onto the ramp, you have to make sure that it is secure and stable. Fasten the safety straps if need be, check the fingers and lips attached to it and ensure that they are well sat on the bed of the truck.

If your ramp has hinges, ensure that the latches are locked tightly. Ensure that the surface you are using is level because, if you decide to park on a slope, it can complicate your work due to the steeper angles. To minimize the ramp angle, you can decide to go for downhill parking. Double check that the ramp is tightly secure before you load the vehicle. Once the vehicle is loaded, ensure that the straps and the rest of the protective measure are secured on the truck bed in order to prevent it from falling during transportation.

Tip Three: Climb The Ramp Carefully And Slowly

Before you start climbing the ramp, the vehicle tires have to be aligned to it to avoid turning one way or another while you are loading. Use the lowest gear to climb on the ramp and keep the movement very smooth. Don’t dare change gears while climbing and ensure the transmission is at 4 x 4 if you plan to use it. Don’t rush the truck while climbing and don’t hit the brakes or abuse the throttle during this delicate operation. The vehicle should have enough gas to steadily climb the ramp.
Visibility of the ramp, the surroundings, and the truck bed should be clear. In case something goes wrong, you should jump off the vehicle and let it fall than risk injuring yourself. If you are not yet familiar with your truck, you better ask someone who is familiar with it to do the loading. 


Don’t let the cost of a quality ramp put you off. Remember that, a high-quality ramp will never let you down and you don’t have to risk your life using a poor quality ramp. The six best truck ramps mentioned above are what I as an individual rated as the best in the market after doing my own research. You are free to try them out or you can check out on Amazon and choose what you feel is the best for your own personal use on your truck.

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