6 Trucking Portable Microwave That You Should Consider Buying

With a trucking portable microwave, you will be able to cook your food on the go. A microwave is a staple appliance that you shouldn’t miss in your truck if you are going out camping with friends and family. You will find them in different varieties with multiple features which are innovative. In order to be able to find out which microwave will best meet your needs, you will have to go through all the below and pick what you think will work for you.

Top 6 Best Microwave for Truck Driver

1. Whirlpool WMC20005YW Countertop Microwave

It is a countertop microwave oven which is stylish, simple and smart. It will enable you to maximize your counter space when you are out camping or when at home in your kitchen. This microwave which is sleek has a unique rounded back which allows it to be able to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces in a truck, van, dorm rooms and kitchens.

Inside, it is capable of accommodating a full dinner plate due to the glass turntable which is larger than most of those in standard microwaves. It has a blue LED display, integrated console and handles, and easy to clean tap touch control give the model to be one of the modernly styled microwaves.

It will be easy for you to clean it due to the availability of tap touch controls, giving it a modern design. When you are using it to cook, you can easily add 30 seconds at 100 percent by just pressing a button. It contains a quick touch popcorn button that will enable you to prepare popcorns instantly. 

With a variety of 10 power level buttons, it will be able to let you easily and quickly tailor your cooking to the task which is at hand. The door has a pocket handle, its cooking power is at 750 watts, the microwave capacity is at 0.5 Cu. Ft. With a control lock, you will be able to disable the control panel to avoid changes in your cooking setting. The manufacturer gives it a one year warranty.

2. Panasonic Microwave Oven Stainless Steel Countertop NN-SD372S

It is common knowledge that, when you are hungry, you will tend to be impatient. Waiting for a minute will tend to be an entire hour while standing next to a microwave cooking your food. The Panasonic NN-SD372S is a 1200watts microwave which will ensure that it speeds up the cooking of your food. With it, your cooking experience will never be the same again. I carried it with me while on a picnic with my family and they loved how fast the food was cooked.

Once you get a stream of seamless cooking power, you will wonder why you had to take time in making up your mind when it came to its purchase. It has a microwave inverter technology and it can take up to three functions. You will be able to defrost, warm and cook using this unit.

It speeds up defrosting time and this is because of the advanced inverter Turbo defrost technology. For every flavor and cooking delivery, it has an inverter technology.

Whichever food you have, it will be able to be handled by this particular unit due to the fact that, it has an automatic sensor which allows being able to adjust the power and time taken for different food. Its one-touch genius sensor cook is one of the most reliable features on this particular microwave.

3. Hotlogic Mini Personal Portable Microwave

It is a car microwave which is designed to re-heat and cook steaming meals with little effort. It is a personal portable oven for a small pizza or sandwich. It is the size of a lunch box with a top that is zipped. It comes with its own portable power supply and this makes it be basically a hot plate which is inside an insulated with a hot bag made of the aluminum lining.

It is capable of heating food in between 60 to 120 minutes and makes it remain warm until you zip the container out and eat the meal. Unlike the regular microwaves, it works with several containers made of cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic. Its gradual heating process ensures that the food is cooked evenly without burning or drying it out. You can easily purchase it on Amazon.

4. Roadpro 12V Portable Microwave

If you don’t like the idea of using an inverter in order to power your portable microwave, then get this particular unit. Apart from warming you pre-cooked food in your truck, it is going to heat it up to 300 degrees. If you consider that water boils at 212 degrees, it means that you can cook some rice in this particular microwave if you wanted to.

It is a true 12Voven which is able to plug directly into the 12V lighter socket in your truck. Even though it draws 12Amps, you will need to check the rating of your socket for the current kind. You also have an option of a 15A fused power cord to your battery. To hold the food that you are cooking, you can use 8inches x 3.75 inches x 2.5 inches disposable pans made from aluminum. It is easy to clean and it also heats well.

At times it gets a little too hot so there is no need of you forgetting your food because, if you do, it will get burned. It is a great option if you like hot meals and yet you don’t have time to stop your van and have some.

It is also great for tailgating and camping. Its construction is not the best quality and at some point, the latch will break. It is more suitable for road trips than your every day to day use.

From my observation, this particular unit tends to draw too much power to use on an average car lighter socket. But due to its low price, if you are on a tight budget and yet you require a trucking portable microwave, you can go for it.

5. Danby Countertop Microwave 

Its superior dependability, performance, and practicality are what stands out with this unit. It is midsized, spacious, and comes with 1.1 cubic feet which are equivalent to 30 liters of internal cooking area with 1000 watts maximum power unit.

The attractive, durable, stainless steel exterior and interior makes it be a perfect appliance to combine with your existing room décor. When you buy it, it comes with unique power level choices to ensure that your favorite food is cooked in the best way possible.

It is an easy to use touch microwave oven which has cooking options that are designed for six of the most common microwave uses which include potatoes, popcorn, frozen vegetables, and pizza. There are also three specialty program settings which feature time defrost, time cook, and weight defrost. It has an easy read LED timer and unit.

6. DAEWOO KOR – 7LREW Retro Countertop Microwave

The design of this unit gets away from what traditional looking compactt appliances which will remind you of the olden days while at the same time, giving you modern touches and elegance to the entire design.

With this distinctive look, it will make your truck or home come to life.  It has a gloss finish to fit many modern kitchens. Its capacity is 0.7CU ft and 700 watts capacity combined with the Daewoo technology, which ensures that food is cooked evenly.

The controls are user-friendly with five power levels, auto defrost, and one-touch menu. It incorporates a kitchen timer function and a safety lock for a child to prevent children from getting into trouble with the microwave.

