8 Of The Best Truck Tailgate Locks To Purchase In 2019

You need to secure your truck tailgate from people who might be out to steal from you. Most tailgates are damaged on the trucks due to day to day use, making it an easy entry for thieves to gain access to your valuable items that you keep on your truck bed as you drive around without a lock. Getting a quality best truck tailgate lock will ensure that you are safe.

A tailgate lock is a great accessory especially if you have a Tonneau cover on your truck bed. There are several styles of tailgate locks you can choose from on the market. If you get an electric one, you will need to plug it into your truck’s electrical system, making it work with your power door locks. Most economical tailgate locks will work with a key, but both the electric and manual locks for the tailgate will definitely offer your truck tailgate with maximum security.

Table Of Truck Bed Tailgate Locks




1. Pop & Lock PL5400 Tailgate Lock for Tacoma

Pop & Lock PL5400 Black Manual Tailgate Lock with BOLT Codeable Technology for Toyota Tacoma

2. Tailgate Powered PL8535 for Toyota Tundra

Pop & Lock PL8535 Power Tailgate Lock for Toyota Tundra

3. Tailgate Handle BOLT 5922987 for Silverado and GMC Sierra

BOLT 5922987 Original Factory Tailgate Handle for Silverado & Sierra Lock Cylinder

4. Tailgate Powered PL8600 for Honda Ridgeline

Pop & Lock PL8600 Power Tailgate Lock for Honda Ridgeline (Power Lock)

5. Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Power Tailgate PL8350

Pop & Lock PL8350 Power Tailgate Lock for Dodge Ram 2500/3500/1500

6. Ford F-150/250/350 Tailgate Lock 8253DAT Master Lock Tailgate Lock

Master Lock Tailgate Lock, Stainless Steel, 8253DAT

7. 76029 McGard Lock for the Tailgate Nissan Titan

McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock

8. Tailgate Lock for Nissan Frontier PL8450

Pop & Lock PL8450 Power Tailgate Lock for Nissan Frontier

Product Review

1. Pop & Lock PL5400 Tailgate Lock for Tacoma

This is one of what I consider to be among the best tailgate locks which is designed to protect your contents and tailgate from being stolen. I bought it for my father last father’ s day and he is all praises about it.

It is expensive to replace a tailgate as it will likely cost excess of many dollars. And before then, your cargo might have been stolen as well, meaning, you will have to incur a great loss.

This particular lock is the perfect compliment you can give to your tonneau cover, canopy, truck cap, or camp shell. It is designed to be easy to install and give your truck an overall factory look.
It is capable of fitting on various types of truck applications and is available for both electrical and manual application and thus, there is a possibility that you will get one that will fit your truck’s needs


  • Available or both manual and electrical application
  • Fits on various types of trucks
  • Can feet on the canopy, tonneau cover, cap shell, and truck cap
  • Once installed, it will give your truck a factory look
  • Good value for money


  • Handle lever is made of plastic
  • It gets spoilt after using it for just a few months

2. Tailgate Powered PL8535 for Toyota Tundra

It could be what you are looking for to prevent thieves from stealing your tailgate or cargo. It is a powered lock which wires into your door locks power meaning, when you lock your truck, your tailgate locks instantly.

It might be the best lock for Toyota Tundra as its handle provides security for your cargo inside the truck. When you use it, it creates a storage which is secure when used with a camper shell or tonneau cover.

It locks and unlocks using your remote keyless as it works with your factory power lock system and thus, you don’t require an extra key to weigh you down. It is made from stainless steel making it be corrosion resistant. 

It is customized to integrate into your OEM tailgate handle and fit your Toyota Tundra perfectly. Temperating is taken care of as it mounts into the existing factory handle mechanism. When it comes to installation, it is very easy as all you need to do is to wire into your existing lock system with the help of splice connectors. There is no welding or welding required.