Benefits of Trucking Microwaves

  • Car microwaves are ideal, especially if you spend most of your time in the car. Other benefits for these units include:
  • It takes up less space due to their compact size
  • They are cheaper than larger units
  • It has a number of special settings and basic features
  • It uses a small amount of power using a 12V from a cigarette socket in the car.
  • Despite its small size, it can cook and warm food between 140 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They come with easy to grip handles which makes it convenient when transporting.
  • Available in different colors and designs to choose from.
  • You can easily carry it at work
  • Good for heating pizza, sandwiches, popcorn, liquid food, and leftovers.
  • They can easily heat baby bottles, food jars in very few minutes.

Saving Money on Energy Bills

A microwave will be able to speed up your cooking time while saving you money. Most microwaves are energy efficient as compared to ovens and stovetops when performing most cooking types and their running cost can be less than $10 a year and thus, you will need to carry one when you go for your next camping.

Types Of Microwaves To Find In The Market

When you purchase your trucking microwave, there are three ways you will be able to place or install them:

  • Free Standing: For the freestanding microwaves, you can be able to move them around the truck or campsite, resting on a shelf or bench. All you require for it to operate is a nearby power outlet. It is ideal for space with enough bench space or empty shelving.

  • Built in: This one you will have to permanently build it in your camping truck. It requires custom installation and you will find that they are more expensive as compared to the countertop. But on the other hand, they save more space by being able to be integrated into shelving and also you can incorporate them in your RV or truck design. If space or aesthetic appeal is what is your main concern, then getting a built-in microwave oven might be the best option for you.

  • Over the Range: Just like the name suggests, it is installed above a cooking or stove range. They are normally similar to built-in microwaves but in addition, have a fan to dissipate cook fumes from below and integrated vent. This type is space efficient but just like the other built-in models, you will spend more when it comes to installation and are less efficient as compared to a stove

Standard Microwaves

If you get a standard microwave, it will be able to heat food faster as it utilizes electromagnetic radiation in heating the food. The food is heated more evenly as compared to the electric oven or traditional gas. There is no major addition to it and they are the cheapest and most common on the market.

Grill Microwave

Grill microwave combines a metal grill rack with a standard microwave and a conventional heating element. The combination makes it heat faster and also to have the ability of an oven with external temperatures which are high, provided by a conventional grill. This allows your food to be sealed or browned which the standard microwave oven cannot be able to achieve.

Conventional Microwaves

This is a mix of a traditional oven and a microwave, combining the fan and heating element with standard microwave. This creates a hot air current which is constant and it evenly caramelizes and browns the outside of the food while at the same time, complementing the microwave’s internal ability of heating.

Features to Lookout For

Sizing up: If you are going to use the microwave inside your truck, then you will need to measure where you want to install it and look for one that will be able to fit while still allowing air circulation space. If you don’t have a spot curved out, the microwave will take up much space and that is the reason you have to think of how much you are willing to sacrifice.

Not so Micro: Most microwaves are around 30 cm high, 50 cm wide, and 40 cm deep. Your truck microwave might require space of about 10cm around the side for ventilation and on top, 20 cm because that is where most of the vents are located.  It is important to think about the interior dimensions. Find out if the microwave you are purchasing is going to fit the dishes.

Controls: Ensure that you microwave you are buying is easy to use and the instruction are visibly displayed. A good microwave won’t require you to keep on referring to a manual. The most preferable could be one which has some quick access user guide inside the door.

Cleaning: Ensure that there are not too many crevices or gaps inside or out of the microwave which could trap grease and food. Having control pads makes it easier to clean than buttons and dials. It is hard to keep stainless steel clean though it looks flash.

Visibility: Large transparent viewing window and an interior light that is bright will enable you to check your food as it cooks inside. There models which have poor visibility through the door. If possible, ensure that you ask the store to put the microwave on so that you are sure of the visibility.

Sensor cooking: It takes automatic functions a step further by ensuring that, the vapor being emitted is measured by the food in order to control the cooking time. There is no need for knowing the weight.

Automatic defrost: It prompts you to enter the type of food and weight and the oven then it will be able to calculate the defrosting time.

Time adjust: It lets you decrease or increase the time which you have programmed without having to stop the cooking.

Quick boost/start: It is a single button which you will find on the microwave that delivers a one minute or 30-second burst of 100 percent power which you can easily increase. It is important, especially if you will be doing too many pre-heating.

Child safety lock: It gives a variety of buttons to deactivate and activate the microwave

Multistage programming: It performs various functions such as cook, defrosts, and then leave to stand.

Kitchen timer: You can use it to time other cooking times or kitchen tasks.

Noise: At the end and during the operation, all microwaves will make a certain noise with most keeping on beeping until you have to stop them. There are those which have cooling fans which continue to operate even after the cooking is over.

Do You Require An Inverter Technology?

With the inverter technology, you will be able to adjust the energy which you will use based on your need. On medium power,  a normal microwave will heat full power for a half the time, and a half of the time, it will be off. The inverter will continue heating using the 50 percent of its power and there will be no need for you to turn it off. Though it is not important and relevant to the performance, thus, you don’t have to necessarily have it? 


There are several reasons why you need to buy a truck microwave. The smaller they are the better due to the fact that, when it is small, it will not take up much of your car space and this will save you from hunger without the need for you to visit the nearest road diner. You can easily put it in a car and still have enough space to put other appliances.

Though they are cheap, it is a worthwhile investment. It will enable you to cook a variety of food in a small in-car 12Vmicrowave including popcorn, pizza, pasta, defrost or reheat food and many other options which are available on a regular microwave oven. The best thing about it is that, due to its small size, you will be able to move with it with ease, everywhere.

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