When you buy it, hardware, quick splices, and wiring are included in the package. It comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


  • It installs easily
  • It mounts into the existing factory handle mechanism
  • No welding or drilling required
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Locks and unlocks using remote keyless entry


  • Instructions not clear
  • The locking mechanism is very loud

3. Tailgate Handle BOLT 5922987 for Silverado and GMC Sierra

If you own GMC Sierra or Silverado, then this might just be the lock for your tailgate. It features a BOLT lock cylinder. The factory handle is replaced by the locking handle on the tailgate of your truck to prevent theft.

When locking, you will use your Chevrolet Silverado’s ignition key meaning, you will always have the right key with you. To lock, all you need to do is to insert the ignition key into the BOLT cylinder and turn it once and the lock is permanently coded to your key. Bumping and picking are prevented by the presence of the 6 plate-tumbler sidebars.

The construction is automotive quality and weatherproof and thus, no need to worry irrespective of the weather. Superior corrosion resistance is offered by the cast zinc cylinder while moisture and dirt are kept off by the presence of the stainless steel lock shutter.

When you remove the key, the lock shuts instantly. In the package, you will find a latch, a factory replacement handle, and frame with a BOLT lock cylinder. When installing the lock, you will be able to utilize the existing hardware. To crown it all, the lock has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The lock is permanently coded to your key
  • Bumping and picking is prevented by the 6 plate-tumbler sidebar
  • Superior corrosion resistant is offered by cast zinc cylinder
  • When you remove the key, it locks automatically
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Not durable
  • It can easily be unlocked

4. Tailgate Powered PL8600 for Honda Ridgeline

You could enjoy the convenience of this one button tailgate security lock if you own a Honda Ridgeline. Unlocking and locking your tailgate from the comfort of your cab is easy with this particular lock just the same way as unlocking and locking the doors of your truck.

It is permanently mounted in the tailgate of your truck and connects using simple push and lock connectors to the door lock power system of your truck. It locks your tailgate and doors of your truck automatically using the push button.

Using this particular lock will ensure that your tailgate together with your cargo is safe from theft. It works great with toppers, lids, caps, and truck bed covers.


  • It locks your tailgate and doors permanently
  • It works with key fob together with your power door locks
  • It adds the convenience of a one-button tailgate security
  • It is permanently mounted in the tailgate of your truck


  • It is not durable
  • No instructions enclosed in the package

5. Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Power Tailgate PL8350

In case you own a Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 and you want to protect your tailgate together with your cargo from thieves, then this might be the most reliable tailgate lock to purchase.

It is crafted from materials that are a heavy duty which is armored steel, thereby, designed to provide many years of service. The lock will work with your power door lock and the activation is done through your entry of your keyless via remote lock button making it convenient and easy.

The tailgate locks automatically when you lock your truck’s doors, meaning, there will be no need for you to double check whether you have locked the door or not. In the package, it includes all the wiring which is necessary for the installation together with connectors to make it easy to install.

You don’t have to drill holes, but instead, you will mount the lock inside the handle of your tailgate and start enjoying the convenience of your one button activation. If you Dodge Ram doesn’t have power door locks, there is an optional switch kit which will then help you to accommodate the lock.


  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • You use factory holes to mount it inside your tailgate
  • It is aesthetically appealing
  • Armored steel is corrosive resistant


  • Only fits on Dodge Ram
  • Instructions are not clear

6. Ford F-150/250/350 Tailgate Lock 8253DAT Master Lock Tailgate Lock

Get this particular lock for your Ford F150/250/350 and keep thieves at bay from your tailgate. It features effortless installation, anti-rattle pads, and corrosion resistant construction.

The lock is heavy duty and thus, the thieves will be deterred from your tailgate and cargo. Due to the construction of the lock which is made from stainless steel, you will rest assured that, there will be no corrosion happening on the lock.

Dirt and moisture are locked out by the presence of the keyway cover shields lock. During installation, it is very simple as it attaches around the mounting post of the tailgate on the truck without having to affect the normal operation of the tailgate.

It comes with 2 keys and also included in the package is Velcro pads which you can use as shims in preventing the lock from rattling. The lock enjoys a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is a heavy duty lock
  • Moisture and dirt are prevented by the presence of the keyway cover shield lock mechanism.
  • It comes with Velcro pads which you can use as shims in preventing the lock from rattling.
  • It comes with two keys
  • It installs easily


  • It can easily be opened
  • Not a great design

7. 76029 McGard Lock for the Tailgate Nissan Titan

If you use your truck bed most often, then this tailgate lock is designed for you. To close or open your tailgate, you don’t require to remove the lock. There is no need for handles or keys to unlock or lock.

It is easy and quick to install it with no modifications or drilling required. It is lightweight, strong, made from polycarbonate and stainless steel material. It might just be your answer for effective and simple tailgate security.

It has a ¼ inch square drive hex size, and you can leave it in place without obstructing the function of the tailgate. It is made in the USA and comes with a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty along with full installation manual.


  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • It is easy and fast to install
  • It is available in black color
  • Made from a polycarbonate material with a stainless steel construction


  • Only fits some type of trucks
  • Doesn’t offer maximum protection

8. Tailgate Lock for Nissan Frontier PL8450

If you are looking for ways to improve the security of your tailgate, this could be one of the locks you can consider buying. It is custom made to fit your tailgate handle contours thereby ensuring total security of your truck bed and earning you peace of mind when you leave your vehicle parked outside.

You have an option of choosing between a manual or tailgate that is powered. If you decide to get the manual lock, then you will have an option to choose between chrome or black finish to be able to complement your truck.

It is a lock which is constructed from armored steel which is heavy duty to resist tampering and be able to serve you for a very long time. Unlike some locks which require welding or drilling to be able to install, this particular one doesn’t involve any of that and you can attach it in less than an hour.

The OEM look will not be compromised and to ensure that you are satisfied, the manufacturer backs it with a one year warranty against material defects and workmanship.


  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • No truck modification
  • Offers maximum cargo security
  • The armored steel material is long lasting
  • It is offered in power and manual options


  • It becomes useless ones the rivet which holds the slide bar comes out
  • Not good value for money

Why Do You Need The Tailgate Locks For Your Truck?

There is a new trend in an automotive theft where truck tailgates are targeted. Historically, tailgates have been designed in a way that, it is easy to remove when not in function. Thieves have started getting to know the value of the tailgates and are going for it.

Due to the high rate of damage caused on tailgates, its demand market is high. And because it is one of the main pieces of the rear bodywork of trucks, they are vulnerable to harm from a collision at the rear end of an overweight load. It is becoming expensive to keep on replacing the tailgate, especially those with modern technology like the one with an integrated backup camera which can cost you more than $3,000.
Tailgates, due to the fact that, can be removed using little or no tools, is one of the items which makes it easy to be grabbed. But with a tailgate lock, then you will be able to easily combat this theft. All you need to do is to ensure that, you buy a quality tailgate lock.

All the new tailgates for full-size trucks in the market are lockable. But if you want a mid-size or small truck tailgate, there are some which come equipped with locks while others don’t. If you happen to buy a tailgate without a locking system, then you can get added security by purchasing an aftermarket locking handle which is readily available for most modern trucks.

Just seeing a lock on the tailgate can deter a thief from getting close to your tailgate. But you might not always remember to put a lock on your tailgate all the time and most of the factory tailgate locks are not connected to the central locking system of trucks.

So even though you will be able to lock the truck with the press of a button, the tailgate might still remain vulnerable. Getting an aftermarket lock can provide extra security beyond the tailgate lock together with the contents which are on the truck bed.
It might be that, your neighborhood has not yet experienced tailgate theft, but if you are currently in the market shopping for a new truck, it is best if you prevented it from happening to you to avoid future expensive replacement of your tailgate


There is a need for lock everywhere and thus, the need to have a high-quality tailgate lock to ensure that your cargo is safe. During loading and unloading, the tailgate, which is a hinged door or board at the rear of a vehicle, can be moved up or down and you require it on your pickup or hatchback vehicle.

In modern times and days, there is a need for protection of this tailgate by locking it safely to avoid theft. Tailgate theft is on the increase because more and more people have begun to see its necessity and thus, the thieves have a ready market. Protect yourself by getting the best tailgate lock in the market. 

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